Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 5 2015

This morning we wake up to a sparkling Moon in Virgo. Right before dawn, her ruler, Mercury in Aquarius, meets Saturn in Sagittarius by sextile at 6:39 AM. At 8:27 AM, the Moon also meets Saturn but in harsh aspect (square). I just heard some of those hot air balloons bursting that were floating around on parade under the full moon. POP! POP! HISSSSSSS!

The square from the Moon to Saturn can cause instant deflation. Mania leaves us and is replaced by a bit of depression. We sober up. But, no worries, the day isn't over yet. There is opportunity to blur all this out right after lunch.

At 1:57 PM the Moon is in opposition to Neptune. You know when you do the typical 9-5 workday thing, there is this time period called “the crash.” It comes around about 2:30 PM every evening. You look at the clock; your head hits your desk as your neck goes limp; then, you say, “Oh my gosh! I'm so tired! How is it not 5 o'clock yet?” It's likely to be one of those days where we wish we are allowed to take naps at work. Slog. That's kind of what it feels like. I've got news for you. It's always 5 o'clock in Margaritaville.

On an extreme level, Moon to Saturn with Mercury also in sextile could lead to some really bad news. It could be that the truth finally comes out and we don't like it very much. Moon to Neptune can bring tears and emotionality as a result of that harshness. Upset tummies and illness are also possible along with the potential for needless worry and guilt. On a less extreme level, we hit a wall as a result of the 2:30 crash I mentioned above. Either one, exhaustion prompted from emotionality or a crash of the physical body could lead to an early night tonight.

It's been said that under a Full Moon people sleep less. If that has been going on for you under our recent Moon, it could catch up with you today. Don't fight it too hard if you don't have to. Know that under a lack of sleep, nerves can be frazzled making these aspects seem more severe. Lack of sleep also wears down the physical body and can make us more susceptible to illness.

The best way to deal with this energy is through slow diligence. Chunk this day out into bite sized pieces while prioritizing what HAS to be done. Also, be mindful of your diet. Sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks (coffee, soda) can send you head first into the 2:30 downward spiral. The higher you go, the further you have to fall. So, reach for some water and a few light energy producing snacks to keep you moving forward smoothly. Fruit and foods rich in vitamin C help to boost our resistance to illness and also fit nicely under a Virgo Moon. If you are tired, heed your body's need for rest and earmark some time for a nap if possible. Reach for grounding, practicality and responsibility to appease the Moon in harsh aspect to Saturn. Then, sleep, my pretties, sleep. So sayeth this Pisces Moon, “It's important.”