Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 25, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Gemini Moon under some serious pressure. Underneath that pressure, though, lies support. But, we are going to have to reach for it.

The Moon meets Mars in Aries by sextile right off the bat this morning at 7:36 AM. Our get up and go has found us...but for how long? At 8:25 AM, the Moon opposes Saturn. We are going to need our go juice and physical ambitions because that is some heavy slog to wade through. What it can do, however, is bring some practicality to a potentially fickle emotional atmosphere. It is likely to keep our hands busy so our collective rears don't get into trouble.

Truth is a strong energy right now and that is exactly what we should be looking for and leaning on. Focus is needed as well as holding yourself steadily on your path. Be accountable and self-directed. Act with integrity and responsibility. So, while the opposition from Saturn may feel heavy, it is actually a much needed anchor. Sure, it's part of this unpredictable mess too. But, employed deliberately, it can be the sturdy ship that also carries us through this storm.

At 10:40 AM the Moon sextiles Venus in Aries. We want to pioneer and move forward. We feel that there are many options. We are encouraged to choose the one that feels right. Follow your heart.

At midday (12:14 PM) the tension of our First Quarter Moon perfects. This is where the pressure really begins to be felt. It will continue to build all the way up to the Full Moon in Virgo next week. First Quarter Moons often operate as catalysts or bring events to a head that we need to deal with in an effort to fulfill what we set out to do at the New Moon. Blocks to plans emerge. Our attempts at moving forward are met with conflict. In that, we decide if our goal is still a worthy aim. If it is, under the First Quarter, we work to remove, work around or deal with the obstacles that find their way onto our path.

Immediately after the First Quarter perfects, the Moon also squares Neptune (1:06 PM). The Sun officially meets Neptune by conjunction at 11:55 PM. In between these Neptune aspects, though, the Moon perfects in trine to Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius. There is analytical power and the ability to look at current circumstances through logical eyes held within the trine from the Moon to Mercury. We can get on board with doing things differently or looking at things from an unusual perspective. Meanwhile, the energy from Mars in Aries to Saturn in Sagittarius can assist us with finding more solid footing in an otherwise shaky and uncertain day. Traction is available. But, we've got to reach for it one plodding and deliberate step at a time. We are called to walk upon our truth as if it were a path of solid pavers...because, today it is.
I'm melting, melting, melting

The truth is the truth is the truth. You know? But, the truth is dependent upon perspective and your ability to see clearly. Our emotional vision is ALL KINDS of screwed up today. But, mentally, logically, we do have the ability to process the facts and the cold hard truth. So, even if information you are delivered may seem ugly, if it is the truth, it's best to go ahead and work on accepting it. Denial will get you no where but swept further down a choppy river without a raft.

That being said, practicality and the ability to discern the truth from fiction are paramount today. The missing leg of this mutable t-square falls in Virgo. That means, the power of Virgo can help to balance out this shaky equation. Neptune and the sign of Pisces bring chaos. These energies applying to our Moon can bring emotional confusion, mourning, tears and overall shaky emotional affect. The powers of Virgo can help bring all this to ground.

Not a good day to be the Queen of Denial

Let me try to explain how Virgo helps with this. First, I have a Pisces Moon natally in square to Neptune. So, when I say confusing emotions and shaky emotional ground I know what I'm talking about. I also have Venus in Virgo and was raised by a father who has a Virgo Moon. When emotional chaos occurs, my Venus in Virgo sweeps in and starts sorting things out. When my Pisces makes a mess, my Virgo cleans it up. Virgo energy is grounding and practical. As a child, I felt everything from everyone. If you were sad; I felt sad. And, there was a part of me that believed my emotions were so strong that everyone else could feel them too...just like I could feel theirs. My Virgo Moon father made me aware of the fact that this is not true. He would say, “People only know how you are feeling if you tell them or show them.” That helped a lot. Because part of my upset was due to the fact that I thought I was seriously infecting the world around me with my pain. When I realized it was just me, well, I could handle that. I learned how to get practical with my emotions. I learned that physically creating order in my personal space helped me to sort things out in my emotional body. I learned how to make my Venus in Virgo and Moon in Pisces operate in tandem instead of as antagonists. An ability to grasp onto solid practicality and discernment goes a very long day today. Virgo can nurse your sick emotions back to health.

So in the potentially stormy emotional seas of today, it is indicated that we use Mars/Saturn to assert boundaries and walk our truth; use Mercury to think beyond and outside typical parameters while detaching from more swamping emotions and employ Virgo power to assist us with practicality while we nurse ourselves back to calm.