Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 4, 2015

So, are you worn out from the parade of egos yesterday? I found Monday and Tuesday particularly interesting myself. There was roaring all over the place. I didn't hear many “Meows” but I did hear a lot of “ME's.” Plenty of folks needed their big lion ego stroked. Or, at least it seemed that way. What can I say? Literal Astrology is literal.

I'm a little sad to see this energy go because I've really enjoyed mulling over pictures of big cats

Today is the day we get to withdraw and rest after all of that. The Moon in Leo is Void from midnight last night until entering Virgo at midnight tonight. The lights on the Moon are off all day. Hopefully, all the big cats have settled down.

Tomorrow looks a little shifty to me. The Moon spends most of the day in conflict with other mutable energy through Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune and Venus in Pisces. In the meantime, Mercury meets Saturn by sextile. This is pass number 2 for this 3 part transit. Once Mercury is direct again, he will sextile Saturn a third time shoring up and solidifying what we think we know.

What we think we know is likely to be misinterpreted or skewed under watery emotions. So, we'll have all that to contend with. Use today to center and tie up loose ends. Rest. Recuperate. Take things a little slow and enjoy the quiet.