Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 27, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. What that says to me is to eat a power breakfast. Something that, both, fills you up and will bring you sustainable energy through out the day. Stick to your ribs stuff. Oatmeal comes to mind for me. You choose what works for you. My Mom used to make oatmeal for me on cold winter days before school. So, that's my pick. However, know that protein is needed in these days. So don't skimp on the bacon this morning.

The Moon gets fairly busy later in this day. But, before all that happens, Jupiter and Pluto perfect in an inconjunct strengthening the ongoing Yod between Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron (Jupiter at the apex). Self-knowledge, smooth confidence, benevolence, generosity, humility, gratitude and wisdom are the aim of this Yod. Self-aggrandizement, over-confidence, selfishness and a puffed up ego are it's downfalls. Know that you can be hurt. You are vulnerable (Jupiter inconjunct Chiron). But, also know you can survive it (inconjunct to Pluto). Also know you are not always right and that is ok. Nobody is all the time.

Instead of patting yourself on the back for surviving, be thankful that you had the power to do so and humbled by the fact that you've been gifted with the power of endurance and regeneration. Don't allow your wounds to change you into a bitter demon. Instead, know that pain (along with our ability to love) connects us. Everybody hurts now and then. Learn from the experience. But, don't let it embitter you. If you've fallen, nurture yourself all the way back up to an upright position and realize, everyone falls. That is also ok. What is not ok is giving up and dying while still having the opportunity to live. Every precious second on this Earth counts even the excruciating moments. And, today, we are likely to feel every minute emotion connected with our current experience.

At 7:41 PM, the Moon makes an ambiguous square with Mars in Aries. Those darn rowdy kids have been cooped up in the house too long. They need to run some of that energy off. Send them outside while you bake cookies. Inside of you this can feel like a tug of war between hiding away at home or venturing out to conquer the world. There's a push/pull here. Satisfy a little of both masters. Work out at home. Be a domestic warrior. Defend your home territory. Add some spice to dinner or grab something good on the go. Fire energy rarely has time to stand in a kitchen and make an elaborate meal. This aspect can also cause fights, disagreements, conflict and emotions that threaten to boil right over. So, work to keep things on a low simmer.

By 9:59 PM, the Moon is in trine to Neptune. She is softened. And, you talk about intuitive. Cancer Moon trine Neptune in Pisces? That's some serious intuitive power that is also racked with empathy. Feelings are inescapable today. However, this aspect (particularly if you are uncomfortable in emotional waters) could tempt you to try to escape them. Don't be afraid to feel what you feel. The good news is, we may be able to get a solid night's sleep under this trine.

Overnight, the Moon squares off with Venus in Aries (1:28 AM). This places want and need in conflict much like ambition and need were in conflict earlier today. Hopefully most of us sleep through it. However, if you are awake and feeling this, again, satisfy a little of both masters. Sex and food. Food and sex. Doesn't matter which order they fall in. Dinner and dancing. See? It works. Soaking in a hot tub or a nice steamy bath are also good options. Ah, yeah. That's the one I'm going for!

From here, the Moon is in a full on water trine with both the Sun and (waning) Neptune. The trine from the Moon to the Sun occurs at about 2 AM EST. Yeah...sleep my pretties. All snuggled up in your safe warm bed, sleep and dream the dreams of the blissful. Bellies are full. Desires are satiated. Surely, now, you can rest if you were having difficulty earlier.

And, rest you should. Tomorrow at midday the Moon works her way through the tightening square between Uranus and Pluto. Yes, it's a Cardinal Moon folks. I feel like I should say, “It's that time of month” but this happens 4 times a However, from Cancer, it could really feel like much of the world is suffering from PMDD. Uranus and Pluto are separated by mere minutes (32 minutes to be precise). Both sit at 14 degrees Cardinal. It's likely we will feel this pressure acutely tomorrow. So beef up (eat well) today and get a good nights sleep. Rectify the conflict between your inner warrior and your inner homebody. Deal with swamping emotions and get them under your control. Pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive hits you may receive. Then, get ready to be on top of your game tomorrow.