Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 24, 2015

Today there is a steady break in lunar action. The Moon is Void in Taurus all day after a sextile to Chiron at 11:55 PM last night. (On a side note, you do realize a Void Moon in Taurus means you can eat all the chocolate you want and nothing will come of it). This morning, Venus does perfect in trine to Saturn under that Void Moon. The energy will be there. But, we will likely not feel the entirety of it's support until the lights come back on the Moon as she enters Gemini at 11:54 PM tonight.

It is a steady day. One in which we can get our feet underneath us and catch our breaths. Which is good. Because, tomorrow, another wave comes crashing into our Universe. A mutable t-square with the Moon, Saturn, Sun and Neptune brings shaky unpredictability and, at the very least, we are distracted on top of it. Perhaps we think we've laid solid plans for our day, but the weather has other things in mind. Things like that can happen. The key to dealing with it is to be well rested, on your toes and flexible. Lines can and will blur under this sky. Logic will ebb and wane. The picture will come into focus only to vaporize seconds later. It can be confusing at times. And, it is pressurized as this t-square also involves our First Quarter Moon.

There are life preservers sprinkled through out this mutable storm. Mars is trine Saturn. The Moon is sextile Venus and trine Mercury. Mercury is still hanging in sextile to Saturn while Venus' is in waning trine. We have all the materials here that we need to build a boat or at least to keep our heads above water. Rest up today while working to make Saturn your best friend. Oh, I know he makes for a cold bedfellow. But, he is likely the dude that (granted may piss you off ) will save your ass from drowning tomorrow.