Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 22, 2015

What a “SNAFU” of a week it has been. At least, it has been that way in my world. Nothing has gone as planned. Nothing worked according to schedule. Yuck. I'm having a bit of trouble transitioning from life in “fixed” energy to life in “mutable” energy, I suppose. Plus, I didn't take enough of my own per typical. As I was cautioning everyone else to stretch and become more flexible, I didn't do enough of this myself and ended up throwing my back out yesterday. This didn't happen because I was working hard. It happened because I sneezed. I. Freaking. Sneezed and took myself out of commission. Ridiculousness.

At any rate. We wake up to a Void Moon in Aries today. She remains Void until entering Taurus at 7:28 PM. Venus and Mars met in Aries overnight. But, their conjoined energy can still be felt as the Moon becomes activated once more.

Today is best for getting your feet back under you. It felt as if we kind of hit the ground running yesterday. In that, some folks, like me, got sat back down rather quickly. So, today, we recuperate from running into that wall if that was a factor for you, too.

Looking ahead, tomorrow we begin the work week under a little tension. The Sun perfects in square to Saturn mid-morning right as the Moon also squares off with Mercury. Thankfully, though, within that conflict we are also racked with emotional endurance as the Moon waxes into trine with Pluto. Talk about plowing. Taurus can plow. A steadfast Taurus Moon in aspect to Pluto can plow all dang day. So regardless of the conflict brought about by the Sun's square to Saturn, we can handle it and push through.

Tuesday, the Moon in Taurus is Void most of the day. She enters Gemini just before midnight. Venus meets Saturn by trine after the Moon is inactive.

Wednesday, the Moon in Gemini is busy, busy, busy but not without conflict. At midday, we will experience our First Quarter Moon which is in aspect to both Saturn and Neptune creating a mutable t-square between 3 and 8 degrees. Venus and Mars are there to assist our Lunar Goddess by harmonious aspect as she meets the rest of the sky harshly. Mars also trines Saturn on this day as the Sun finds Neptune by conjunction. This is likely to be a fairly eventful day.

Thursday the Moon is Void again all day. Our Gemini Moon rests after a sextile with Jupiter at 3:44 AM. From here she is Void until entering Cancer at 7:50 AM on the 27th (Friday).

Friday looks to be a bit ambiguous as we struggle between being assertive and being a homebody under a Cancer Moon/Aries Mars square. Then, on Saturday, the Moon is back under tension as it creates a Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Pluto at midday.

Overall, the peak and flow of the week is choppy at best. As the square between Pluto and Uranus tightens, emotions are also building as we approach the Full Moon in Virgo next week. The First Quarter Moon on Wednesday is going to really make that apparent. Stuff remains unsettled and unpredictable as we exit February. Take advantage of the long VOC Moon periods on Tuesday and Thursday. These days should be marked as rest stops on our weekly journey where we can adjust to the influx of change and uncertainty. Some folks are ready to break out of their shells. But, I urge you to hold back a little and wait some of this shaky stuff out. There may be times when you see a window of opportunity and try to jump through it only to find out it is a mirage. So, hold steady and get ready for the real call to action which will come soon enough. Continue limbering up and practice being flexible. Take small steps and watch out for falling debris and uncertainty.