Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 19, 2015

This morning we wake up under fog and mist. The Moon bumped into Neptune by conjunction at 5:49 AM. It may be hard to get up. My goodness. There is A LOT of energy in Pisces this morning. Mercury and Saturn, however, are not in Pisces; they are locked together in their final sextile during Mercury's trip in Aquarius at 8:06 AM. Mentally things may be shoring up. Thoughts could even be firm. Mental energy could be the only thing with any form to it today.

We could be doing some serious thinking. We could be delivering or receiving harsh news. We could be locked away with our thoughts. Words could be heavy and restrictive. Thinking has a defined edge and so does speaking. At any rate, the energy coming from this sextile is logical and dry while running the risk of being dour. Steer clear of negative thinking and speech. Instead, rely on facts and work on plans to move forward. It's a good day to consult a doctor if you are sick or an expert if you have a problem that extends beyond your scope of knowledge. It's also a good day for study and reading.

At 6:02 PM the Moon in Pisces meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. Mourning is the first thing that comes to mind under this aspect. Pluto brings some form to our Pisces Moon while also imbibing her with endurance. There is no problem with emotional endurance, except for the fact that when the sky gifts us with it, it is usually because we need it. These are some deep, dark waters we are traversing on an emotional level today.

Then, a spark happens. At 7:12 PM, Mars enters Aries. Does the body wake up? Are we suddenly motivated? I would love to say, “Yes” but, I got to tell you, with all this Pisces energy I don't think that we will feel this transition right away. We may begin to feel like we have more energy. We may think about getting out there to initiate something, but overall, there is still slog and emotionality to deal with first. It might take us a day or so (as Venus and the Moon join Mars in Aries on the 20th) to get used to having land legs again. You know how it feels to step out onto land after you've been swimming for awhile? How about stepping off a boat after a long water journey. The land feels foreign and the gravity is heavier. Our knees are wobbly. Well, today is a lot like that. It's alright. The congestion will continue to thin. Be patient with it. Our Pisces Sun can help with that.

Between 8 and 8:30 PM, the Moon meanders into the waning inconjunct between Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter is also within orb of an inconjunct with Pluto, Hekate and Ceres. While Chiron and the Moon hold in sextile to those bodies in Capricorn. That, is a Yod, folks, with Jupiter at the apex. It's calling us to really draw upon the wisdom we have acquired about ourselves. And, to draw upon faith however you personally find that---whether it be just faith in yourself to pull you through whatever you are going through or faith in a higher power.

Some are experiencing a crisis of faith at this time. Some may feel as if their faith is being tested. Others may feel as if they are (or they may be really be) persecuted for their beliefs. However, this Yod tells us it is in our darkest days and in our highest levels of uncertainty when we need our faith the most. This is especially true if you feel as if you are being forsaken by the Gods right now. No. The Universe is not out to get you. It has not forgotten you. You are not being punished. To be honest, you aren't even being “tested.” There is no pass or fail wrapped in the circumstances that you find yourself in according to the Universe. It is RIDICULOUSLY impartial in that.

What is happening, on a very large level, though, is ancestral history repeating itself. On many levels. We can see this globally and personally. It's so ridiculously poignant too if you can find how it is playing out in your life. A simple way of looking at it is by glimpsing the headlines in regard to ISIS. This group is persecuting people for their beliefs. Do you think that is the first time that has happened in our global history? Pfffft...because it isn't. That theme trickles all through history whether it be from Christian Crusaders or Hitler against the Jews. The difference is sometimes we find ourselves on the flip side of the coin. Somewhere in our history, perhaps our ancestors were the one's persecuting someone for their beliefs. Now, as the future ancestry, we find ourselves as the one's being persecuted. Oh...looky there. The North Node is still in Libra...the ruler of the flip side.

Don't get me wrong, whether this stuff is repeated throughout our cultural history or not, it is still serious business. But, sometimes it makes me shake my head at humanity and say, “When are you going to figure out this is horseshit?” You know? Killing people because they don't believe the way you do is weak. Causing destruction in light of personal misery and pain is also weak. Revenge seeking...equally weak. I have ZERO empathy for anyone that takes up arms in this regard. Cowardly. That's how I see it. Though I do NOT underestimate the potential ferociousness of such acts, they are indeed an act of weakness not an exertion of true strength. It's a perversion of a belief system for worldly and human agendas. Horseshit. Some folks like to set to the world on fire just to watch it burn. Or at least that's what Alfred from Batman says. Yeah, people who act like horse's asses produce what, again? Ahem..moving on.

In order to find how this theme may be playing out in your own life, you've got to know a little bit about your own personal history. Remember Jupiter in Cancer? When we drew benefit from exploring our roots? What did you discover? What ancestral threads run through your lineage? For me, I come from enabling roots and codependency. Wouldn't you know I've had plenty of opportunity to fall back into that lately? The opportunities to backslide into enabling behaviors have been so apparent that they are nearly laughable at this point. However, there is other energy here too. Also in my personal ancestral history there is a very strong thread of personal independence. Folks in my cultural history hacked their little niche in history out with their own two hands. Yeah, I've got the enablers and dependents sprinkled in my family. But, above and beyond that, in my personal lineage are some seriously badass ladies. Tough as nails women who did whatever they needed to do to survive without relying on anyone to hand them anything. Single mothers. My great grandmother was a single mother (widow), preacher and a midwife in the late 1800's and early 1900's. She rode on horseback to deliver babies. I do a little preaching of my own—granted it's bit of a different type. And, instead of birth, I deal with death. Same gateway but with energy going in opposite directions; the flip side. There's more, but, this is the example I'll stick with.

the Riddler is going to be my spokesperson for Saturn in Sag, I think. Especially while Pallas is also in Sagittarius (in waning square to Chiron, btw).
Now, I'll turn the question to you. Can you see how your personal or ancestral history is repeating itself right now? You can't go back in time and undo what happened then. But, you can draw from own seat of personal wisdom in order to discern how to handle the echoing events more effectively in the world we find ourselves in now. Don't do exactly what Great Uncle X did. Do it better. Do it smarter. Do it with the retrospective sight that shows you exactly where Uncle X dropped the ball. That, my friends, is kinda the point of the energy coming from this Yod. Have we (collectively and personally) learned anything? Yeah? Prove it. Evolve. Or, at least let the pontifications of that roll around in your brain today.