Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This morning we wake up to both the Sun and the Moon making minor aspects to some big players. The Sun meets Pluto by semi-square at 12:31 PM. The Moon meets Uranus by semi-square at 5:12 PM. Then, the Moon also crosses Pluto by semi-square at 6:24 PM. Sun and Moon in aspect to Pluto in this regard can bring a brief feeling of ruthlessness. Or, each can bring a feeling of endurance that forgoes any call for self-protection or preservation. A simple example, literally working your fingers to the bone. Moon to Uranus in semi-square can be dispassionate or disconnected from emotion, favoring logic instead. Either way, we may be called to place a personal signature on whatever it is we are working our fingers to the bone to accomplish. To be frank, this set of aspects sounds like a criminal act in which the perpetrator leaves a calling card to puzzle police or feed his ego. It could also be that I've watched too many re-runs of CSI since being snowed in. In all seriousness, though minor, these aspects take up the meat of the morning.
At 6:48 PM our New Moon perfects at 29 degrees Aquarius. From here the Moon is Void for mere seconds before entering Pisces also at 6:48. The Sun quickly follows the Moon and makes it into Pisces himself at 6:50 PM. Almost immediately, the pair begins waxing into square with Saturn in Sagittarius. This somber and sobering aspect perfects with the Moon at 1:50 AM overnight. The Sun's perfection in square to Saturn doesn't occur until February 23. However, the tightening of the screws from this can be felt as the aspect waxes in. Saturn's presence within this New Moon and in aspect to the Sun denotes the thickening of congestion that I have been speaking about this week. We are racked with endurance under the minor aspects with Pluto but keep hitting a wall with the aspects from Saturn. Instead of bloodying your brow against the wall consider going about things differently. Maybe climb over the wall? Walk around it? Tunnel under it? Or, if you are insistent about continually ramming your head into a wall, at least wear a helmet. I'm hearing, “This is where unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” Both the unstoppable force and immovable object are reinforced by physical strength. In that, both are forces to be reckoned with. This can become continual clanging and banging until one or both forces are worn down. OR, you can be one that side steps physical exertion and gets smart about the whole the thing. Unstoppable doesn't mean you can't be injured. Immovable doesn't mean you are impermeable. Instead of focusing on defeating whatever block is standing in your way, bear in mind what is MOST important.

Some will give up and lay down arms under this sky. Others will blow themselves up because they aren't smart enough to come up with a more effective tactic or approach. You have to make your decisions based on what you can rest your head on peacefully at the end of the day. We are being called, collectively, to change. So, if your old approaches aren't working, step away from the battle and re-think your strategy. I don't care how strong you are, an army of 1 doesn't stand much of a chance against an army of many with plenty of warriors to replace the few you manage to destroy. Get smart. Change. Or, let go in surrender. Unless you enjoy being martyred or going down in flames. I, personally, do not.

Today, the sign of Pisces becomes saturated with energy. Mars is birthed into Aries tomorrow. Venus and the Moon are birthed the next day. The congestion will begin to thin and break up given TIME not effort. But, on a Solar level, we are going to be met with resistance from Saturn that is quickly followed by the fog and confusion of Neptune. At the very least, I suggest a retreat here. An incubation and restoration of physicality and perhaps more than a bit in the way of addressing the soft inner core. Get very quiet. Be very still.

The sabian for our New Moon says, “Moon-lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white.” According to Dane Rudyar this is “Soul refreshing inner poetry of being. Spiritually nurtured sentiment which illuminates the heart. Voices from the past.” very, very, very quiet. Listen to your heartbeat, your soul beat and the drums of your ancestors (what would they advise you to do differently in light of the ethereal wisdom they have gained from their own mistakes in life after the whole scene has been viewed from another plane of existence). None of this can be heard within the clamor of battle.