Morning Star: Daily Astrology for (Saturday) February 14, 2015

This morning we wake up to our Sagittarius Moon creating a sextile with the Sun in Aquarius (9:47 AM). This is nice and smooth. Futuristic and optimistic. However, ambiguity seeps in shortly after as the Moon also makes a square to Mars in Pisces at 10:17 AM prior to going Void.

Pisces vs Sagittarius is not too hard to wrangle. The two are both traditionally ruled by Jupiter. In modern Astrology, though, Mars in Pisces currently answers to Neptune. There could be a small tug of war here in regard to what to do this morning. Do we go out? Do we stay home? Is it time to step out of wallowing and re-enter the world? Or perhaps we have lots we need to do but decide to make it a late morning snuggling in our warm beds a little bit longer than usual. Not a thing wrong with that and perfectly supported under this sky.

The Moon remains Void until entering Capricorn at 5:26 PM tonight. Her first aspect from the sign doesn't occur until tomorrow morning. So, the evening is fairly uneventful.

But, wait, it is Valentine's Day. Where's the romance? Well, let's take a look at where our romantic partners are. Psyche and Eros are currently snuggled up TOGETHER at 21 degrees Pisces. Awww, there is certainly romantic potential in that. So what if the Moon squares Mars. So what if a Capricorn Moon feels like it has work to do. The choice of Love is always an option.

Venus, too, is sitting right next to this conjunction with Mars only a few degrees away. If you ARE partnered, it is a great day to create a love nest and refuse to come out of it. If you aren't, then romance yourself. What can you do that re-creates that warm bubbly feeling in your heart. Lay around on the couch and watch sappy movies? Indulge in a little self-pampering? Bake cupcakes and deliver them to friends? Take flowers to someone you know may be lonely today? Love is love is love. You are capable of creating it all by yourself. You don't have to wait for someone to bring it to you. I definitely encourage you to opt for expressing love to yourself and others regardless of the romantic situation you find yourself in. Open the door of your heart and share generously what is inside. It serves a dual purpose in lifting your spirits while also lifting the spirits of the folks you share it with. Don't sink into heartsickness. Instead reach for heart healing. There's heart melting potential under this sky. Don't be afraid to become a little less frosty. Love is SO much more than a box of chocolates.