Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 13 (Friday) 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius. This is a day for making progress, I believe. At 12:56 PM, the Moon is in trine to Uranus. This fiery Moon is a little wild...I like that. It is independent, emotionally intelligent, well traveled and well versed in theorem. It has the potential to laugh in the face of doubt and fear. We are going to have to work with a little Temperance, though. That's alright, Sagittarius has that ability.

You see, the Moon also makes a trine with Jupiter at 6:09 PM. Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo will perfect in trine on March 3. Today, though we will get to preview a bit of that energy with as the Moon passes in trine to both. So, there is fire, motion, activity and flurry. However, there is also some water. Therefore, it is not indicated that we should roam about mindlessly.

Sprinkled in between and after this fire trine, the Moon squares Chiron at 4:46 PM and Venus in Pisces at 3:33 AM. Too much fire and the water becomes a boiling pot. Too much water and the fire is extinguished. However, if you manage to mix it all just right, then you can create third element that can be used to move forward with intention and care. So in the midst of potentially being catalyzed (Moon/Uranus) as our self-confidence blossoms (Moon/Jupiter) we are going to want to pull back a bit and aim carefully while deliberately directing this energy where we want it to go. Otherwise, today could feel a lot like an out of control roller coaster ride. High highs and stomach plunging lows with tons of unexpected twists and turns in between. Make sure your safety devices are securely fastened and keep your arms in the car at all times. The goal here is to enjoy the ride and still be able to step off the coaster in one piece. Metaphorically, of course.

Here's the thing. In order to appease this fire energy we are going to need to be mobile. But, we don't want to run about haphazardly and end up hurting ourselves or others in an effort to appease the influx of water from Pisces. Go for a drive, but wear your seat belt. Go sky diving...but make sure your chute is packed correctly first. You know? Aim for excitement and adventure but don't be freaking stupid about it (ahem, note to self...don't forget to take your own advice, Josi). It's better to be steadily busy and productive. Aim neither for mania or wallowing. Shoot for dead center of that your own mood stabilizer. There is no need to feed into to bipolar potential of this day.

If we look to appease only one master, choosing to deal only with the water or only with the fire, then things could get messy. Nope. We've got to deal with both. Want to foster change in the world? Well, aim to make a true difference not just a bunch of noise and potential destruction. Feeling low? Get the heck out of the house and move around a bit. Temperance. Each aspect can either help or hinder the other. It's all in how you mix it together. Improperly combined, though and we run the risk of pain and dissatisfaction not to mention a bit of remorse. Be smart. Be wise. Be compassionate and mindful of the impact of your actions upon others. If you see someone else falling prey to the potential erratic nature of this energy...well...side step your way out of their path. Are you going to try and reason with an out of control train headed straight for you? Even if you want to help, let the mania run it's course first. You cannot help with damage control if you've just been hit by a crazy train. AH HA HA...ALL ABOARD!

You are going to want to get used to this now. Soon, both Mars and Venus will jump the Pisces ship into Aries. Fire is going to become a factor. That's going to happen during Pisces season. Water will still be a factor as well. Today is only a preview of what is to come, like a trial run, soft launch or practice for the big game. Flexibility and adaptability are big assets to have at this time. Bring those two talents together with a little compassion and mindfulness and you can make some serious strides under this sky. We can handle that, right? Center. Balance and mix appropriately.