Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 12, 2015 (Thursday)

Today we wake up to a Void Moon in Scorpio. She becomes active again when she crosses into Sagittarius at 11:48 AM. Her first aspect is a sextile with Mercury newly direct in Aquarius at 2:22 PM. Talk about a whipped up windstorm. Air fuels fire. But, in this instance, fire can give motion to air. We can act on what we have learned and take action upon ideas. Either way, the emotional body and the mental body are working in harmony today. You will likely feel the pace of time picking up under this aspect. The evening hours will likely fly by after a morning of drag and disinterest. No worries, we are met with resistance and slog again by the end of the day.

By 7:34 PM the Moon is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Not exactly a party time aspect, but this can help us manifest whatever ideas we were entertaining under Mercury and the Moon. It comes to ground. It is no longer a just a mental concept; we can touch it with our hands. At the same time, though, this energy can feel quite heavy and depressive.

There is opportunity for that heaviness and depression to dissipate as the Moon meets Neptune by I mean square at midnight.

I'm finding that Saturn in waxing square to Neptune, even if it doesn't perfect until the fall, is squashing some folks' attempts at sleep. Some could very well fall victim to that tonight as the Moon tightens this square through her passage. Build a nighttime routine. Step yourself down from your day in small deliberate increments. Personally, I go through several steps before I ever make it to my bed. I've done them so routinely that as I'm going through the motions of my routine, my body understands that it is getting ready for bed. I know I may seem pretty mutable or Cardinal at times, but in truth, I've got a lot of fixed energy in my chart along with a lot of Saturn. Routine keeps me on track and is oddly comforting.

With Saturn in Sagittarius, though, our routines should be portable. Mobile. Flexible. Adaptable. So keep that in mind when building new one's under this sky. Saturn in a mutable sign calls us to be both structured and flexible. We are to bend and sway in light of circumstance without breaking. Neptune is actually helping with this but sometimes it is kind of like supporting your weight against a table only to have the table disappear unexpectedly causing you to fall on the floor. Of all the aspects that are possible in the sky, I think Saturn to Neptune is the weirdest. At times it brings a sort of spiritual or ethereal support system, literally manifesting support out of thin air. At others, it seems like everything we have to support us simply disappears or evaporates. The biggest call here is to walk your truth while working to bring order to potential chaos. This sky, today, is particularly good for joining a support group of some kind especially if you are working to get your addictions under control.
At any rate, we can continue to let go while fostering a forward moving future vision under this sky. Know that this process brings both elation and some remorse. Grieve where you need to. Let go, let go and continue to let go. Look for what could possibly be washed in from the tides instead of what is currently being eroded and washed away. But allow yourself to look toward the future with optimism. Saturn in Sagittarius can create a fear of being optimistic. Instead of falling for that, work to build and nurture a solid and bright future for yourself. Create flexible routines to support you and have a few back up plans in the event those plans don't work out. Grease your wheels and your gears (drink plenty of water and consume appropriate fats and oils). Physically stretch your body. As within, so without. As you increase your body's flexibility, that energy permeates into your psyche bringing flexibility to the rest of you. Besides that, it just feels darn good.