Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 1, 2015

Welcome to the first day of March. (she said with trepidation) March is a pretty dynamic month, overall. We have eclipse season, for one. We have fire trines, for another. We have the last perfection of the square between Uranus and Pluto, as a grand finale. I feel as if I'm introducing a circus. Come one! Come all! See the Astrological Freak Show that is March!

Ok. So it isn't a freak show. We have eclipse periods about every 6 months. Twice every year. Since the beginning of time, I'm guessing. I don't know. I don't remember the beginning of time even if my kids think I should.

The square between Uranus and Pluto can't even be considered a Freak Show anymore. I mean, this is the 7th perfection. By now, seeing this aspect wax in should produce yawns of “been there; done that.” Um. Except that it doesn't. Anyway...welcome to the first day of March--the month in which drinking green liquids is ok.

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Cancer. As the Moon is Void, Mercury both sextiles Uranus (his current ruler at 10:56 AM) and opposes Jupiter (4:16 PM). Logic is kicking and the emotional body is disengaged. These aspects can produce some brain untangling or work to create more if we fall on the side of over-thinking. Something I've noticed about Mercury in Aquarius, it is prone to over-thinking. I think that is due to Aquarius' tendency to be experimental. It isn't like Mercury to Pluto and obsession with a certain line of thinking. It's different. Mercury in Aquarius considers all the basic elements available to mix together in experiment that sometimes it gets too far away from actually doing anything about it. Libra is called the indecisive one. But, I'm beginning to think that indecision is a hallmark of an Air Mercury in general.

I also believe that a chart heavy in Air and light in Earth can produce some of the dumbest smart people on Earth. Hey. Don't get offended. I happen to be one of those common senseless smart people. I've got a chart stacked full of Air and Water with barely any Earth to be found. I have two Earth placements (Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo) but they are in Air houses (11 and 7 respectively). Even my Saturn is in an Air sign (Gemini) while being lodged in a Water house (4th). Intellectually I hit above average. In regard to common sense? I'm sorely depleted. Sometimes Mercury in Aquarius falls in this category too unless there is a larger factor of Earth involved. I'm looking at this mixture of Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter and thinking we could end up with some of those downfalls associated with a lack of practicality. Mercury in Aquarius can make things more complicated than it needs to be too. That's how this placement is prone to over-thinking. So, keep that in mind this morning. Don't get caught up in the mental details and forget that ideas are nothing but a bunch of hot hair until you use them to produce a tangible result. Looks good on paper, right? Yeah. Sure. Aim for some practicality here and don't make things more complicated than they need to be. Sometimes, simplicity is a wonderful thing.
In other words, Keep it simple, stupid.

On the positive end, this energy can produce several “AHA” moments too. Mercury influenced by Uranus can be genius. Of course it can be madness too depending on where you draw that line. Just remember “to keep it real” as your brain is swirling around this morning. If you encounter some ingenious insight, write it down. Flashes of lightning are often short lived.

At 6:35 PM, the Universe lights a fire under our collective emotional body. Er, I mean, the Moon enters Leo. Yes, my friends, I've said it a million times since mid-February, March comes in like a Lion. Literally. It goes out under a Virgo, yeah, sort of out like a lamb. Sort. Of. The Sun WILL be in Aries at that time. Not very lambish on that end. We shall see, I suppose.

The true wildness of March is likely to be felt more acutely on the second day of the month, though. Why does it always have to be on Monday, Universe? WHY? Today is more of a transitional period. A shifting of sorts. Tomorrow we operate under fire. I, honestly, like the looks of it. Fire Trines span the whole day which is sweet for moving forward and getting things done. Saturn is involved, too. So, it's not like we are just spinning our wheels. We have traction. YAY! Plans made under today's sky could be launched tomorrow. So, get your game plan in order without forgetting that, as ingenious as it is, you still have to make it work off the written page. You know? Then, tomorrow, get moving. The starting pistol has been fired.

Many will enjoy bursting out of the starting gate on Monday. And, that's great! The congestion continues to thin and break up as we find more freedom of movement. However, I would also like to draw your attention to the upcoming movements of Venus. On March 4, Venus will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. As you are running around in the next few days, you may want to keep that in the back of your mind. Don't forget about your relationships and your money as you are out there pioneering all this newness. These aspects will perfect just prior to our Full Moon in Virgo on the 5th. Sparks aplenty will fly from now until that Full Moon. The energy is very dynamic and more than a bit daring. Given that Venus rules are current North Node in Libra but is floating around the South Node as she meets up with the Lord of the Underworld and the God of Lightning, her movements are VERY important right now. Don't repeat past mistakes. Look for the things you did RIGHT and what has benefited you in the past and do THAT over. Or do it over even better! Appreciate the broken road that has led you to where you are. Learn from it. Realize you can STILL be YOU while in relationship. You can be an independent person and still connect with others. That's exactly what Venus is telling us right now. However, lopsided or identity swallowing relationships are very likely to break apart under this sky. Venus has got some ass behind her in know? She is not a wilting flower here. She is vibrant, motivated and forthright about what she wants in Aries. I like that.

Plus, leading up to the Full Moon inconjuncts between various bodies (including our luminaries) are flying all over the place. The closer we get to that, the less things may make sense for awhile. It could be that the fire energy of the next few days has us bolting out of the starting gate only to end up under the Full Virgo Moon wondering “What was I thinking? Where did I think I was going? It seemed so clear and important a few days ago” So, there you go. Make SURE you are aiming in the true direction you want to go but, at the same time, be willing to change direction if you have to. The path to get “there” isn't likely to be a straight line and you may find that you are questioning yourself later. That's alright. You are allowed to change your mind from time to time? Right? We are all learning here. Flexibility and adaptability are certainly qualities that are helpful right now. And, a little dancing never hurt anyone unless they were rigidly inflexible. So, move around a bit. It's alright...dare I say, “Bust a move?” Or is that too 80's?