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Jolinda “Josi” Case is a Spiritual Counselor who uses Tarot and Astrology (among other tools) as forms of divination. She is an avid and vigorous student of the esoteric. Josi has a great deal of experience in assisting people through major life changes such as death/dying/grief through counseling.

Josi’s main motivation is to empower others by assisting them to connect with and express their most true and authentic self. She also strives to give people the authority to feel comfortable in the pursuit of their personal Spirituality.

Josi’s formal education includes collegiate level degrees in Communications, Business and Psychology. She is also an ordained minister. In her free time (HA!), she writes a weekly column for her local paper (The Greenup Beacon), blogs on her site Shock Therapy and relaxes with her husband (“Ox”), three grown boys, two grandsons and pets (Prince, Mercury and Perseus).
Most recently, Josi has bonded forces with Dixie Vogel of A Fool's Journey to produce a monthly show they call Woo Woo Wonderful. The purpose of the live broadcast is to empower others with knowledge of Spirit and Mysticism.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for March 1, 2015

Welcome to the first day of March. (she said with trepidation) March is a pretty dynamic month, overall. We have eclipse season, for one. We have fire trines, for another. We have the last perfection of the square between Uranus and Pluto, as a grand finale. I feel as if I'm introducing a circus. Come one! Come all! See the Astrological Freak Show that is March!

Ok. So it isn't a freak show. We have eclipse periods about every 6 months. Twice every year. Since the beginning of time, I'm guessing. I don't know. I don't remember the beginning of time even if my kids think I should.

The square between Uranus and Pluto can't even be considered a Freak Show anymore. I mean, this is the 7th perfection. By now, seeing this aspect wax in should produce yawns of “been there; done that.” Um. Except that it doesn't. Anyway...welcome to the first day of March--the month in which drinking green liquids is ok.

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Cancer. As the Moon is Void, Mercury both sextiles Uranus (his current ruler at 10:56 AM) and opposes Jupiter (4:16 PM). Logic is kicking and the emotional body is disengaged. These aspects can produce some brain untangling or work to create more if we fall on the side of over-thinking. Something I've noticed about Mercury in Aquarius, it is prone to over-thinking. I think that is due to Aquarius' tendency to be experimental. It isn't like Mercury to Pluto and obsession with a certain line of thinking. It's different. Mercury in Aquarius considers all the basic elements available to mix together in experiment that sometimes it gets too far away from actually doing anything about it. Libra is called the indecisive one. But, I'm beginning to think that indecision is a hallmark of an Air Mercury in general.

I also believe that a chart heavy in Air and light in Earth can produce some of the dumbest smart people on Earth. Hey. Don't get offended. I happen to be one of those common senseless smart people. I've got a chart stacked full of Air and Water with barely any Earth to be found. I have two Earth placements (Jupiter in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo) but they are in Air houses (11 and 7 respectively). Even my Saturn is in an Air sign (Gemini) while being lodged in a Water house (4th). Intellectually I hit above average. In regard to common sense? I'm sorely depleted. Sometimes Mercury in Aquarius falls in this category too unless there is a larger factor of Earth involved. I'm looking at this mixture of Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter and thinking we could end up with some of those downfalls associated with a lack of practicality. Mercury in Aquarius can make things more complicated than it needs to be too. That's how this placement is prone to over-thinking. So, keep that in mind this morning. Don't get caught up in the mental details and forget that ideas are nothing but a bunch of hot hair until you use them to produce a tangible result. Looks good on paper, right? Yeah. Sure. Aim for some practicality here and don't make things more complicated than they need to be. Sometimes, simplicity is a wonderful thing.
In other words, Keep it simple, stupid.

On the positive end, this energy can produce several “AHA” moments too. Mercury influenced by Uranus can be genius. Of course it can be madness too depending on where you draw that line. Just remember “to keep it real” as your brain is swirling around this morning. If you encounter some ingenious insight, write it down. Flashes of lightning are often short lived.

At 6:35 PM, the Universe lights a fire under our collective emotional body. Er, I mean, the Moon enters Leo. Yes, my friends, I've said it a million times since mid-February, March comes in like a Lion. Literally. It goes out under a Virgo, yeah, sort of out like a lamb. Sort. Of. The Sun WILL be in Aries at that time. Not very lambish on that end. We shall see, I suppose.

The true wildness of March is likely to be felt more acutely on the second day of the month, though. Why does it always have to be on Monday, Universe? WHY? Today is more of a transitional period. A shifting of sorts. Tomorrow we operate under fire. I, honestly, like the looks of it. Fire Trines span the whole day which is sweet for moving forward and getting things done. Saturn is involved, too. So, it's not like we are just spinning our wheels. We have traction. YAY! Plans made under today's sky could be launched tomorrow. So, get your game plan in order without forgetting that, as ingenious as it is, you still have to make it work off the written page. You know? Then, tomorrow, get moving. The starting pistol has been fired.

Many will enjoy bursting out of the starting gate on Monday. And, that's great! The congestion continues to thin and break up as we find more freedom of movement. However, I would also like to draw your attention to the upcoming movements of Venus. On March 4, Venus will conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. As you are running around in the next few days, you may want to keep that in the back of your mind. Don't forget about your relationships and your money as you are out there pioneering all this newness. These aspects will perfect just prior to our Full Moon in Virgo on the 5th. Sparks aplenty will fly from now until that Full Moon. The energy is very dynamic and more than a bit daring. Given that Venus rules are current North Node in Libra but is floating around the South Node as she meets up with the Lord of the Underworld and the God of Lightning, her movements are VERY important right now. Don't repeat past mistakes. Look for the things you did RIGHT and what has benefited you in the past and do THAT over. Or do it over even better! Appreciate the broken road that has led you to where you are. Learn from it. Realize you can STILL be YOU while in relationship. You can be an independent person and still connect with others. That's exactly what Venus is telling us right now. However, lopsided or identity swallowing relationships are very likely to break apart under this sky. Venus has got some ass behind her in know? She is not a wilting flower here. She is vibrant, motivated and forthright about what she wants in Aries. I like that.

Plus, leading up to the Full Moon inconjuncts between various bodies (including our luminaries) are flying all over the place. The closer we get to that, the less things may make sense for awhile. It could be that the fire energy of the next few days has us bolting out of the starting gate only to end up under the Full Virgo Moon wondering “What was I thinking? Where did I think I was going? It seemed so clear and important a few days ago” So, there you go. Make SURE you are aiming in the true direction you want to go but, at the same time, be willing to change direction if you have to. The path to get “there” isn't likely to be a straight line and you may find that you are questioning yourself later. That's alright. You are allowed to change your mind from time to time? Right? We are all learning here. Flexibility and adaptability are certainly qualities that are helpful right now. And, a little dancing never hurt anyone unless they were rigidly inflexible. So, move around a bit. It's alright...dare I say, “Bust a move?” Or is that too 80's?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Saturday, February 28, 2015

This morning we wake up under a Cancer Moon supported by a waning trine to the Pisces Sun and pressurized by a waxing square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto at midday. I am seeing umbilical cords being cut here. It's almost as if the tendency to enable is diminished. Baby birds may be pushed from the nest.

At the same time, that energy has the potential to also be flip-flopped. The square to Uranus at 11:50 AM could mark a dispute with someone bound and determined to be independent while the opposition to Pluto (12:53 PM) riddles both the Cancer Moon and our Uranian figure with an obsession to control and cling viciously to either agenda. It's a tight tug of war.

To balance this out, we can pull in the powers of Libra to negotiate and weigh out our options. Compromises can be made. Decorum can be mustered. Know when to let go and when to negotiate in an effort to keep partnerships together.

At 4:29 PM, the Moon is in trine to Chiron in Pisces. Reminding us, once again, of our vulnerability. Make decisions you can live with long term. Don't allow the pressure from the waxing Cardinal Cross to push you into being hasty or making off the cuff decisions UNLESS it is truly an emergent situation and you need to act quickly. If you are worried that someone's increased desire for independence may threaten the dynamics of your relationship, then, maybe you need to check yourself for co-dependent behavior. That sounds more like your problem than theirs.

I was married to guy once who became really threatened when I landed a job that enabled me to have more financial independence. He was worried that because my income was at the same level as his that I would leave him. Well. I DID leave him. Not because I was financially secure, but because he was a controlling, insecure jerk. Getting a new hair cut meant I was trying to bag a new man. Staying too long at the grocery store meant I was trying to bag a new man. Buying a new outfit meant...guess what. It was both insulting and exhausting. Apparently, the man thought I had nothing better to think about or that finding men was my only goal in life or something. I don't know. But, I do know that holding on too tightly out of fear of losing someone can, indeed, push them away.

Fostering your own independence and relishing your freedom of choice helps you to be supportive of others that do the same. So, if you are tempted to pull someone else's puppet strings, maybe you should re-aim your focus on controlling your own. If efforts toward independence makes someone else uncomfortable, advice is to leave them wailing in your dust. But, you do what you can live with.

After the trine with Chiron, the Moon is Void on this last day of February. Tomorrow, March storms in like a Lion under Moon in Leo at 6:35 PM. Monday the stage is set for a flurry of activity under a beautiful Fire Trine with the Moon, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Uranus. WHOOOSH! Monday is definitely a green light day. So, use this Void Moon period (4:30 PM today to 6:30 PM tomorrow) to figure out which direction you really want to go and make sure you are pointed that way when this fire energy makes it way to us. It is very likely we could receive some sparks of inspiration tomorrow morning as Mercury both sextiles Uranus and opposes Jupiter under our Void Moon in Cancer.

Eat well. Rest well. Get ready and get set to GO on Monday.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 27, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. What that says to me is to eat a power breakfast. Something that, both, fills you up and will bring you sustainable energy through out the day. Stick to your ribs stuff. Oatmeal comes to mind for me. You choose what works for you. My Mom used to make oatmeal for me on cold winter days before school. So, that's my pick. However, know that protein is needed in these days. So don't skimp on the bacon this morning.

The Moon gets fairly busy later in this day. But, before all that happens, Jupiter and Pluto perfect in an inconjunct strengthening the ongoing Yod between Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron (Jupiter at the apex). Self-knowledge, smooth confidence, benevolence, generosity, humility, gratitude and wisdom are the aim of this Yod. Self-aggrandizement, over-confidence, selfishness and a puffed up ego are it's downfalls. Know that you can be hurt. You are vulnerable (Jupiter inconjunct Chiron). But, also know you can survive it (inconjunct to Pluto). Also know you are not always right and that is ok. Nobody is all the time.

Instead of patting yourself on the back for surviving, be thankful that you had the power to do so and humbled by the fact that you've been gifted with the power of endurance and regeneration. Don't allow your wounds to change you into a bitter demon. Instead, know that pain (along with our ability to love) connects us. Everybody hurts now and then. Learn from the experience. But, don't let it embitter you. If you've fallen, nurture yourself all the way back up to an upright position and realize, everyone falls. That is also ok. What is not ok is giving up and dying while still having the opportunity to live. Every precious second on this Earth counts even the excruciating moments. And, today, we are likely to feel every minute emotion connected with our current experience.

At 7:41 PM, the Moon makes an ambiguous square with Mars in Aries. Those darn rowdy kids have been cooped up in the house too long. They need to run some of that energy off. Send them outside while you bake cookies. Inside of you this can feel like a tug of war between hiding away at home or venturing out to conquer the world. There's a push/pull here. Satisfy a little of both masters. Work out at home. Be a domestic warrior. Defend your home territory. Add some spice to dinner or grab something good on the go. Fire energy rarely has time to stand in a kitchen and make an elaborate meal. This aspect can also cause fights, disagreements, conflict and emotions that threaten to boil right over. So, work to keep things on a low simmer.

By 9:59 PM, the Moon is in trine to Neptune. She is softened. And, you talk about intuitive. Cancer Moon trine Neptune in Pisces? That's some serious intuitive power that is also racked with empathy. Feelings are inescapable today. However, this aspect (particularly if you are uncomfortable in emotional waters) could tempt you to try to escape them. Don't be afraid to feel what you feel. The good news is, we may be able to get a solid night's sleep under this trine.

Overnight, the Moon squares off with Venus in Aries (1:28 AM). This places want and need in conflict much like ambition and need were in conflict earlier today. Hopefully most of us sleep through it. However, if you are awake and feeling this, again, satisfy a little of both masters. Sex and food. Food and sex. Doesn't matter which order they fall in. Dinner and dancing. See? It works. Soaking in a hot tub or a nice steamy bath are also good options. Ah, yeah. That's the one I'm going for!

From here, the Moon is in a full on water trine with both the Sun and (waning) Neptune. The trine from the Moon to the Sun occurs at about 2 AM EST. Yeah...sleep my pretties. All snuggled up in your safe warm bed, sleep and dream the dreams of the blissful. Bellies are full. Desires are satiated. Surely, now, you can rest if you were having difficulty earlier.

And, rest you should. Tomorrow at midday the Moon works her way through the tightening square between Uranus and Pluto. Yes, it's a Cardinal Moon folks. I feel like I should say, “It's that time of month” but this happens 4 times a However, from Cancer, it could really feel like much of the world is suffering from PMDD. Uranus and Pluto are separated by mere minutes (32 minutes to be precise). Both sit at 14 degrees Cardinal. It's likely we will feel this pressure acutely tomorrow. So beef up (eat well) today and get a good nights sleep. Rectify the conflict between your inner warrior and your inner homebody. Deal with swamping emotions and get them under your control. Pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive hits you may receive. Then, get ready to be on top of your game tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Thursday, February 26, 2015

As a Pisces Moon native, I'm not unfamiliar with emotional washouts. I'm also not unfamiliar with wallowing. However, I only have the patience to wallow in muck for a certain amount of time before I get mad. Usually getting mad is what brings me out of wallowing. Mars. Fire can evaporate Water.

Overnight, a catalytic spark that can assist us to pull ourselves out of yesterday's emotional storms, happened. The Moon in Gemini met both Uranus (2:12 AM) and Jupiter (3:44 AM) by supportive sextile. This mini-trine whispers, “You can do this. You are strong. You are capable. You deserve a happy life.”

However, by 6:34 AM, the Moon is also in square to Chiron in Pisces reminding us of our vulnerability. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 7:50 AM tomorrow.

Whew. There is a lot to incorporate and adjust to under this VOC Moon.

It reminds me of what last weekend was like for me. I got all excited about being snowed in alone and decided to get productive. Then, I threw my back out. I'd never done that before but, thankfully, it wasn't a big huge injury. It was enough to slow me down. Plus, it caused me to be very mindful of my physical movements...cause some of them hurt like hell! I wanted my injury to get better not worse. There have been several days since then that I have felt like I was back to normal only to discover there is still a little twinge there...a little soreness...that muscle is still a little weak. The twinge would remind me that I'm still not 100% and still need to be careful because I'm vulnerable. That's what the square to Chiron from the Moon reminds me of.

It is that little elusive twinge that emerges to remind us that, yes, we can still be hurt. So while we are also pontificating all the stuff that went down yesterday, we are encouraged to rest our bodies and work to repair what is injured whether physically or emotionally.

Take. Advantage. Of. The. Break. Today. Tomorrow there is potential to get bent all out of shape again. As February washes out under a Cancer Moon, March rushes in like a lion with its tail on fire. There is an obvious change up that occurs as the tension continues to build toward our Full Moon. Yeah. We all need to rest up for that. Our opportunity to do so occurs today.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 25, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Gemini Moon under some serious pressure. Underneath that pressure, though, lies support. But, we are going to have to reach for it.

The Moon meets Mars in Aries by sextile right off the bat this morning at 7:36 AM. Our get up and go has found us...but for how long? At 8:25 AM, the Moon opposes Saturn. We are going to need our go juice and physical ambitions because that is some heavy slog to wade through. What it can do, however, is bring some practicality to a potentially fickle emotional atmosphere. It is likely to keep our hands busy so our collective rears don't get into trouble.

Truth is a strong energy right now and that is exactly what we should be looking for and leaning on. Focus is needed as well as holding yourself steadily on your path. Be accountable and self-directed. Act with integrity and responsibility. So, while the opposition from Saturn may feel heavy, it is actually a much needed anchor. Sure, it's part of this unpredictable mess too. But, employed deliberately, it can be the sturdy ship that also carries us through this storm.

At 10:40 AM the Moon sextiles Venus in Aries. We want to pioneer and move forward. We feel that there are many options. We are encouraged to choose the one that feels right. Follow your heart.

At midday (12:14 PM) the tension of our First Quarter Moon perfects. This is where the pressure really begins to be felt. It will continue to build all the way up to the Full Moon in Virgo next week. First Quarter Moons often operate as catalysts or bring events to a head that we need to deal with in an effort to fulfill what we set out to do at the New Moon. Blocks to plans emerge. Our attempts at moving forward are met with conflict. In that, we decide if our goal is still a worthy aim. If it is, under the First Quarter, we work to remove, work around or deal with the obstacles that find their way onto our path.

Immediately after the First Quarter perfects, the Moon also squares Neptune (1:06 PM). The Sun officially meets Neptune by conjunction at 11:55 PM. In between these Neptune aspects, though, the Moon perfects in trine to Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius. There is analytical power and the ability to look at current circumstances through logical eyes held within the trine from the Moon to Mercury. We can get on board with doing things differently or looking at things from an unusual perspective. Meanwhile, the energy from Mars in Aries to Saturn in Sagittarius can assist us with finding more solid footing in an otherwise shaky and uncertain day. Traction is available. But, we've got to reach for it one plodding and deliberate step at a time. We are called to walk upon our truth as if it were a path of solid pavers...because, today it is.
I'm melting, melting, melting

The truth is the truth is the truth. You know? But, the truth is dependent upon perspective and your ability to see clearly. Our emotional vision is ALL KINDS of screwed up today. But, mentally, logically, we do have the ability to process the facts and the cold hard truth. So, even if information you are delivered may seem ugly, if it is the truth, it's best to go ahead and work on accepting it. Denial will get you no where but swept further down a choppy river without a raft.

That being said, practicality and the ability to discern the truth from fiction are paramount today. The missing leg of this mutable t-square falls in Virgo. That means, the power of Virgo can help to balance out this shaky equation. Neptune and the sign of Pisces bring chaos. These energies applying to our Moon can bring emotional confusion, mourning, tears and overall shaky emotional affect. The powers of Virgo can help bring all this to ground.

Not a good day to be the Queen of Denial

Let me try to explain how Virgo helps with this. First, I have a Pisces Moon natally in square to Neptune. So, when I say confusing emotions and shaky emotional ground I know what I'm talking about. I also have Venus in Virgo and was raised by a father who has a Virgo Moon. When emotional chaos occurs, my Venus in Virgo sweeps in and starts sorting things out. When my Pisces makes a mess, my Virgo cleans it up. Virgo energy is grounding and practical. As a child, I felt everything from everyone. If you were sad; I felt sad. And, there was a part of me that believed my emotions were so strong that everyone else could feel them too...just like I could feel theirs. My Virgo Moon father made me aware of the fact that this is not true. He would say, “People only know how you are feeling if you tell them or show them.” That helped a lot. Because part of my upset was due to the fact that I thought I was seriously infecting the world around me with my pain. When I realized it was just me, well, I could handle that. I learned how to get practical with my emotions. I learned that physically creating order in my personal space helped me to sort things out in my emotional body. I learned how to make my Venus in Virgo and Moon in Pisces operate in tandem instead of as antagonists. An ability to grasp onto solid practicality and discernment goes a very long day today. Virgo can nurse your sick emotions back to health.

So in the potentially stormy emotional seas of today, it is indicated that we use Mars/Saturn to assert boundaries and walk our truth; use Mercury to think beyond and outside typical parameters while detaching from more swamping emotions and employ Virgo power to assist us with practicality while we nurse ourselves back to calm.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 24, 2015

Today there is a steady break in lunar action. The Moon is Void in Taurus all day after a sextile to Chiron at 11:55 PM last night. (On a side note, you do realize a Void Moon in Taurus means you can eat all the chocolate you want and nothing will come of it). This morning, Venus does perfect in trine to Saturn under that Void Moon. The energy will be there. But, we will likely not feel the entirety of it's support until the lights come back on the Moon as she enters Gemini at 11:54 PM tonight.

It is a steady day. One in which we can get our feet underneath us and catch our breaths. Which is good. Because, tomorrow, another wave comes crashing into our Universe. A mutable t-square with the Moon, Saturn, Sun and Neptune brings shaky unpredictability and, at the very least, we are distracted on top of it. Perhaps we think we've laid solid plans for our day, but the weather has other things in mind. Things like that can happen. The key to dealing with it is to be well rested, on your toes and flexible. Lines can and will blur under this sky. Logic will ebb and wane. The picture will come into focus only to vaporize seconds later. It can be confusing at times. And, it is pressurized as this t-square also involves our First Quarter Moon.

There are life preservers sprinkled through out this mutable storm. Mars is trine Saturn. The Moon is sextile Venus and trine Mercury. Mercury is still hanging in sextile to Saturn while Venus' is in waning trine. We have all the materials here that we need to build a boat or at least to keep our heads above water. Rest up today while working to make Saturn your best friend. Oh, I know he makes for a cold bedfellow. But, he is likely the dude that (granted may piss you off ) will save your ass from drowning tomorrow.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Monday, February 23, 2015

So, it's Monday. It's also a Monday in which we wake up to the Moon in Taurus. That makes me smile because I LOVE Moon in Taurus! However. We also have Sun square Saturn to deal with. Boo.

What's happening here is we are pitting a Pisces Sun against a Sagittarian Saturn. Don't even try to blur the edges of the truth a little bit. Not even with a white lie. Don't even try to be invisible. You will be seen. Your presence will be recorded. You will not slip by unnoticed. So, keep all your dealings above board. Ok? You may want to retreat and hide but Saturn has a different agenda. There's work to be done.

In better news, though. Even though Saturn is coming harshly, he is also shoring up much of what Neptune has fogged up over the past few years. If you need to define yourself, this is the time. If you need to rebuild after a washout, this is your opportunity. If you need to rectify delusion against reality, here's your chance. If you have mutable planets between 0 and 5 degrees, you may finally find land and gain solidity in regard to that planet's energy. Some folks who have been swimming in Neptune's ocean of uncertainty may actually welcome the firm truths being delivered at this time. Others may run face first into the reality of situation harshly and unexpectedly. Things get really real for better or worse. So, your perspective of the situation is going to be at an imperative.

The Sun bumps into Saturn at 8:57 AM which is the exact same time the Moon squares off with Mercury in Aquarius. Well, you know Mercury in Aquarius is bringing news of change and our steadfast Taurus Moon isn't going to like that too much. She has grooves worn into her comfortable routine and has no desire to jump out of them. Unfortunately, though, Mercury in Aquarius has different ideas. Plus, these four bodies in square come after the Moon sextiles Neptune at 7:40 AM. It was hard enough to climb out of our comfy beds. Then, as soon as we do, we are met with blocks and unsettling information. HAPPY MONDAY! Certainly true to typical form.

The rest of the day, the Moon spends in waxing trine with Pluto. I see a lot of mutterings under the breath about how it's CRAP that we have to do this but we WILL do it because we don't have much choice. Thankfully, we do have the emotional fortitude to endure it. Doesn't mean we will like it. But, we can endure it.

All this could also foster a huge sense of resistance and increase in stubbornness as some may respond to the conflict and upcoming changes by digging in their heels. Look. You can hold your ground under this sky. Just be sure you are standing on the right set of principles and not wasting your energy holding up something that, in the long run, is not the best thing to be holding onto to begin with. That is going to require you to look inward. I can't decide for you. Our Moon needs things to be steadfast and predictable. But, HELLO, there isn't a lot that is steady right now because of other factors in the sky. So, there may be times when you really need to bend even if that's not what you want to do. Discern which is best for you. As your evening winds down, treat yourself. You deserve it just for being able to put up with it. Cake. We need some cake up in here! There better be some chocolate at the end of this tunnel. I think you catch my drift.

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 22, 2015

What a “SNAFU” of a week it has been. At least, it has been that way in my world. Nothing has gone as planned. Nothing worked according to schedule. Yuck. I'm having a bit of trouble transitioning from life in “fixed” energy to life in “mutable” energy, I suppose. Plus, I didn't take enough of my own per typical. As I was cautioning everyone else to stretch and become more flexible, I didn't do enough of this myself and ended up throwing my back out yesterday. This didn't happen because I was working hard. It happened because I sneezed. I. Freaking. Sneezed and took myself out of commission. Ridiculousness.

At any rate. We wake up to a Void Moon in Aries today. She remains Void until entering Taurus at 7:28 PM. Venus and Mars met in Aries overnight. But, their conjoined energy can still be felt as the Moon becomes activated once more.

Today is best for getting your feet back under you. It felt as if we kind of hit the ground running yesterday. In that, some folks, like me, got sat back down rather quickly. So, today, we recuperate from running into that wall if that was a factor for you, too.

Looking ahead, tomorrow we begin the work week under a little tension. The Sun perfects in square to Saturn mid-morning right as the Moon also squares off with Mercury. Thankfully, though, within that conflict we are also racked with emotional endurance as the Moon waxes into trine with Pluto. Talk about plowing. Taurus can plow. A steadfast Taurus Moon in aspect to Pluto can plow all dang day. So regardless of the conflict brought about by the Sun's square to Saturn, we can handle it and push through.

Tuesday, the Moon in Taurus is Void most of the day. She enters Gemini just before midnight. Venus meets Saturn by trine after the Moon is inactive.

Wednesday, the Moon in Gemini is busy, busy, busy but not without conflict. At midday, we will experience our First Quarter Moon which is in aspect to both Saturn and Neptune creating a mutable t-square between 3 and 8 degrees. Venus and Mars are there to assist our Lunar Goddess by harmonious aspect as she meets the rest of the sky harshly. Mars also trines Saturn on this day as the Sun finds Neptune by conjunction. This is likely to be a fairly eventful day.

Thursday the Moon is Void again all day. Our Gemini Moon rests after a sextile with Jupiter at 3:44 AM. From here she is Void until entering Cancer at 7:50 AM on the 27th (Friday).

Friday looks to be a bit ambiguous as we struggle between being assertive and being a homebody under a Cancer Moon/Aries Mars square. Then, on Saturday, the Moon is back under tension as it creates a Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Pluto at midday.

Overall, the peak and flow of the week is choppy at best. As the square between Pluto and Uranus tightens, emotions are also building as we approach the Full Moon in Virgo next week. The First Quarter Moon on Wednesday is going to really make that apparent. Stuff remains unsettled and unpredictable as we exit February. Take advantage of the long VOC Moon periods on Tuesday and Thursday. These days should be marked as rest stops on our weekly journey where we can adjust to the influx of change and uncertainty. Some folks are ready to break out of their shells. But, I urge you to hold back a little and wait some of this shaky stuff out. There may be times when you see a window of opportunity and try to jump through it only to find out it is a mirage. So, hold steady and get ready for the real call to action which will come soon enough. Continue limbering up and practice being flexible. Take small steps and watch out for falling debris and uncertainty.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 20, 2015

Today is all about some fiery ladies. We wake up under a Void Moon in Pisces. By 3:06 PM Venus breaks free from the ethereal waters and jumps into Aries. At 6:14 PM, the Moon follows her and becomes active again. By 6:30, the two are conjunct. At 7:30 the Moon meets Mars newly in Aries by conjunction. All three are within orb of a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Remember, the Sun is waxing into square with Saturn. But, the Moon, Mars and Venus are receiving some steadily strong support here. And, these three bodies have found something else, too...motivation. We aren't running sprints here though. March looks to me like a Manic Marathon. Matter of fact, I think that's what I'll call it. March madness? Try March Mania. a Libra I just want to hide and let everybody else do the running and exploding but I know I'm not going to get out of it that easily. Darn it. How about I just whine about it as I tell you that nearly my whole chart is in the line of fire next month?

The Moon perfects in trine to Saturn overnight at 1:32 AM. This waxing Fire Trine is going to continue to build, though between Venus, Mars and Saturn. I don't see folks busting out of their shells just yet. But, the shell is definitely starting to quiver and threatening to crack. Energy is certainly building up here. Today is the introduction to a tomorrow that has potential to be volatile as the Moon passes by Uranus and Pluto in harsh aspect. I'm seeing snow plows here. Not because of a threat of snow and bad weather (which coincidentally we do have predicted for my area tonight) but more as a symbol of powering through something that is blocking your path. I think the tendency to be the actual plow itself is going to be strong.

However, if you are busting through obstacles purely for an ego show or for selfish means, Saturn just might stop your plow in its tracks. So make sure you have your priorities in order and know what it is that is truly motivating you. It's definitely a weird mix of energy today. Just a few days ago, we had a powerhouse stellium in Pisces. Today, a huge chunk of energy is brought to Aries to join Uranus. Eggs will be cracking open all over the place as Mars and Venus meet the God of Lightning while squaring off with the Lord of the Underworld.

There is a sort of build up of energy that begins to occur today. In that, we need to practice letting off the steam that will be produced. We certainly are not used to this. This “build up” of energy is going to carry us straight into our next (and final) Uranus/Pluto square and eclipse season. Employing the principles of Saturn as this energy builds is going to be greatly important. I mean, he's not there by accident. In the meantime, as this energy builds, some corks will pop early. I'm a little leery right now due the increased potential for explosions, earthquakes and crazy weird accidents due to the influx of energy into Aries and the tightening of the Uranus/Pluto square with the power of eclipses wrapping all of it up. I don't want to mention it because I don't want to scare folks. But, it is a possibility. I mean, stuff has already been blowing up. That's no big secret. I've a feeling that is just a prelude. However, that is on a global scale. There isn't much we can do to stop it.

On a personal level though, we can help ourselves from imploding or exploding by focusing our energies on a controlled and conscientious burn. In that, you have to be the warden of your own fire. Watch it. Nurture it. Let off steam when and where you need to. Feed it supportive nutrients. Do not leave it unattended or allow it to begin to burn out of control. Use it as fuel instead of allowing it to run amok and burn you up. You know? Be wise and responsible. That is going to be at an imperative as the fire grows in intensity. And, I promise you, it will.

What I recommend here is to start moving. Physical movement will release excess Mars energy. So will sex. My inkling is that there will be a lot of babies conceived under this sky. But, whatever you do, don't allow this energy to build up. If it's built up as we get into March, there is a grand opportunity for all that energy to come bursting out in an uncontrollable way. So, start hitting the release valve now. Controlled burn. Keep that in the back of your mind as we exit February.

Venus and Mars meet in Aries on February 22. Then, Venus outruns Mars (!!) passing him to greet Saturn by trine first (Feb 24). Mars doesn't perfect in trine to Saturn until February 25th. In the meantime, the Sun officially squares off with Saturn on the night of the 23rd. Then, (oooh, this is funny), under the waxing intensity of our First Quarter Moon on February 25th, the Sun meets Neptune by conjunction. That First Quarter is going to be a doozy, I'm afraid. I'm not really a fan of mutable t-squares...and that's exactly what we are getting between 3 and 8 degrees mutable. The trine from Mars to Saturn will anchor this...thank the Gods. But, you are going to have to employ that on purpose which means putting your big leash on that lion. This is where being a responsible warden of your own fire is going to start to pay off.

Be very mindful of how and what you engage in. Be mindful of your true motivations and discern the REAL goal before you go shooting arrows blindly at random targets. Aim true! Hold steady and practice controlling that inner burn. Today. Like right now. Don't you have a mile to run or something? Some pushups to do? Something? I'm thinking we all need to begin that “Insanity” work out just kinda fits. But, that's just me.

Glancing ahead (just FYI), we enter March under a Leo Moon as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus and opposes Jupiter. Jupiter perfects in trine to Uranus on March 3. Venus trines Mars AND conjuncts Uranus AND squares Pluto on March 4. The Full Moon in Virgo occurs March 5 while the Sun sextiles Pluto from Pisces. The Sun meets Chiron by conjunction on March 7. Mars trines Jupiter on March 10, conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto on March 11th (ahem...under a Scorpio Moon). Saturn stations RX on March 14 (under a Saturn Moon--Capricorn). Mercury squares Saturn from Pisces on March 16th. Then, after the Moon moves into Aquarius (also on the 16th), Uranus and Pluto square off for the 7th time. Our New Moon in Pisces is also an eclipse on the 20th at 29 degrees. AND THEN, we enter Aries season..LOL. Thanks a million Universe for putting our first eclipse of the year only minutes away from the Aries point...seriously...nice job. Not many breaks in the action there that I can see. Delaying preparations for all that would be a mistake. But, also know, no matter how much prep work you do the unexpected can and likely will happen. Remain flexible and grounded and be ready for anything. Easy enough...right?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for February 19, 2015

This morning we wake up under fog and mist. The Moon bumped into Neptune by conjunction at 5:49 AM. It may be hard to get up. My goodness. There is A LOT of energy in Pisces this morning. Mercury and Saturn, however, are not in Pisces; they are locked together in their final sextile during Mercury's trip in Aquarius at 8:06 AM. Mentally things may be shoring up. Thoughts could even be firm. Mental energy could be the only thing with any form to it today.

We could be doing some serious thinking. We could be delivering or receiving harsh news. We could be locked away with our thoughts. Words could be heavy and restrictive. Thinking has a defined edge and so does speaking. At any rate, the energy coming from this sextile is logical and dry while running the risk of being dour. Steer clear of negative thinking and speech. Instead, rely on facts and work on plans to move forward. It's a good day to consult a doctor if you are sick or an expert if you have a problem that extends beyond your scope of knowledge. It's also a good day for study and reading.

At 6:02 PM the Moon in Pisces meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile. Mourning is the first thing that comes to mind under this aspect. Pluto brings some form to our Pisces Moon while also imbibing her with endurance. There is no problem with emotional endurance, except for the fact that when the sky gifts us with it, it is usually because we need it. These are some deep, dark waters we are traversing on an emotional level today.

Then, a spark happens. At 7:12 PM, Mars enters Aries. Does the body wake up? Are we suddenly motivated? I would love to say, “Yes” but, I got to tell you, with all this Pisces energy I don't think that we will feel this transition right away. We may begin to feel like we have more energy. We may think about getting out there to initiate something, but overall, there is still slog and emotionality to deal with first. It might take us a day or so (as Venus and the Moon join Mars in Aries on the 20th) to get used to having land legs again. You know how it feels to step out onto land after you've been swimming for awhile? How about stepping off a boat after a long water journey. The land feels foreign and the gravity is heavier. Our knees are wobbly. Well, today is a lot like that. It's alright. The congestion will continue to thin. Be patient with it. Our Pisces Sun can help with that.

Between 8 and 8:30 PM, the Moon meanders into the waning inconjunct between Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter is also within orb of an inconjunct with Pluto, Hekate and Ceres. While Chiron and the Moon hold in sextile to those bodies in Capricorn. That, is a Yod, folks, with Jupiter at the apex. It's calling us to really draw upon the wisdom we have acquired about ourselves. And, to draw upon faith however you personally find that---whether it be just faith in yourself to pull you through whatever you are going through or faith in a higher power.

Some are experiencing a crisis of faith at this time. Some may feel as if their faith is being tested. Others may feel as if they are (or they may be really be) persecuted for their beliefs. However, this Yod tells us it is in our darkest days and in our highest levels of uncertainty when we need our faith the most. This is especially true if you feel as if you are being forsaken by the Gods right now. No. The Universe is not out to get you. It has not forgotten you. You are not being punished. To be honest, you aren't even being “tested.” There is no pass or fail wrapped in the circumstances that you find yourself in according to the Universe. It is RIDICULOUSLY impartial in that.

What is happening, on a very large level, though, is ancestral history repeating itself. On many levels. We can see this globally and personally. It's so ridiculously poignant too if you can find how it is playing out in your life. A simple way of looking at it is by glimpsing the headlines in regard to ISIS. This group is persecuting people for their beliefs. Do you think that is the first time that has happened in our global history? Pfffft...because it isn't. That theme trickles all through history whether it be from Christian Crusaders or Hitler against the Jews. The difference is sometimes we find ourselves on the flip side of the coin. Somewhere in our history, perhaps our ancestors were the one's persecuting someone for their beliefs. Now, as the future ancestry, we find ourselves as the one's being persecuted. Oh...looky there. The North Node is still in Libra...the ruler of the flip side.

Don't get me wrong, whether this stuff is repeated throughout our cultural history or not, it is still serious business. But, sometimes it makes me shake my head at humanity and say, “When are you going to figure out this is horseshit?” You know? Killing people because they don't believe the way you do is weak. Causing destruction in light of personal misery and pain is also weak. Revenge seeking...equally weak. I have ZERO empathy for anyone that takes up arms in this regard. Cowardly. That's how I see it. Though I do NOT underestimate the potential ferociousness of such acts, they are indeed an act of weakness not an exertion of true strength. It's a perversion of a belief system for worldly and human agendas. Horseshit. Some folks like to set to the world on fire just to watch it burn. Or at least that's what Alfred from Batman says. Yeah, people who act like horse's asses produce what, again? Ahem..moving on.

In order to find how this theme may be playing out in your own life, you've got to know a little bit about your own personal history. Remember Jupiter in Cancer? When we drew benefit from exploring our roots? What did you discover? What ancestral threads run through your lineage? For me, I come from enabling roots and codependency. Wouldn't you know I've had plenty of opportunity to fall back into that lately? The opportunities to backslide into enabling behaviors have been so apparent that they are nearly laughable at this point. However, there is other energy here too. Also in my personal ancestral history there is a very strong thread of personal independence. Folks in my cultural history hacked their little niche in history out with their own two hands. Yeah, I've got the enablers and dependents sprinkled in my family. But, above and beyond that, in my personal lineage are some seriously badass ladies. Tough as nails women who did whatever they needed to do to survive without relying on anyone to hand them anything. Single mothers. My great grandmother was a single mother (widow), preacher and a midwife in the late 1800's and early 1900's. She rode on horseback to deliver babies. I do a little preaching of my own—granted it's bit of a different type. And, instead of birth, I deal with death. Same gateway but with energy going in opposite directions; the flip side. There's more, but, this is the example I'll stick with.

the Riddler is going to be my spokesperson for Saturn in Sag, I think. Especially while Pallas is also in Sagittarius (in waning square to Chiron, btw).
Now, I'll turn the question to you. Can you see how your personal or ancestral history is repeating itself right now? You can't go back in time and undo what happened then. But, you can draw from own seat of personal wisdom in order to discern how to handle the echoing events more effectively in the world we find ourselves in now. Don't do exactly what Great Uncle X did. Do it better. Do it smarter. Do it with the retrospective sight that shows you exactly where Uncle X dropped the ball. That, my friends, is kinda the point of the energy coming from this Yod. Have we (collectively and personally) learned anything? Yeah? Prove it. Evolve. Or, at least let the pontifications of that roll around in your brain today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This morning we wake up to both the Sun and the Moon making minor aspects to some big players. The Sun meets Pluto by semi-square at 12:31 PM. The Moon meets Uranus by semi-square at 5:12 PM. Then, the Moon also crosses Pluto by semi-square at 6:24 PM. Sun and Moon in aspect to Pluto in this regard can bring a brief feeling of ruthlessness. Or, each can bring a feeling of endurance that forgoes any call for self-protection or preservation. A simple example, literally working your fingers to the bone. Moon to Uranus in semi-square can be dispassionate or disconnected from emotion, favoring logic instead. Either way, we may be called to place a personal signature on whatever it is we are working our fingers to the bone to accomplish. To be frank, this set of aspects sounds like a criminal act in which the perpetrator leaves a calling card to puzzle police or feed his ego. It could also be that I've watched too many re-runs of CSI since being snowed in. In all seriousness, though minor, these aspects take up the meat of the morning.
At 6:48 PM our New Moon perfects at 29 degrees Aquarius. From here the Moon is Void for mere seconds before entering Pisces also at 6:48. The Sun quickly follows the Moon and makes it into Pisces himself at 6:50 PM. Almost immediately, the pair begins waxing into square with Saturn in Sagittarius. This somber and sobering aspect perfects with the Moon at 1:50 AM overnight. The Sun's perfection in square to Saturn doesn't occur until February 23. However, the tightening of the screws from this can be felt as the aspect waxes in. Saturn's presence within this New Moon and in aspect to the Sun denotes the thickening of congestion that I have been speaking about this week. We are racked with endurance under the minor aspects with Pluto but keep hitting a wall with the aspects from Saturn. Instead of bloodying your brow against the wall consider going about things differently. Maybe climb over the wall? Walk around it? Tunnel under it? Or, if you are insistent about continually ramming your head into a wall, at least wear a helmet. I'm hearing, “This is where unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” Both the unstoppable force and immovable object are reinforced by physical strength. In that, both are forces to be reckoned with. This can become continual clanging and banging until one or both forces are worn down. OR, you can be one that side steps physical exertion and gets smart about the whole the thing. Unstoppable doesn't mean you can't be injured. Immovable doesn't mean you are impermeable. Instead of focusing on defeating whatever block is standing in your way, bear in mind what is MOST important.

Some will give up and lay down arms under this sky. Others will blow themselves up because they aren't smart enough to come up with a more effective tactic or approach. You have to make your decisions based on what you can rest your head on peacefully at the end of the day. We are being called, collectively, to change. So, if your old approaches aren't working, step away from the battle and re-think your strategy. I don't care how strong you are, an army of 1 doesn't stand much of a chance against an army of many with plenty of warriors to replace the few you manage to destroy. Get smart. Change. Or, let go in surrender. Unless you enjoy being martyred or going down in flames. I, personally, do not.

Today, the sign of Pisces becomes saturated with energy. Mars is birthed into Aries tomorrow. Venus and the Moon are birthed the next day. The congestion will begin to thin and break up given TIME not effort. But, on a Solar level, we are going to be met with resistance from Saturn that is quickly followed by the fog and confusion of Neptune. At the very least, I suggest a retreat here. An incubation and restoration of physicality and perhaps more than a bit in the way of addressing the soft inner core. Get very quiet. Be very still.

The sabian for our New Moon says, “Moon-lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white.” According to Dane Rudyar this is “Soul refreshing inner poetry of being. Spiritually nurtured sentiment which illuminates the heart. Voices from the past.” very, very, very quiet. Listen to your heartbeat, your soul beat and the drums of your ancestors (what would they advise you to do differently in light of the ethereal wisdom they have gained from their own mistakes in life after the whole scene has been viewed from another plane of existence). None of this can be heard within the clamor of battle.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Morning Star: Daily Astrology for Tuesday, February 17 2015

Overnight our fading Moon in Aquarius met Mercury (00:01 AM) by conjunction and Saturn by sextile (2:18 AM). Bedtime may have been riddled with serious thoughts or pontifications about plans to move forward. We wake up under the umbrella of that energy this morning. The path is becoming more clear. However, we've still not yet regained our footing. Mars is lingering at the end of Pisces. We know what we need to accomplish but initiating right now may not be the best time. We aren't really sure how to go about it just yet. Plus, even though information is coming in, it is still not yet complete. Mercury remains in his retrograde shadow. We've still a bit to revisit and rectify.

Later this evening, the Moon meets her current ruler, Uranus in Aries, by sextile (5:30 PM). This is a wriggly aspect. One in which people will not want to be tied down or hindered in their personal freedoms. It also reinforces a bit of emotional detachment with steerage toward logic and away from more watery situations. We will likely be prone to seek out the support of friends or really start assessing how we feel about recent changes in our current world. But, these feelings are not viewed while being swamped by them. We inspect our emotions as if they were tangible objects.

Later today, the aspect of interest is an inconjunct formed between Jupiter and Chiron (8:23 PM). After a morning of logic, serious thinking about plans moving forward and attempts to reconcile our emotions from an intellectual perspective, we are reminded of deeper feelings. This inconjunct has occurred before while Jupiter was direct. It will happen again when Jupiter turns direct once more. The last time, unexpected washouts occurred pretty much on a global level. Remember the Ebola outbreak and all the news coverage? Yeah. That all happened under Jupiter inconjunct to Chiron. Here it comes again.

It may not be that Ebola, itself, becomes a headline again. It could be that we are continually learning (and hopefully improving) about certain healthcare practices that became apparent at that time. News reflecting the waxing energy of this inconjunct includes things like the news of Measles outbreaks and changes being undertaken on a Federal level at Veterans Affairs. We will likely revisit the effectiveness and debates over vaccinations. I would be very surprised if we didn't hear something from our world or government healthcare agencies today whether they are discussing what they learned from the Ebola outbreak or discussing more recent topics such as flu vaccines or vaccinations in general. We may hear about the need for booster vaccinations for adults, for example. I'm speculating but all I've mentioned are possibilities here. Healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance are likely to be topics of discussions particularly in the US.

On a more personal level, there could very well be an influx of water and emotion. We aren't likely to see it coming as we are currently detached from our emotions under Moon sextile Uranus. But, yes, we will likely be quickly reminded of what it is like to really “feel” instead of just thinking about feeling. At 9 PM, a little over a half an hour after Jupiter and Chiron create this inconjunct, the Moon finds Jupiter by opposition. Whatever is going on, folks have strong opinions about it and those strong opinions are connected to large emotions. Logic could potentially fly out the window in light of circumstance.

Tomorrow is our New Moon in Aquarius. As this lunar cycle completes, there is plenty to think about and vow to do differently. We should, at this time, still be heeding the call to let go. As the Moon opposes Jupiter, there could be a spotlight shining on exactly what it is that we need to release our grasp on. As the New Moon perfects tomorrow, Hecate finds Pluto by conjunction. That little aspect will be overlooked on a large scale. However, it is certainly not something that should be under estimated. Structures within the collective are forever altered and changed. In that, we cannot go back and undo what has occurred. Hecate is the cross roads. Final decisions are made. She's ridiculously dispassionate about how we choose. She stands as illumination at the cross roads while reminding us that there is no turning back from here. We are encouraged to choose our paths forward wisely.

On both a global and personal level we are given a lot of information that we have been waiting on today. Some of the information that is being delivered could be stuff we were not expecting. Either way, there is much to process. Then, from here, on a Solar level we are being called to incubate. I'm seeing eggs here. Literally and within collective symbolism. This isn't hibernation; it is incubation. During hibernation we are are just sleeping. During incubation we are protected as our bodies actually develop in preparation to enter a new realm of existence. During incubation, there is heat delivered from an outside source (the hen sitting on the egg or artificial light warming the incubator itself). There is certainly a difference.

Mars will jump ship from Pisces to Aries on the 19th. However, before he does we have a powerhouse stellium in Pisces that includes the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars that lasts from a few moments after the New Moon on the 18th and extends until Pisces finally gives birth to Venus and the Moon on the 20th. Half of that stellium in Pisces is also in square to Saturn (Sun, Moon and Neptune). This is serious business all around. The congestion begins to thicken a bit. Break up of this congestion will come simultaneously with the hatchlings of Spring. So keep that in mind if you still feel like things are stuck. Incubate. Wait it out. Grow. Become stronger and nurture yourself as you develop. The shell will begin to crack soon.