Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 8, 2015

This morning, the Moon is finishing her passage through Leo. She opposes Mars in Aquarius at 12:05 PM and then reaches Void status. The opposition to Mars could have us feeling as if we are working against ourselves. Or, it could bring conflict in the outside world between someone embodying the masculine analytical energy of Mars in Aquarius against someone embodying the more youthful feminine energy Moon in Leo. This isn't an aspect that is overwhelming. But, it can make a person feel as if they are working at cross purposes and create a bit of ambiguity on an internal level. However, whether the polarity manifests inside a singular person or manifests as conflict between two individuals, the key to resolving it lies in balancing the polarities of Aquarius and Leo.

The Moon remains Void until entering Virgo at 5:58 PM tonight. By 9:19 PM, she is in square to Saturn in Sagittarius which can end our day on a dour note. This can equate to a harsh reality check or running up against someone else's emotional fortress. Hard truths and difficult journeys are key words for Saturn in Sagittarius. The harder edges of the placement seem to be incurred when the planet is aspected harshly through opposition or square. But, you can also steer this energy toward being more grounded and become more determined as a result. It is not a fun and exhilarating transit either way you look at it. But, if you can accept reality as it is and determine a path to move forward within that acceptance then it becomes more manageable.

Saturn in Sagittarius is also a lesson on perspective. Is this a barren field? Or is it one that holds great promise for the future with a bountiful harvest? It's really all in how you look at it. Right?

It doesn't look as if we move forward in light of these realizations immediately, though. We will have to process some things through our emotional body first. The opportunity for that waxes in overnight with an opposition from the Moon to Neptune perfecting at 5:20 AM. We feel those harsh edges of Saturn in Sagittarius and decide to sleep before we make any kind of decision. Or, the opposition to Neptune could bring remorse, tears and maybe even a little guilt. The Moon to Neptune can also bring acceptance. Acceptance of harsh truths and realizing that you may have a difficult path ahead of you can foster a need to also deal with the emotional body as we work through any grief associated with these realizations. Of course, dealing with whatever bubbles up into the emotions is important to do before making any kind of decision about how to move forward. Remember, Mercury is in his shadow. Any information we are receiving right now may not be complete and is likely to be revisited in the coming weeks. The Moon, Saturn and Neptune do create a loose mutable t-square with the missing leg falling in Gemini. That makes gathering and exchanging information a valuable activity under this sky. Nothing is final just yet even if the square to Saturn feels that way. Deal with what “is” right now. But, remember the world keeps turning and the planets keep shifting which means this heaviness doesn't stay with us forever.