Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 13, 2015

This morning we wake up under the reverberations of yesterday's potential discomfort and conflict. After 4:47 AM, when the Last Quarter Moon perfects, the Moon is Void until entering Scorpio at 6:45 PM tonight. We've got plenty of time to assimilate and come to terms with whatever may have occurred. Then, as the Moon enters Scorpio, we tunnel down to assess the damages that may have been incurred in the dark underbelly.

By 9:16 PM, the Moon is in trine to Mars newly in Pisces and we are REALLY encouraged to examine the leviathans of our beings. Where are our motivations coming from? Do our actions give way to deeply buried motivations that we are not consciously aware of? Are we lost in the depth of emotion and unsure about what to do next? Or, can you use this energy to explore that hidden elements of your psyche and foster a sense of understanding that trickles over into taking more compassionate action?

We are fostering soft skills here. Mars in Pisces is not riddled with ambition. His magnetism is more of an alluring energy attached to some je ne sais quoi.

I see opportunity, also, within this aspect for raising Kundalini energy through dance or sex. Yes. Either one of these activities can be conducive toward healing and satisfies both our Moon and Mars.

At 3:12 PM today, Venus officially meets her current ruler, Uranus by sextile. This occurs under the Void Moon so we may not feel the effects of it until the Moon is officially in Scorpio, afterward. This aspect can catalyze some unusual partnerships and could even work to break apart some lopsided ones. However you look at it, Venus is very prone to operate independently and that could be surprising as it goes against her accommodating nature. She's not so much in an accommodating mood today. She wants to try something new. She wants to stand up for what is right. She wants things to be fair and unbiased. PLUS, she wants to do things differently. She wants to see change for the better. She wants more freedom and liberation for the masses. She's looking for hope and brighter days.

She meets with conflict in these notions tomorrow night (10:19 PM) when the Moon squares off with her. But, our mental state supports her unconventional desires. Mercury, also in Aquarius, meets Uranus by sextile at 5:25 AM tomorrow. We want change. We are geared to steer our thinking in new directions. But, our heavier Scorpio energy could be hanging on to grief and remorse for what is slipping away. This energy could fear change and the exchange in positions of power that it can bring. Yet, we are strongly being called to rebirth ourselves in light of what is emerging in the world and work to close the door on the past. Not an easy thing. Especially not an easy thing under a Scorpio Moon in trine to planet of wallowing (trine Neptune at 5:52 AM tomorrow).

The push toward change isn't going to let up, though. Aquarian energy will eventually trump this battle. We will, at some point, let go of the past (even if reluctantly and begrudgingly) and turn our face toward a new day either by choice or because there is no other option...the thing is dead. We've poked it to be sure. And,'s dead. So we've no choice but to turn away from it, grieve and move forward.

Today and tomorrow gives an opportunity to grieve what we've lost. But, it doesn't give us an opportunity to forget that life goes on and eventually we will be called to jump back in. We'll deal with the the deep emotionality of it first. Then, as the Moon passes into Sagittarius and meets Saturn by conjunction, we'll be standing on the reality that is without an ability to deny it...even though we may try.

Thankfully, there is also energy in the sky to assist us with releasing, purging and cleaning up the whatever mess we may find in light of the fall out from the previous few days. A waning Moon trine Neptune can foster a sense of forgiveness and acceptance just as much as it can foster a sense of wallowing. Wallow for awhile if you need to. But, don't plan on staying there. Venus and Mercury in sextile to Uranus can assist us to detach from the heavier emotions and allow us to stand back in observance of them instead of being swamped by them. However, in order to use this energy effectively, you really have to be willing to let go. Otherwise it's promise for brighter days can feel like more of a threat to your existence than something that fosters hope.

It's hard to take this process on a day to day basis because from now until the New Moon in Aquarius, the energy links together in a continual chain that eventually leads to an end link that brings new beginnings. But, if I isolate just the aspects for THIS day, it looks like we have a morning of set for assimilation followed by a potential watershed by tonight. It's ok. Feel those deeper emotions while consciously letting that old snake skin slough off. Let it go. Keep letting go. Keep nurturing yourself through it with the realization that life is a continual cycle. Things change. People die. It's a continual cyclical process that none of us really have full control over. We can control our selves. But, we cannot always control or predict what events we encounter. We certainly don't always have control over what enters or exits our lives. Accept the process. Accept your limitations and deal with all the emotionality connected to those realizations but hold tightly to faith while leaving your heart open to new possibilities that have the potential to bring a much brighter future.

If something is slipping away from you, let it go. If it's leaving it needs to leave and no clawing at it or debating with it is going to change that. It's only going to delay and stagnate the situation and that isn't good for anyone.

Things can and will get easier in the near future but that will not occur until AFTER the Moon passes over into Sagittarius and makes a conjunction with Saturn. From here, we adjust our perspective and can then emotionally get on board with the changes waxing in as the Moon then meets these same bodies (Mercury and Venus) by sextile and Uranus by trine. So, relief is coming. But, we've got to deal with the emotional aspects of all this change before we can get there.