Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 7, 2015

Early this morning, our Leo Moon is fairly active. She begins the day creating a Yod with Pluto in Capricorn (8:34 AM) and Chiron in Pisces (9:50 AM). This can bring creativity and empathy to leadership. Adhering to the needs of the emotional body are highlighted under this aspect. By 4:17 PM, the Sun is added to this Yod as the Sun, Pluto and Chiron are within a 4 degree orb.

The rest of the day, the Moon waxes toward a conjunction with Jupiter that perfects right around midnight. Whatever emotion you plant or entertain during the day expands and grows in our evening hours. This can be quite an exuberant feeling if you choose your emotions wisely. Choose despair and by evening you will be completely desperate. Choose gratitude and by evening you will be overwhelmed with the acknowledgment of your blessings. Choose love and fill the garden of your heart with sweet tender blossoms by nightfall. Jupiter is non-discriminatory in that it expands whatever it touches. So it's best to offer up something you want more of rather than allow the energy to swing for itself. You could start out selfish and stingy in the morning and end up wailing like a spoiled, yet, denied child by tonight, for example.

Are you able to identify and choose your emotions? I talk about it as if it were a natural thing. But, I was surprised to discover that quite a few people can do neither. I was working with a gentleman not too long ago. We were talking about beginning a Moon Diary so that he could begin keeping track of his intentions and keep them better organized. I told him that he could also jot down a few notes about how he felt under each Moon phase and under each Moon sign. In the process of working on his Moon Diary, we discovered that he had a very small emotional vocabulary and was not accustomed to consciously checking in with his emotional body. He was not accustomed to taking a few moments out of his daily life and discerning whether he was happy, sad or indifferent. Beyond that, when he did start checking in with his emotions, he wasn't really sure how to identify them.

We began to resolve this by using something called a pain scale. This is used by medical professionals to help patients identify their level of pain. It's a very simple scale. We also identified the face on the scale that the man would like to identify with. Then, we started mimicking the smile that face was displaying. We started talking about things the smiling man on the scale may have experienced to make him happy and what things could produce similar feelings for my client. In very little time, the atmosphere had lightened and the man was laughing. He had fostered an ability to identify his current emotions. Now, he was working on choosing which emotion he wanted. This was his first success.

I guess I just thought that I was the only person who had ever had this problem. I have a Pisces Moon in the first house square Neptune in Sagittarius. With a Moon in the first, I initiate through my lunar or emotional body. So, how I'm feeling has a great deal to do with what I engage in and how. When emotions are uncontrolled or confused then efforts toward successful initiation can be difficult for me. Or, I end up being controlled by an overwhelming emotion and subsequently engage in activities that (when under more calm seas), normally, I would not. Problem with that was my emotions were OFTEN confused. Identifying how I'm feeling and separating myself from the emotions of others or whatever has been projected upon me became a key exercise in bringing my life toward consciousness. Then, when I discovered you could CHOOSE your emotions AND direct them instead of being held slave to them...well, my life changed forever.

I'm still not a master at this. But, I can tell you that with practice and conscious emotional check-ins, you sure can get better at it rather quickly. Besides, keeping a Moon Diary and consciously checking in with the Moon's current aspects and comparing it to how you are currently feeling is a fast track to learning how Astrology works...double bonus!

Consciously changing your emotional state is not as easy as flipping a switch either. Turning your emotional body from one emotional state to another takes an ability to, first, recognize the offending emotion, validate it and work through it before you can surface somewhere else. You can't just say, “I'm feeling depressed but now I want to be happy.” It doesn't work like that especially if you have some sort of chronic emotional illness. In those extreme instances you may need medication and a therapist to help you wrangle deeper and more forceful emotional tides. Plus, you not only need to identify the emotion but also identify the root cause of that emotion. What circumstances or event catalyzed the emotion for you? How can you change your reaction to such things in the future? Why did it upset you so much in the first place? Is there a hidden trigger there? It's a process. But, definitely a worthy process if you struggle with intense and sometimes swamping or confusing emotions. I personally think it's a worthy process even if you aren't a highly emotional person. I mean, your emotions are part of you...shouldn't you know a thing or two about them?

This process really helped me identify how empathic I was, too. It catalyzed a whole spiritual hygiene routine that helped with that (smudging, meditation, boundary work). I mean, no offense, I do care about how others feel but I've got enough baggage to carry on my own without carrying everyone else's at the same time. But, I would have never learned this was the case had I never started checking in. At any rate, I was surprised to discover how many people don't take the time to assess their emotional body but, a quick look at the condition of mental health in this country will show you that those odds shouldn't be surprising. This type of activity is not valued in our current culture even though it really needs to be. And, people who seek help with such things are often stigmatized which isn't exactly an encouraging fact for someone who may be thinking of seeking help.

So. At the very least, today offers a chance to learn (Jupiter) a little more about our emotional body (Moon) while learning a bit more about ourselves at the same time (Leo). With the Finger of God pointing at our Moon early in the day, it would appear that we won't be the only one's checking in on that. Plus, Jupiter retraces these degrees by retrograde. He re-creates the Yod with Pluto and Chiron just as he also meets Uranus in Aries by trine in late February and the beginning of March. He passes through it again when he turns direct and the whole machine stays within orb for quite a while. Meaning, the Moon will pass through this configuration several times throughout that period bringing pointed focus to our knowledge of and ability to work with our emotions. We are going to be confronted with high emotions and the catalyzing power of Uranus all at the same time. Knowing what you are doing in light of that is going to pay off on a personal level. So, if you are a person who needs more knowledge and expertise in this area, today is a good day to start learning more about how it works.