Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 6, 2015

This morning we wake up to a fat and sassy Leo Moon. Her first aspect is a lovely grounding trine to Saturn at 8:50 AM. Its as if we wake up with our feet planted firmly on the ground; but, it isn't a dragging/trudging type thing. The trine occurs in Fire, so there could be some solid steps forward made under this aspect. Either way, it helps to keep us anchored as the Moon makes oppositions to both Mercury (10:54 AM) and Venus in Aquarius (1:52 PM).

When the Moon reaches about 6 degrees (around 5 PM), there is a brief flickering Kite created between a fire trine with the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The tip of the Kite holds the opposition of the Moon to Mercury and Venus. The Kite is only in force for a few hours. By the time the Moon officially meets Uranus by trine in the morning, it has fallen out of orb. But, what it assists us to do is balance the oppositional friction between Aquarius and Leo.
It's not whether we should act that is in question. It is the WAY in which we should respond that is up for review

We feel like ourselves and may even take a little pride in that. But, the opposition to Mercury and Venus says that while we are rooted in our sense of self, we still have to deal with others. Mercury and Venus in Aquarius could equate to a desire to collaborate and have discussion in groups. These types of activities can be difficult for folks for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you are shy. Maybe you are agoraphobic. Maybe you are feeling a bit selfish, childish, naive or even playful. The trine from Saturn in Scorpio anchors all that while the waxing trine from Uranus in Aries assists us to be brave, independent and helps us to maintain our individual identity even when in large groups of people.

We've also packed our empathy and sensitivities to bring along to this gathering. The Moon meets Neptune by inconjunct just as this Kite begins to flicker in the sky.

We had an assembly at our school once (about 30 years ago), where a man came to deliver a presentation about the magic of Chemistry. Today's sky reminds me of that type of assembly. But, it's also good for collaborative efforts made toward social causes. Concepts could be exchanged and discussed at a rapid pace while everyone respects the differing opinions and feels free to contribute their own ideas at the same time. Table gathering such as these and group gatherings geared toward Aquarian matters (airplane machinery, computers, advanced science, social causes, advanced technology, Astrology, or even just a group of friends) have wonderful potential to produce results or, at the very least, generate new ideas.

Even with the oppositions from Leo to Aquarius, today looks like a smooth but productive day. It's not overly emotional. Even if the inconjunct to Neptune may infuse a bit of unexpected emotionality, chances are that it isn't severe or swamping. It is more of a softening than a washout.

Tonight is great for any evening activities that you may have planned whether a gathering of friends, attending a group meeting (as mentioned above) or even for beginning a new set of evening classes at the local college or online. It's also great for going to the gym or just being out and about. It's a great night for trying something new. Take advantage of that!