Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 5, 2015

This morning, we wake up to Void Moon in Cancer that lasts all day. She sleeps right through Monday and wakes up Tuesday Morning in Leo at 6:03 AM. Under this Void Moon, Mercury meets Saturn by sextile at 5:22 PM. This brings a bit of form and structure to the day but it is largely emotionless. We are more prone to treat today as a mechanism rather than an event.

This is truly an odd mix on the commencement of the first official work week of the year. It would seem that many will not truly be engaged in work activities. Instead, we are just present and going through the motions.

It's as if we respond dispassionately to a dull resounding gong. Long Void of Course Moon days have a tendency to sound that way.

While you shuffle mechanically through this day, pay attention to what you see and what happens. In January, we have several very long VOC moons. Today offers a wonderful opportunity to observe how those operate and become accustomed to their “non-flow” and minute sense of awkwardness. You may notice that some things occur that would normally stir an emotional reaction from you but under a Void Moon they seem less infuriating or disturbing. Or, they are the same amount of infuriating and disturbing but we find that we are in the midst of a DILLIGAF moment. We have bigger fish to fry or larger worries than the woman ahead of us in the 10 items or less aisle trying to rudely check out with 15 things, for example.

Tomorrow is a mixture of Air, Fire and friction that promises to be much more active and lively. But, today, keep your head down and just trudge through. That will be the general attitude.