Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 31 2015

Today is the day to tap into “flow.” This morning we wake up to the Moon in Cancer. She spends most of the day in a water trine with Venus (11:56 AM) and Neptune in Pisces (2:20 PM). This feels good to me. Relaxing. Quiet. Subdued. Demure.

These aspects bring to mind a beautiful watercolor painting. Subtle, watery hues. The image is blurred just enough to create a graceful softness.

It just looks like a great day to huddle at home and bake cookies, to me. Is that bad? I know there are some folks that revel in ambition and outward venturing. Some days, I'm in that group. But, staying home and warming the house with the smell of baked goodness sounds nice to me under this sky. Comforting. Settled. Banana bread, maybe? OoOoh, that sounds good too! But, this is me expressing my inner artisan.

I encourage you to express your inner artisan however you do that. Mine also paints, takes pictures, makes jewelry and magic wands, and tinkers with creating potions. Well, I call them potions but mostly they are lotions, balms and herbal bath remedies.

My inner artisan is influenced by my Pisces Moon square Neptune in Sagittarius and Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Gemini. Plus, my South Node is in my house of creativity (5th) which (in my chart) is ruled by Cancer. My favorite artisan indulgence? Baking and decorating cupcakes or cakes. It grounds me and brings me back to a feeling of my roots. Waaaay back in my genealogy, there is a branch of my family tree that opened a bakery. I like to think I carried some of their talents with me. Plus, my Pisces Moon is really good at interjecting a lot of imagination into the decorating. Only problem is (for me, anyway), when I'm done creating the cupcakes I cannot eat them. For real, I made these little cupcakes that looked like owls once. By the time they were finished, they weren't just cupcakes, they were my friends smiling up at me with their Oreo and M&M eyes. How could I eat them?

At any rate, today is a good day to indulge your inner artisan or to, at least, spend some time exploring where that little creative entity lies within you. It's great for making a nice home cooked meal that fills your home with whatever lovely spicy scents you enjoy. You know, today would even be a good day for huddling on your favorite couch or chair and getting lost in a book.

Find your flow and relax into it. The waves are not choppy or overbearing today. Sink into it. Things like music and poetry can help with this.