Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 30, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Gemini. She reaches this status after a sextile with Jupiter in Leo at 4:25 AM. After the lights go off on the Moon, Mars meets Uranus by sextile (8:35 AM) and Mercury meets the Sun by conjunction (8:46 AM).
This is my cat. His name is Mercury. In this picture, he is conjunct the Sun. See it behind him? HA!

Mental and physical activity levels are high. But, the emotional body is stale and likely not engaged. The energy to be productive is present. We just may not feel like doing anything. If you are a Saturn type who feels like a day is wasted if you don't accomplish something, then today may be disappointing. However, if you've worked your rear off all week and are ready to take a break without feeling guilty about it...well, here you go!

I can help some of our Saturn folks out too. Did you know that rest and recuperation are important jobs? Taking care of your equipment is a necessity for it to remain productive. Your body is no different.

Also, on an emotional level, take advantage of this opportunity for a break here. At 2:09 AM the Moon enters Cancer. Tomorrow we spend most of the day under a trine from the Moon to both Venus and Neptune (and an inconjunct to Saturn). There's plenty of room for emotional waters to flow in that.