Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 28, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Taurus. She remains Void until entering Gemini at 5:37 PM. Venus is now in Pisces waxing toward a square with Saturn in Sagittarius. As the Moon passes into Gemini, she squares Venus (8:58 PM) and opposes Saturn (11:44 PM) creating a lovely (ha!) mutable t-square. Oh wait! Neptune is in this mix too. The Moon squares Neptune at 5:11 AM tomorrow. All (Venus/Saturn/Neptune) are within a span of 5 degrees mutable.

Moon opposite Saturn can be a downer all by it's lonesome. Moon square Neptune is watery, empathic and, at times, confused. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces? Um. That is a big, all encompassing energy right there. Gaseous and consuming, like a thick fog around your heart which can be comforting, confusing, drunk, claustrophobic, scary or it may even look like a dream come true. It's given form when in square with Saturn. Or, it can be. Or it could be that Venus/Neptune is overly deluded and Saturn comes to bring some hard truths or difficult realities.

Moon in Gemini doesn't know whether its heart will explode or be completely stomped. But, it could also play out that the love of our dreams, the thing we want so badly we dream about it, manifests in physical and tangible form right in front of us. Is it a mirage? What do we do with it? Whether this energy comes forward as harshness upon a bleeding heart or exaltation of the greatest love of our life, it's confusing.

Normally when things are confusing and we are talking about a mutable t-square, I encourage folks to channel the magnificent powers of Virgo to sort the mess out. You can still do that today. But, bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde. What that means is all the information is not in yet for us to organize and separate out. But, we can get started. Fact in one pile. Fiction in another. Irrelevant information in a third. Then, as Mercury brings us more of the picture we keep sorting it out in the appropriate piles.

I'm really not too worried about our early mutable folks dealing with Neptune. Folks with planets between 0 and 5 degrees mutable have been dealing with Neptune by harsh aspect since 2012. We've been swimming for 3 years, man. Most of us have grown gills and can now speak Dolphin fluently.

What I do worry about is someone who is unfamiliar with this energy getting washed out by it. From where I'm sitting, I see Saturn coming to the folks who have been dealing with Neptune for so long like an island emerging out of the ocean. Finally! LAND! Unless, that is, you are a mutable that has gotten swept up in some kind of addiction during this forever long Neptune transit. In that case, you can either rectify and shore up your addictions or Saturn will do it for you. These transits can also cause heartbreak that leads to depression and, in some instances, hasty decisions made in the “moment.” Mercury Rx is still within orb of a sextile with Uranus in Aries. It perfected overnight. There is genius potential in that. But, the energy can also prompt nervousness, anxiety and cause someone to jump to conclusions way too quickly.

Do you remember Instant Polaroid pictures? When you first take the picture and the camera spits it out, the image is all blurry. However, in time, the picture magically becomes more clear. It takes time for the picture to develop and make sense. Well. Today, the picture has just been taken and spit out of the camera. We do not know exactly what the end product will look like. We've got to give that image time to develop. This is going to occur as Venus moves closer in square to Saturn. That aspect perfects on January 30. But, even with that Mercury is STILL retrograde. So, we have the complete image at that time but we still don't know the whole story. Venus meets Neptune by conjunction after she perfects in square to Saturn. So, even the picture may blur in and out a few times before it is really clear.

Wait. That's what I'm encouraging you to do. Whatever occurs under this sky, wait it out. Give the picture and the story time to develop. Be patient. And, if you can, do nothing in response. Yeah...I know that's hard.

The thing of bigger importance is that you take care of yourself and your emotional body through whatever is occurring. We will worry about what to do about it when we know what it is we are truly dealing with. Right now, we really don't. We may think we do. But, we do not.

Lots of minds will be reeling today trying to put the pieces together around what is going on. Hearts will be wide open and sensitive. We shift from a feeling of being awash to a feeling of being dried up sober in a matter of mere minutes. Then, we do it again. Wave upon wave. Beached and subsequently wiped out...over...and over...and over. And, it's as if it comes on all of a sudden. You know? This morning was quiet, fairly uneventful. But, by tonight...storms could be raging both on a personal level and in a literal sense. Stay safe. Do nothing but self-preserve and wait it out.

UNLESS...oh yeah, there's more. Black Moon Lilith is hovering in the early degrees of Virgo. Her energy completes a mutable grand cross with our Moon, Venus/Neptune and Saturn. First, don't you utter a word about someone acting as if they are hormonal even if you know they are. Not. One. Word. Got me? Next, God made people not doormats. Yes, God made people who make doormats but it was never intended for any of us to be one. So, if you discover that you are getting walked over, stand up for yourself. Nope. Won't make you popular. But, it is a necessity at times.

See, Venus in Pisces is waxing into opposition with BML in Virgo. It's not that these two don't get along. They can! But, right now, BML is looking across the zodiac at Venus and shouting “You fucking enabler!” LOL. Today and the rest of January have tough love written all over them. Venus loves you like God does. But, she needs to remember she is NOT God and we aren't in Heaven, man. This is Earth life and sometimes in Earth life you have to be tough in order to love effectively. No enabling. No excuses. The proper measure of a critical view AND love mixed together with responsibility and the ability to look at all the information we do have in front of us right now. So yeah...there's that too.