Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 27 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in lovely, smooth Taurus. At 8:35 AM she dances with Mars in Pisces via sextile. There is a little spark of motivation there. Just a little. Enough to get us out of bed.

At 10:00 AM, Venus dives from Aquarius into Pisces. These are her home waters. Born of the sea and exalted in Pisces, Venus has, in essence, returned home to be reborn.

At 11:56 AM the Moon meets with tension as it crosses past Mercury by square. Something is said or heard that unsettles the emotional body. Ask for clarification before drawing a conclusion. Make sure you heard what you thought you heard. Reflect it back to the speaker. Did they say what you thought they said? Did they mean what they said the way you interpreted it? You are going to want to be clear here because soon, our cow Moon is going to put its head down and plow forward.

At 12:36 PM the Moon meets Pluto by sextile. That Ox is ready to plow through whatever is in its way and she is imbibed with the power to do so. Forbearance. Endurance. Strength. Not of the physical sort but of the emotional kind. There is a lot on this Moon's shoulders but she is equipped to carry it around.

By 2:11 PM, our Moon is in sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Perhaps her sore shoulder is acting up again. Maybe she has endured enough and realizes she has reached her limit. I don't see her being crushed under this weight so much as I see her throwing it off.

By 9:19 PM the Moon is square Jupiter and the work of the day has surely ended. It is definitely time for a break, a slow down, a moment to relax and rest before we jump back out there and do it again. Our bodies are tired. But our minds are reeling under a waxing sextile from Mercury in Aquarius to Uranus in Aries.

Don't you hate that? Your body is worn the heck out but your mind is wired and running full speed ahead keeping you from getting the rest you need. This aspect perfects right at midnight. The best way to prevent mental over-churning is to steer clear of extra stimulants in the evening hours (skip that evening cup of coffee or late night soda). Ground. Meditate.

After the square to Jupiter, the Moon is Void until entering Gemini tomorrow evening at 5:37 PM. We may escape some of the mind jitters that accompany Mercury/Uranus due that. But, know it will be back when the Moon trines and sextiles these two planets on the 29th.

As for today, there may be a point where you feel like you are bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Know that it is your choice to carry it around all by yourself. But, just so happens, for a time, you may feel as if you have the ability to do that. At some point, though, we realize our humanness and decide to lay the load down and rest. And, rest we should. The opportunity for that extends through the morning and evening hours of tomorrow until the lights come back on the Moon.