Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 26, 2015

This morning we wake up to Moon in Aries disarmed by Venus in Aquarius. The two meet by sextile at 9:24 AM just as the Moon reaches Void status. She remains Void until entering Taurus at 11:38 AM, right in time for lunch.


This afternoon, there is a chance for some tension. The morning is fairly smooth. But, as the Moon enters Taurus something shifts. In the morning, we are charmed by the idea of change. By evening, we may be wishing we could go back to the way things were. Just one more time. Our memories are still so fresh its as if we can relive every moment. One more goodbye kiss. One more time to just snuggle into someone's essence. One more time to hear them laugh again.

At 10:29 PM the Moon meets Neptune by sextile. A million country songs just flashed through my head in the mere moment it took me to write that sentence. They were all about remembering someone and wishing you had been given more time. One last goodbye. One last conversation. Just one more. That's all we want. We know we can't stay there. But, can't we just go back and taste that moment again?

We could have those same feelings about things that have slipped away as well as people. “I wish I had eaten one more package of Oreo's before I started this diet.” One more time to dip their chocolatey goodness into a glass of ice cold milk. One more time to allow the smooth sweetness of the icing to coat my tongue.


This feeling continues to exacerbate as we are met with our First Quarter Moon. Remember those intentions or promises you made to yourself at the first of the month or the first of the year? Today is the day those intentions may meet with the anchor of resistance. Temptation and sweet memories of the past wax in calling us to return. “What is all this crazy talk of change? Why can't we just cling to what is? Can we not just stop time for a second to keep it from barreling forward so quickly that we miss what is happening right now?” The thought of it makes my heart hurt. Don't worry. That's a familiar feeling when you have a Pisces Moon. There's this particular kind of ache of hollowness. Every now and then, though, something comes along and tickles that ache making it more prominent. In a mildly masochistic way, I kind of like it. You may just experience similar under Moon sextile Neptune.

I understand what it is like to look back upon a past situation in your life and wish that you could go back to it one more time. (Boy, do I ever) Astrology can say that Moon/Neptune is forgetful as much as it wants to. But, when there is a memory that packs an emotional punch, Moon/Neptune can remember plenty in vivid detail and re-paint a picture of that moment in their mind through use of not only a memory of what happened, but memories that incorporate information from every sense of the body. You remember how the person smelled. You remember the temperature of the room. The background noise. Not only do you remember the events from that moment, you remember the feel of it. That makes missing someone particularly bittersweet. It's as if they are almost right there in front of you. There are times when you may think you can actually hear their voice or catch a wafting of their perfume. The only thing missing is your ability to physically touch them. But, your body can even remember what that was like.

The best way to deal with this energy? Go there. Taurus is not the best energy to force self-denial upon. If you are tempted to break your diet that you started at the beginning of the year, then reasonably indulge just a little...maybe three Oreo's instead of the whole package. And, if you find yourself with someone, drink that experience in...what if tomorrow never comes? Or what if tomorrow comes and they aren't there.

If you feel like you have been on a swift forward moving train of change, give yourself permission to get off and enjoy the scenery at the next stop. Self-check where you are. Take time to drink in the present moment. If you find yourself drifting backward, go there instead of fighting it.


At the same time, don't let your memories of the past and your longings to rekindle something to derail you completely. It's always your favorite sins that do you in. But, you can use the diligence and plodding of Taurus to just slow you down long enough to reassess the changes you have made. You don't need to completely jump track. Maybe previously made plans for the future need to be re-considered, tweaked or re-assessed. Mercury is retrograde you know? Mentally go there. But don't aim to just remember the good things you might be leaving behind. Remember what circumstances catalyzed you toward change to begin with. Were you being impulsive in your plans to move forward? Slow down and re-think it. If you decide this is still something you want to move forward with, then take one solid step in that direction. However, if you are not sure, slow down and let it simmer for awhile. This is not a race. Whatever moment you find yourself in tonight, savor it. Worry about tomorrow and the future when it comes. Tonight, touch, feel, smell and sink into the present moment. Drink in every drop imprinting it in your mind and upon your soul. Tomorrow will come. You cannot stop it. Today, however, is fleeting and dying one second at a time.