Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 19, 2015

This morning we wake up to a Capricorn Moon just leaving a square with Uranus in Aries (4:26 AM) and conjunction with Pluto (5:52 AM). By 7:04 AM EST, she is in sextile to Chiron in Pisces. The bigger news, however, comes from Venus in opposition to Jupiter (8:45 AM) and Mars conjunct Neptune (7:09 PM). Then, of course, our New Moon in Aquarius perfects in the morning. The aspects from Venus and Mars will still be in force during that lunar movement.

I can tell you that under the waxing influence of Venus opposite Jupiter, I indulged in sweets. A lot. I had French Toast for dinner and made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips for dessert. That was on Saturday. I'm sure as the aspect tightens I might be tempted to indulge more and I will likely give in to that temptation. Know that you may be prone to indulge in things you normally try to hold at bay too. Above and beyond that, though, we are looking at the polarity of Aquarius and Leo. Venus in Aquarius values brilliance, uniqueness and individuality. She is independent when placed here and definitely does not enjoy being told what she should like or who she should love. She can decide that for herself, thank you very much. Venus in Aquarius can also bring forth a rebellious heart. Plus, in some instances, this placement can produce someone who comes across as an Ice Queen. Cold. Detached. Distant.

Jupiter in Leo can be a joyous child. Children say the darndest things sometimes. You know? I love it when a child opens their mouth and unexpected wisdom falls out. Usually it is such a simple statement that helps other pieces of information fall into place. Usually, we decide (as adults) that the child made these comments unaware of the simple wisdom they contained. Sometimes I wonder if they are channeling angels...but that's just me.

Now. Lets take the Ice Queen and put her across the room from the warmth of children laughing. She's more comfortable in an aseptic laboratory. But, here she is mere feet away from children playing on the floor and swapping germs like they were trading cards. Can she overlook the potential “messiness” and join in on the fun? Will she remain in her little isolated corner of the room with her back against the wall almost in fear of this warmth touching or melting her? Or, will one of the children remind her of herself when she was younger enticing her to come up off her icy throne and melt a little. I'm betting she melts all over the place. And, the entire scene reminds me of the movie Dragonfly.

In this movie, there is a beautiful lady doctor (Venus in Aquarius) who is in no way an ice queen. She is, however, brilliant both in what she does (working with children who have been diagnosed with cancer and also embarking on missionary trips to foreign countries to deliver medical aid) and how she loves. Her youthful but very ill patients adore her. In the movie, some of the sick children had near death experiences. When they were revitalized and recovered, they began talking about what they had seen on “the otherside.” During her life, the doctor would listen to these stories but the movie never revealed whether she believed in them or not.
Her husband, played by Kevin Costner, certainly didn't believe in such happenings. His character was also a doctor who practiced in the same hospital as his wife. In that partnership, he talked about how she was the heart of the union while he was the logic. However, when his wife dies and begins speaking to him through her former patients as they have these near death experiences, well...his former non-belief system begins to melt (seemingly along with parts of his sanity). The children are doing nothing but speaking of their experiences. You know? They don't realize how impactful their statements are. They don't know NOT to believe in this type of thing. And, what they do, in the end is open up Mr. Doctor to new possibilities held within the Universe that he had previous discounted or not given credence too. Uncomfortable, but in a way that also brings hope and expands the Doctor's perspective to see...there is more. There is more than just living and dying. There is something...beyond, even if we don't know exactly what. Venus in Aquarius' appreciation of science and higher knowledge is expanded and stretched in light of wisdom delivered from an ingenue.

That's exactly the type of warmth we can expect from today. The heart may want to melt a little. It may want to step away from its test tubes and Bunsen burners and reach out to a germy little kid just for a hug. She may remember the childhood ambitions that drove her to have such an interest in Aquarian matters and remember how to have fun. The scientist meets with the fact that there are some things that science is not capable of explaining right now. The Ice Queen melts even if she may be resistant to it at first.

Then, Mars conjuncts Neptune. Remember, our hearts have been opened, our perspective widened and we are softened and changed in light of it. How could anyone foster a sense of violence after all of that? Those gentle inklings are reinforced with this conjunction. We are driven by compassion in place of ambition. We could be melting all over the place. Mars could be warming the waters up in the process making the whole experience similar to floating in the primordial waters of the womb. I think all of this sounds wonderfully mushy. But, there are some folks out there that have become so detached from their emotional body that melting could produce effects similar to pouring water into a computer. Some may feel as if their circuitry is misfiring as a result. For those folks, this concept can seem scary. Feelings? Bleep...bloop...gurgle...does...not...compute...

Overall, though, what these aspects bring is a softening to rough edges, hope, washing of the soul, compassion, acts of empathy, charity and the types of tears that come for blessed reasons. all occurs under a Void Moon. After the sextile with Chiron at 7:04 AM, the Moon is void until entering Aquarius at 8:01 AM tomorrow. It takes awhile for all this to percolate through our system. Then it all comes pouring out jubilantly under the promise of a New Moon offering us a chance to build upon this vision of hope and newness that wells up inside of us today.

Or, maybe your kid dumped his bowl of cheerios on your laptop and you have to buy a new one tomorrow. It really can be that simple. I prefer the dramatics of a melting ice queen and short circuiting robot but Jupiter in Leo can play havoc on your cherished machinery too. And, Mars conjunct Neptune can fuel addictions and escapist behaviors. Water, children and machinery don't mix well. However, ice melts well under Jack Daniels and by the end of the day, (after we've discovered that Junior has washed our cell phone in the toilet) we may be prone to reach for it.