Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 16, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn (7:12 AM). We wake and stand straight up on the truth. It may be a truth we don't like; but, it is the truth all the same. At 8:52 AM the Moon meets Mars by square. This aspect can feel like we need to do something but there is a conflict between what we want to do and what we feel responsible for. There is a conflict of interest and a sense of ambiguity which is further compounded (potentially) by a square from the Moon to Neptune at 1:27 PM. In a way, it looks as if the Lord of the Seas is pissed and his tumultuous waves are bounding up and over onto the deck of our vessel threatening to overturn it.
Yeah, you can't fist fight Neptune

Under this set of aspects (which re-links the Mars/Saturn square from yesterday morning), some may feel as if the ground is slipping right out from underneath them. The action occurs between 2 and 5 degrees mutable. So, if you have planets at these degrees, they are directly involved in this.

Believe it or not, these potentially harsh lunar movements are the ones I have been waiting on. Once we get past this, the sky starts to lighten up. But, of course, it's going to be hard to see that until after we get past them.

Overnight the Moon trines Uranus (1:51 AM). This lightens things considerably on an emotional level allowing us to detach. Then, tomorrow, the Moon meets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter by amicable aspect. These upcoming aspects feel really fresh to me. Like an unexpected breeze that wafts in with a few wisps of sunshine after a huge storm. They are hopeful and buoyant. Plus, they assist us in finding new paths toward newly envisioned horizons.
Follow your own guiding light back to where you need to be!

Under today's sky, it is possible for a person to feel as if they are lacking in support. Some could slide right down a slippery slope and land at rock bottom. Disillusionment is possible. But, it's also possible that there are people on the other side of the fence who are FINALLY finding out what the truth really is. In some cases, that could cause anger and emotionality which are factors reflected by Mars/Neptune. But, at the same time, this mutable square offers us an opportunity to let go and release emotions in an effort to forgive and accept if necessary.

On a side note, if you are a musician, this day would be awesome for officially recording new tracks in the studio. I'm hoping that Saturn lingering in square to Neptune in Pisces most of the beginning of this year and again at the end does manifest as newly recorded music because this is a wonderful use of this energy. Choreography is also a great way to use it. On a mundane level, it's good for water and weatherproofing your home; praying or singing in the choir; spiritual cleaning; purging/detox; finally telling the truth (especially if you have been holding it in because you were afraid it would hurt/anger someone); practicing or preparing for public performances; resetting boundaries; attending classes with a Neptune focus (learning to play an instrument for example---personally, I'm going to let Keith Urban teach me how to play the guitar this year) art, music, swimming, surfing, boating or even ministry classes fit this bill; budgeting or planning for charity events; coming to terms with addiction and/or codependency; deciphering the meaning of dreams and, last but not least, finally, FINALLY letting go of the past and re-writing a few personal philosophies that bear in mind the new compassionate mindset that is currently encompassing our world—letting go of racism , sexism, and other old mindsets that threaten to hinder our abilities to connect to one another on a personal level.

This is not the time to be a liar, thief, illegal drug dealer or “schister” of any kind, though. Right now is when indiscretions such as these are found out and the trespasser will be called on it. Look for the truth in a situation even if it is uncomfortable. If you feel as if your support has been viciously wiped away then focus in on self-support and rebuilding efforts.

Hard truths may become apparent on this day. They could hurt. You may have to deal with that on a personal and emotional level. The only consolation for that I can offer is to say, “At least now you know.” To me, that's better than operating in a world in which you “don't know”; but, still it can be certainly hard to deal with at times. Be easy with yourself through it and deal as per appropriate with the potential crying, anger or remorse associated with it. Then, tomorrow, prepare to figure out a way to move forward toward brighter days in light of it.