Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 14, 2015

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Scorpio and Mercury in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries. I bought this coloring book; because, I wanted something easy and artsy that I could do to relax. Sometimes I have trouble sitting still without having anything to occupy my hands. Some people knit, crochet or sew in this situation. But, eh, coloring seemed much easier to me. Besides, it's a Tarot Card coloring book. I bought it on the weekend of the Full Moon in Cancer. When I got home and opened it up, the Chariot was on page 1. I laughed because of the correlation of the card with the Moon's current position (The Chariot points to Moon in Cancer) and because I'm a geek like that. But, I also started immediately coloring that page thinking that this could become a “bonus” exercise in connecting with Tarot archetypes.

It took me the entire week after the Full Moon to finish coloring the Chariot. The pictures are very detailed and I was, really, not in a big hurry. During that time, I did contemplate the Chariot in ways that I had never thought of before. Spending a week with the card helped me get to know it better.

Now, I'm working on the Star which is a card directly associated with Aquarius. I chose it because of the upcoming New Moon and due to the fact that we do have Mercury and Venus in Aquarius right now. I've been working on the Star picture for about two days. She is reminding me that Aquarius is newness and change. But, sometimes, that newness and change comes from hope. Change is not always an outside energy that is forced upon us. Sometimes, people CHOOSE change because they are hopeful that they can change their life or circumstances for the better.

At this time, I'm not only seeing this choice of hope being illustrated on a coloring book page. I'm also seeing it play out in various, very personal ways in real life through the stories that I'm receiving from friends and acquaintances. These are stories I'm collecting because I cannot share them. They aren't mine to tell. I've been experiencing THAT (stories I cannot tell) phenomena ever since Saturn moved into my 9th house. This is also an energy that some may experience during Saturn in Sagittarius.

I wanted to mention my coloring book because I wanted you to know that 1) Jupiter in Leo can be satisfied very easily by indulging in some of the things we enjoyed as children or when we entertain our inner child and 2) HOPE is in the air---it's accessible and may become more apparent as we near the New Moon in Aquarius with small little slivers of hope showing themselves under Mercury sextile Uranus today (5:25 AM). You do have the choice and the chance to make powerful positive change in your life.

Hope is a catalyst for change. When a person has hope, it changes their perspective and they begin to look for possibilities instead of threats of challenge. The person believes they can make something positive out of an otherwise hard situation. That belief can not only be life changing but life saving at times too. Today, Hope can threaten to poke us right out of an otherwise melancholy state. Let me walk you through this day and show you.

At 5:52 AM, the Moon meets Neptune by trine. It may be hard to wake up. We may be dreaming or fantasizing about better days. We may decide to sleep in, or we may have forgotten to set our alarm and sleep in accidentally. Either way, there is a bit of fog, grog and confusion wracked (not to mention emotionality) right in the middle of a transit that also allows us grand access to our wildest idealizations and dreams. There are two things that are important here. One is to realize that what we thought was ideal is probably not manifest. Neptunian ideals rarely do manifest and IF they do, they have a tendency to evaporate into thin air just as quickly and magically as they appear. However, that should not defeat the purpose of imagining those ideals and aiming for them. Sure there can be disappointment along that road but there can also be experiences acquired which assist us in building a more realistic and secure ideal. In that, though, comes my second point. Before we can move forward with building more realistic and secure ideals, we must come to terms with the fact that whatever ideal we have fantasized about in the past is NOT our current reality. That can be tough. But, still yet, you have to accept where you are before you can make a realistic decision about where you want to go. This Scorpio Moon could have us examining “Where we are” very closely. That could include some emotionality and disillusionment which must be met before we can find the hope or promise in the situation.

By 8:31 PM tonight, Mercury is poking at the Moon by square. He's feeding small ideas of hope to our deep enduring Scorpio Moon who could be very inclined toward suffering and/or wallowing (maybe even pouting a little). This could agitate our mournful moon who isn't ready to come out of her cave just yet. But, still, Mercury keeps poking it with enticement. The Moon passes over Uranus by inconjunct about an hour before this square perfects. So, there could be some unexpected emotionally catalytic events poking our Moon to wake back up too. The Universe is delivering a little shock therapy of its own. Dr. Frankenstein has hooked up the electrodes to his monster in an attempt to bring it back to life...if you will.

Immediately after the square to Mercury, the Moon meets Pluto in Capricorn by sextile (8:53 PM). YOU can survive this. YOU can endure this. You can live...IT'S ALIVE! And, I could tell you that all day long and it wouldn't make a difference until you have felt it yourself. The sextile from the Moon to Pluto could bring just that inkling to you.

By 10:19 PM, we could be prone to ease up a little and relax as the Moon finds Venus in Aquarius by square. Or, we could be a bit demotivated if we've tried to step forward within this new sense of endurance and just got sat back down on our rears. That's a possibility as Mars in Pisces is waxing into square with Saturn (perfects at 1:11 AM). We stand up with our fledgling legs and are knocked back down. It's ok. Don't give up yet. This is just the Universe's way of reminding you “Yes, you can move forward toward better days but, in case you've forgotten, we've already discovered that old ways of initiation are not conducive to the change we want to see. In order to get new results we have to take new action.”

On the morning and into the early afternoon of January 16, the Moon will conjunct Saturn and square Mars and Neptune in Pisces. We may stand up a few times and be met with sludge as we try to move forward. The indication is to not give up. Keep getting up and trying a new way to go about it until you find the way that works. Mars/Saturn energy is going to be with us for a few days. So, if you do take two steps forward only to get knocked a step back, then that ONE step you made forward in progress is going to STICK. But, yeah, you are going to have to work at it a little.

Today it is indicated that we keep letting go while dealing with all the emotions connected with letting go. Mourn where you need to but let that mourning drift away from you as you express it instead of trying to hold yourself in that mournful position. As you open your heart to let these heavier emotions go, you also open your heart to allow Hope to come in. The Universe is at the ready to infuse you with that even if it may threaten to poke you right out of your wallowing. Allow yourself to be catalyzed by hope. Don't hold onto those thorns in your heart. Acknowledge them and let them go. You only have to suffer them as long as you choose to suffer them. When you are done and the thorns are released, you open up room in your heart for healing and hope. Don't get caught up in how things “should” be. Come to terms with the reality of what is. Mourn if you need to. Then start working on building what “can be” while bearing in mind that the end product is of less importance than the path you take to attempt to get there. You can do this. WE can do this. As a matter of fact, I already see it happening. We ARE doing it. Yep. You are still breathing. The world is still turning. We are surviving as I type this. So, when you are done with your wallowing, get on out there and participate. Your new life is waiting.