Morning Star: Daily Astrology for January 2, 2015

On New Year's Eve, I made the comment to a friend that my impulsiveness was sleeping. My lightning bolts are resting. And, that is true. This is the time of year that typically marks a procession through my 12th house. Right now, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all sleeping away in there. As a result, I'm sleeping, at minimum, 10 hours a day. The Sun emerges from my 12th house on Valentine's Day every year. Typically that is when I start waking up. This year, I may wake up earlier, though as Mars hits my AC on Jan 7th and Saturn finds my Neptune by conjunction on February 1st. Mercury is going to be locked away in that 12th house for awhile, though. He begins his retrograde at 17 degrees Aquarius on January 22 and moves backward until he reaches 1 degree Aquarius on February 12th....the passage is entirely in my 12th house. My body may wake up early. But, my mind will be out to lunch for awhile, I'm sure.

My currently impulsive friend, however, is an Aries and all this Capricorn energy is happening in her 9th house while Uranus applies to both her Sun and Cancer Moon. She's loaded for bear. I'm a hibernating bear. Plus, we've got some impulsive Uranian energy by transit coming to our sky potentially gifting many with the itch or urge to do something out of the ordinary just for the fun of it.

As a matter of fact, some of that impulsive Uranian energy may find a few folks today. We wake up to a Gemini Moon waxing into sextile with the Lightening God at 11:31 AM. At the same time, the Sun in Capricorn is waxing into square with Uranus (3:40 AM tonight). Then, tomorrow, the Uranian influx continues as the Moon plays nicely with Mars in an Uranus ruled sign, Aquarius. Then, Venus jumps over to Aquarius to join him.

Why yes, there could be a social gathering or two fostered from this energy. It could turn into a good time. Let me know how that goes. I'll be napping. It's odd for me to even decline invitations for wild impulsiveness and fun group gatherings. Aside from all my Libra, 8th house stuff, and Neptune'd Moon, I am a Uranian child. Aqua rising. Sun and Mars conjunct Uranus. Jupiter and North Node in the 11th. This is normally my cup of tea! But, I've learned not to fight myself (a necessary lesson for children of Uranus) and recognize this time of year as period of rest and withdraw for me. Everyone has a period like this, where they are called to step back a bit and rest. This just happens to be mine. Astrology helps you recognize these patterns. It never ceases to amaze me how applicable it can be. I had a child in January once. I mean, I know I had him. He's been living with me for the last 19 years. But, I don't remember much about the delivery or anything shortly after because I was hooked up to a morphine pump for two days following. For the delivery itself, I was tied down in 4 point restraints. Why? I've no idea. I just thought it was a typical thing for them to do during an emergency c-section. How 12th house is that? And, I didn't care. Ever seen a Pisces Moon after a dose of morphine? How about one after 2 days of a continual morphine feed. Yeah. I really didn't care. Plus, I can look at my son's chart and clearly see that Uranus, Neptune, the Sun and Mercury were all locked away in my 12th while Mars was also retrograde AND in square to BOTH Pluto and Jupiter on my Neptune in Sagittarius (and in square to my Pisces Moon) during that time. I'm told it was a difficult birth. LOL...I wouldn't know.

HOWEVER, if all this stuff is not lodged in your 12th house or you are not receiving some kind of grand Neptune transit, you may feel the prompting coming from Uranus right now. Many may be inclined to get out and gather together. Some people may even be prompted to finally take those steps that need to be taken in order to foster more independence and greater personal freedom. Initiative may begin to emerge and some folks may even try a few new things just for the fun of it. Sounds lovely! Be sure to take pictures and let me know how it goes...later...after I wake up.