Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 21, 2014

This morning we wake up to the last action of our Sagittarius Moon. At 7:35 AM she meets Jupiter by trine prior to reaching Void status. This is it, folks. Sagittarius season is coming to a close today. And, it closes with the Moon checking in with Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter. It also leaves us with plenty of space (during the VOC period) to contemplate what new effort will be on the agenda for Capricorn season and the year to come. The Sun moves into Capricorn at 6:03 PM.


The Moon remains Void until entering Capricorn at 8:26 PM tonight. Then, we are immediately met with our New Moon in Capricorn perfecting at 0 degrees (and 6 minutes) at 8:36 PM. If you are the type that likes to set New Year's resolutions, THIS is the Moon to use to do that. Again, I don't recommend doing this on New Year's Eve. Do it at this New Moon or the Aquarius New Moon (January 20) depending on the nature of your resolutions.

While the Moon is Void, Uranus turns direct at 4:15 PM. We may not feel the effects of this as it occurs. But, by the time the Full Moon in Cancer gets here we will be fully aware that the Lord of Chaos is moving forward. We will be hyper aware of that fact throughout Aquarius season in January. So, if you don't know the Lightning God by now, prepare to get to know him while anticipating how his energy works in your life and the best way to handle it. In the mundane, look for tech glitches (Internet funkiness, computer problems, airplane travel glitches, random monkey wrenches being thrown into machinery, etc). Yep, good time to update your spyware and such...just ask Sony.


What I find particularly interesting about this New Moon is the interplay going on between the Sun/Moon and their current ruler, Saturn. This New Moon finds Saturn by semi-sextile at the 29th degree of Scorpio. Saturn jumps into Sagittarius, officially, on December 23rd. But, this New Moon calls for us to pull ourselves forward with what Saturn in Scorpio has taught us. We have a new base of knowledge to draw from after this transit. It's highly indicated that we start employing those lessons now while also anticipating what may be brought forth from Saturn's passage into Sagittarius.

What is really interesting about all of that is that Uranus and Saturn are like antagonistic relatives and they are both making MAJOR movements right now. Saturn maintains the status quo, provides stability, boundaries, discipline and solid ground to stand on. Uranus works in constant flux which is interesting because, in reality, change is the only constant. This is a fact that forever links these two planets, you know? Saturn makes rules and the constant evolution of Uranus continually challenges those rules. Plus, we are entering into a two month season that in Astrology is traditionally ruled by Saturn. But, that energy does definitely shift in how it is felt between Capricorn and Aquarius season. Yet, they are still related. Don't forget that while Saturn is in Sagittarius he will work harmoniously by trine with Uranus in Aries. That will come into play after Saturn squares off with Neptune, though. That will bring forth our first set of challenges. Some foundations will be washed away at that time and we will use the ingenuity and inventiveness of Uranus to assist us in building new foundations.

All that being said, it's hard to deny that large masses of people have undergone tremendous change over the past year. In light of that change, we are called to adapt. And, we make those declarations and set new rules and boundaries forward at this New Moon. We don't know it all yet. But, we now what has changed. We are NEW leaders at the absolute earliest degrees of the leadership sign. So, we will need to leave room for growth and mindful of future calls for adjustment while setting intentions or yearly goals.

So, as the lights go off on the Moon, Uranus turns direct and we approach the New Moon in Capricorn take some time to consider how you will manage your life in light of all this change. Then, step forward into that authority position of your life and direct as appropriate. Be prepared to present a new personal business model in the year to come that incorporates all these changes. A new personal mission statement. A new plan. A new vision. A new budget. A whole brand new year.