Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 8, 2014

This morning, we wake up to the Sun and Mercury huddling in Sagittarius. The two met by conjunction at 4:52 AM at 16 Sagittarius. Minds are certainly sparking.

The Moon is waning in Cancer and has a pretty busy day ahead of her. Around noon, she meets up with both Pluto (via opposition at 12:03 PM) and Uranus by square (12:34 PM). The Lord of the Underworld and the Master of Chaos are only separated in square now by about 17 minutes. The square perfects on the morning of December 15 while Uranus is still Rx. Uranus stations direct on December 22 and chases Pluto until the two perfect in square a seventh time in March of next year.

At 1:38 PM, the Moon is trine Chiron in Pisces. Shortly after, Jupiter in Leo turns retrograde at 22 degrees Leo. One thing I've noticed about Jupiter retrograde is that the things you have paid forward have a tendency to come back to you. What I mean is, the level of generosity you displayed during Jupiter's direct motion is reflected back to you during Jupiter's backpedaling. This is particularly apparent at Jupiter stations but does continue during the entirety of the retrograde. Jupiter's retrograde lasts until April 9, 2015 when he then stations direct at 12 degrees and 35 minutes of Leo.

This day reminds me a lot of a conversation I was having not too long ago. I was talking about what I had experienced during Pluto's 5 transits in square to my natal Mars. I learned a lot during this transit. One of the things I gathered from it is that controlling my Mars and my impulsiveness were imperative to being able to live consciously. I have fostered quite a tight leash on my Mars (particularly the ability to control and direct my anger) over the past few years. It really began to come to my awareness during Saturn's transit in Libra in which my Mars/Uranus conjunction was railroaded. The squares from Pluto followed this transit “helping” me (?) to rebirth the way I deal with my anger and showing me exactly what was driving some of my actions on a subconscious level particularly as Saturn entered Scorpio.

The big thing I learned was that I can indeed use my anger productively instead of destructively (or even self-destructively which is my typical forte). I feel comfortable with my level of ability to do this EXCEPT when my children are involved. I learned that I can endure just about anything but when one of my children are under threat, all bets are off. All sense of self-control or any inkling of walking away from a violent act or remaining peaceful in the midst of chaos goes out the window in situations in which I feel like I need to protect my children. Now, mind you, my kids are not really kids anymore. They are all bigger than me and quite capable, physically, of taking care of themselves. That still hasn't changed my instinct toward protection of them. And, may God help all of us if there is a nasty situation involving my grandchildren. I doubt that Momma Lioness instinct will ever wane.

With the Moon in Cancer passing through this waxing square between Uranus and Pluto today, some may experience this Momma Bear inclination in real time. If you are on the other end, (considered as the perceived threat by Momma Bear) my best advice to you is to run. She isn't running toward you to invite you in for cookies.

People will likely be fiercely protective of the home front today. At the very least, there is a chance for moodiness while under the influence of a pressurized Cancer Moon. Trespassing, not so much a good idea under this sky.

Checking in on home safety measures IS a good idea. Have your security, fire and other alarms checked. Look at the surroundings of your home and gauge where you may need illumination on these dark winter nights around the perimeter. View your home from the street while using the perspective of a criminal. Are you basically an open invitation to attack? If so, tighten things up. Not because there is a certain potential threat lurking around the corner; but, because it is just smart practice to check in on these things from time to time.

It's also a good day to stock up on staples in the event there is bad weather and you cannot get out. Don't wait until the day it snows up to your window sills to discover you don't have the supplies you need. It's always a good idea to have fresh drinking water, batteries for your flashlights and a plan for what you might do in the event that the utilities are temporarily shut off. Do you need an alternative heat source? Or, do you have somewhere you can seek alternative shelter? Have you talked to your kids about what it is they will need to do if there is a house fire? Have you spoken to them about talking to strangers and what to do if they are out and feel unsafe?

In a related scenario, I was speaking to my 5 year old grandson this past weekend. He was pretending to be a police officer. In the middle of his play, he stopped and asked me, “Mammaw, what would happen if a police officer shot someone?” I said, “Well, shooting someone should be a last resort. But, if a police officer shot someone, it would likely hurt them really bad.” Then he asked “What if a police officer shot a kid?” I said, “Honey, I don't understand that myself. But, if that were to happen, the kid would probably be hurt pretty badly too.” He then looked at me and said, “I know what it would mean. If a police officer shot a kid, that would mean they weren't a very good police officer. Otherwise, they would have been helping the kid find his Mommy.” I didn't say a word in response. But, it did make me wonder about the reaction of children as they overhear adults talking about recent current events. How do you answer these questions? I can't answer them on an adult level and make coherent sense of it let alone translate that into language a child would understand. Either way, these conversations may be something we need to think about because children are listening to what is going on and they are looking to their trusted adults for answers. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not really sure what I should tell him. I want to tell him that police officers are the good guys and if he is ever out and afraid he should find one to help him. I want to believe that myself. But, a desire to believe in it doesn't make it true.

Anyway, emotions are likely to be intense today. With Mercury and the Sun conjunct in the sky, there could be some interesting conversations going on that either address this intensity or spark it. There are plenty of conversations we need to be having on an individual level and within our homes. But, most of the talking is going to be coming from the outside world as we try to figure out what kind of impact that has upon our home base. The Moon also crosses through this Sun/Mercury conjunction by inconjunct between 8-9 PM tonight. Little Bobby comes home and says, “Mommy, the teacher says...x, y and z.” Mommy isn't really sure what angle Mrs. Bippy is coming from and is tasked with rectifying that at home, first with herself then in translation to Little Bobby. I'd love to tell you how to handle that. But, I'm not really sure myself. Personally, I'd call Mrs. Bippy up and see what it was she was trying to convey before saying a word to Little Bobby. That should be a team effort, right? In which Mom and teacher come together and decide what is the best approach to little Bobby's question? Because, at the end of all of this, defending the children living in our current world should be at the forefront not defending our own egos, right?