Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 6, 2014

The energy coming from today's Full Moon in Gemini is so malleable. It can be shaped and directed into becoming just about any kind of day you want it to be. For example, I have a Gemini friend who is using it to take an impromptu trip to see long-distance friends. I'm staying home and using the energy to decorate my Christmas tree with my grandson. Both of these itineraries fit the energy in the sky even if they are drastically different.
This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini just leaving a sextile with Uranus (4:29 AM) and an opposition with her ruler, Mercury at 5:17 AM. From here she makes a square to Chiron in Pisces (5:24 AM) just as Mercury finds Chiron by square at about the same time (6:18 AM). This creates a mutable t-square only 2 degrees away from the perfection of the Full Moon itself at 7:28 AM.

I have been all over this Moon with possibilities and there are just SO MANY that it's hard to boil it down to one or two simple concepts. But, I do know that accessing any powers of Virgo that you have can greatly assist with putting this mutable t-square to good use. Virgo can take all the options one encounters under this sky and put them into order of priority probably through the equivalent of a task list. She can make practical use of this energy and help to ground out any confusion. Plus, Virgo is an Earth energy which is highly needed within this Air and Fire mix we have going on in the sky. So, we have this influx of mutable dynamic energy and Virgo looks at it and says, “How can I put this to good use?” It helps to even things out a bit. If you have planets in mid-degree Virgo (10-20) then you have the tools you need! If you don't, look to what house Virgo rules in your natal chart to balance out this t-square.

By 10:49 PM, the Moon is in sextile to Jupiter in Leo. Sweet blessings are recognized. There is great potential to feel good here. Leo and Gemini energy together are quite fun, even if a little rambunctious. As the Moon sextiles Jupiter she also sits at the top of a Kite which connects to the top of a Grand Trine in Fire created by Venus in Sagittarius, Eris in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. She is actually waxing out of a second Fire Trine upon which she created another Kite during the Full Moon which included, Sun/Mercury/Ceres in Sagittarius, our SN and Uranus in Aries and Juno in Leo. So, the entire day is dynamic, stretchy, active and joyfully busy.

Instead of looking at the sky today and trying to delineate what it is we should do in an effort to please the energies, the energies look at us and say, “What would YOU like to do?” The possibilities are endless. Enjoy. The. Heck. Out. Of. That.