Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 12, 2014

Did you allow your big bullfrog mouth to override your tadpole ass again? Oh...sorry, I wasn't really talking to anyone in particular. But, when I saw Mercury trine Jupiter immediately preceding a square from Moon in Leo to Saturn in Scorpio, that's kind of what I thought of on a personal level.

There is opportunity to let some embarrassing verbal interludes fly with an immediate recoil of embarrassment in light of it. At the same time, there is also opportunity to widen our perspective and, in turn, solidly follow through on commitments.

Mercury trines Jupiter in Leo at 6:25 AM. The Moon in Leo finds Saturn in Scorpio by square at 7:49 AM. From here, the Moon is Void until entering Virgo at 10:20 AM giving us a chance to contemplate whatever kind of heaviness Saturn may bring.

This afternoon (3:52 PM), the Moon in Virgo finds Venus in Capricorn by trine. This is a very grounding and quite easy aspect that may prompt us to be appreciative of the work we do and have us wanting to offer that work up in service on a larger scale. We may be prompted to sip a little eggnog or partake in some other traditional form of holiday enjoyment. It would be a great night to build a gingerbread house or finish some home crafted gifts or ornaments. Just be mindful of the fact that the Moon is in Virgo prompting us to process our emotions through our digestive body...meaning, don't overdo indulgences or you'll get a belly ache. If you are allergic or sensitive to milk or egg products, then leave them alone. You know? It just makes sense. Save some gingerbread and icing for the house.

Either way, this evening brings opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors. There is opportunity to unwind and indulge as long as the indulgence is done reasonably...both Capricorn and Virgo appreciate keeping things within reason. There could even be a few office Christmas parties today. Something of that nature fits this sky quite well.

Yesterday we were given the opportunity to listen to the children. Today, we may be more prone to listen to our older generation's thoughts on a myriad of topics which may include a few pontifications of how they are disappointed with the “younger” generation as the square from the Leo Moon to Saturn in Scorpio waxes in this morning.

We will be in the position to blur any of the harshness from Saturn out by tonight, though, with the opposition of the Moon to Neptune waxing in at 8:29 PM. What did you put in that eggnog anyway? At the same time, this aspect could cause some emotional leakage, prompt remorse or cause a person to martyr themselves.

None of that sounds fun to me. The better use of that aspect is to indulge your imagination. Put on some relaxing music (or whatever kind of music you like) and kick back. Grab yourself some down time...and a cold one. Keep it all within moderation, mix appropriately and enjoy.