Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 7, 2014

This morning we wake up to a Void Moon in Gemini until she enters Cancer at 12:35 PM. It's a good day to snuggle in at home with all your familiar comforts. The chatter from the previous two days fades into the background. People are ready to rest up in light of that busyness.

The only major aspect the Moon makes today is a trine to Neptune in Pisces at 9:53 PM. It's a good night to go to bed early and rest up for the week ahead of us.

Monday looks a little busy (to put it mildly) with the Sun and Mercury officially meeting in Sagittarius and the Moon squaring and opposing our big players in the sky, Uranus and Pluto at midday. Plus, the energy in the sky shifts as Jupiter stations retrograde. Tuesday is less hectic with the only major aspect from the Moon being a grounding trine from the Moon to Saturn (7:16 PM) as she goes Void until entering Leo at 10:15 PM. Wednesday brings another shift in energy as Venus enters industrious Capricorn. Thursday the Leo Moon dances in a Fire Trine with the Sun and Uranus. Friday finds Mercury in Sagittarius in trine to Jupiter newly retrograde and the Moon in square to Saturn before reaching Void status and entering Virgo at 10:20 AM. There is a certain peak and flow that is apparent throughout the week. Monday=peak. Tuesday=flow. Wednesday=flow. Thursday=peak. Friday=peak.

None of it looks particularly harsh but the pieces on the chess board do get shuffled around a bit.

Today, though, is conducive to rest, recuperation, and a bit of self pampering while self-nurturing is also indicated. We may also be inclined to bear in mind the comfort level and needs of our family members knowing that each individual's needs bear equal importance when under the same roof. One person in peril within a household affects the entire household. So, if there is a squeaky wheel today, we are likely to try to assist in loosening it up a bit for the benefit of the everyone.
Momma Moon is telling us to gather our ducklings around us today. Help everyone find a place of comfort and rest. She knows this will help us to start the week off on a solid note in light of the harsher energies that will be waxing in on Monday. When are basic needs are met (food, clothing, shelter, safety), our minds are free to think about other things. When they are not, then meeting those more basic needs is about all we can focus on. Ask Maslow. He illustrated this perfectly with his Hierarchy of Needs that pinpoints the foundation of a self-actualization pyramid to be the satisfaction of our most basic needs. So, circle the wagons and take care of the home front today while also addressing your own needs at the same time. You'll be glad you did.