Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 5, 2014

Know what happens when you throw a plugged in radio into a fish pond? Well, for one thing, it ruins the opportunity to go swimming. For another, all the fish magically float to the surface. This isn't a good thing. Don't try it at home. This is no way to make a backyard hot tub. But, it is a great analogy for what is occurring in our emotional body today.

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Gemini. By 6:08 AM she is in trine to Mars newly in Aquarius. Our minds are racing with all the things we want to do. Problem is, this trine is in air. We may spend a lot of time thinking about what it is we want to do and not much time actually doing it. Or, we could be driven to make new friends and opt to do so by getting out and chatting people up. A Gemini Moon? In trine to Mars? With Mercury in Sagittarius? Yeah...people are going to likely be quite chatty. It may also seem as if a lot of people are attached to their cell phones as if there were some type of ethereal umbilical cord linking them to the device. Yes, I just rolled my eyes. Sorry. I have Saturn in Gemini square Venus in Virgo and find NO practicality imbibed within cell phone usage these days.

By 2:21 PM, the Moon is in square to Neptune in Pisces. All the pontificating and socializing may have worn us out. Or, perhaps, we end up doing a little day drinking and are washed up by the early afternoon. Some fish will already be appearing on the surface of the pond. They aren't dead though. They are either drunk or napping.

Managed appropriately, and the Moon in square to Neptune can have us picking up on the conversations that go on below the surface of words. Our emotional body can gauge what is not being said. And, in turn, we can respond with empathy and compassion. With Neptune involved, I usually put out warnings about liars. But, there is another aspect waxing in strongly in the sky right now that, well, just isn't prone to lying. As a matter of fact, it delivers the truth from the hip, sometimes in a particularly shocking way. The details may be a bit exaggerated, but it is the truth none-the-less. Mercury in Sagittarius perfects in trine to Uranus in Aries at 10:44 PM.

There's the radio in the water right there. All the fish are definitely on the surface at this point. It's not a night conducive of restful sleep. Now. I happen to like Mercury in trine to Uranus. These two planets together are pure genius...or madness. There is a very thin line between these two potentials as many well know. But, no matter how you look at it, these two together (particularly occurring where they fire) are speedy, lightning quick and can equate to jumping to conclusions or, under a Gemini Moon cause nervousness and anxiety. Rapid thoughts. Shaky emotional bodies. Loud mouths and unusual conversations. It can also equate to talks amongst political, religious or scholastic bodies (Mercury in Sagittarius) in an effort to produce change (Uranus in Aries). It could certainly be used progressively in some areas.

Think about what Uranus in Aries does. Now, give Uranus in Aries a megaphone...and there you have it. Plus, Uranus is quivering in station preparing to turn direct. So, his energy is peaking right now.

Looking at this day as a whole, I see several potentials. The very first thing I see is someone zipping along in a little red sports car, texting or talking on their cell phone while speeding to get to...somewhere and then hydroplaning on wet roads and hitting a guard rail. Insert Josi's continual reminder here: DO NOT TEXT AND/OR DRINK AND DRIVE. K? Our minds are going to be in a million places at once today and we are likely to be distracted enough without adding in these variables. So, freaking pay attention on the roads. Ahem. End rant. (Did I mention my Saturn in Gemini?)

Another potential is gathering with friends, listening to good music and having one heck of a party. Conversations zip about like wild fire and lots of interesting information is exchanged. Hey, that doesn't sound bad, does it? There's actually a concert in my neck of the woods on this night. I've been thinking about going. Looking at these aspects tells me it would likely be a pretty awesome night for something like that.

We could also put genius and creativity together and come up with quite a few brilliant ideas about how to move forward in our lives. Neptune is in the mix and there is plenty of Uranian activity. Lightning in the water can create dead fish. Sure. But, it can also be the spark that brings about new life and creation. That potential lies within our mental body today. We aren't acting on ideas, yet. But, we could certainly be birthing them. Write this stuff down because they zip out just as quickly as they zip in sometimes. Work to bring this stuff to ground.

The trick within all of this (using the energy wisely and to it's highest potential) lies in how well we can manage our emotional body and how well we can also direct and manage our mental body. What we have here is a mixture of Air, Fire and Water. Earth Yeah, our feet are certainly off the ground whether we are flying, surfing or riding the lightning. So, to balance things out, we need to inject a little mud. Ground. This is especially true if you are prone to nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. We are quite manic today, overall.

I'm actually enjoying the potential here. Sweaty palms. Hearts racing. Minds swooping and swooshing into new frontiers and adrenaline coursing through our veins. Seriously. My mouth is watering over it. I'm all giddy and stuff. But, it really isn't an energy for everyone. And, truth is, electrical energy is more of a danger than a blessing when it isn't controlled and consciously directed through the proper conductor (emotional body), conduit (physical body) and with the proper grounding measures (what we DO with this energy). Otherwise this day can equate to a scenario like the one with the little red car---we are moving too fast in poor conditions, distracted and doing a million things at once which ends up throwing our vehicle into a wall and us with it. This energy can also create headaches, migraines, even. And, it could send us straight into a sense of panic or overwhelm.

ON TOP OF THAT, I give rulership of the weather over to Mercury mostly. So, if Mercury is BIG in Sagittarius and wild when in contact with Uranus...well, yeah...there's that. We cannot control it. But, we can be practical in our preparation for it. Unfortunately the energy for practicality is not in the sky. You are going to have to search your own chart for it reaching for your Earth placements and your Saturn. It's like that movie Twister (see clip above) where the folks are chasing tornadoes and end up catching one. Then, they have to leash themselves to the wooden posts (Earth) underneath a bridge to keep from being swept off to wherever the wind decides to drop them. Anchor yourself...not out of danger of being swept away by water currents this time, but, to keep from being blown away by this energy.

Our work week ends on an intense and busy (possibly frantic and manic) high pitched note. We aren't done yet, either. Tomorrow is the Full Moon in Gemini which may make us feel split or as if we are running in several directions at once. Fire and Air folks are likely to really dig this energy. It's our Earth and Water peeps that will likely be disturbed by it. But, we are ready for this, right? We've stretched and limbered up our bodies. We are well grounded and well anchored. We are smiling at the potentials and not allowing ourselves to be blown away by all the hot air rolling in the sky, right? Right!