Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 27, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Pisces. At 10:45 AM she meets Venus in Capricorn by sextile and, together, they create a Yod with Jupiter in Leo. Our emotional body and what we want work together today. Both are products of self-discovery. Our ability to self-nuture (Moon in Pisces) assists us to be realistic and responsible with with our desires (Venus in Capricorn) which in turn helps us to become more wise (Jupiter in Leo). Or, we avoid our emotions and become an endless sinking pit of emotional need (Moon in Pisces) while feeling that what we want is restricted by some authoritative figure who controls all the cookies (Venus in Capricorn). So we become selfish and grab up all the cookies for ourselves out of greed, selfish self-concern and a belief that we are owed the cookies (Jupiter in Leo). OR it could simply be that we take a nap (Pisces Moon) and decide to relax a bit (Venus in Capricorn) because we deserve it (Jupiter in Leo)! If you have planets around 20-24 Capricorn, Pisces or Leo then this Yod carries the flavor of those planets as well making you personally invested.

And, get used to this flow. It's different and persists through January. Busy lunar days are grouped in pairs bringing little bursts of astrological energy followed by long periods of a VOC Moon. Here is a link to the VOC Moon periods of January. If you are keeping an astrological or Moon Diary, mark the dates of the VOC periods down. These will be the days you can earmark for rest, recuperation, integration and cleanup work.

After the sextile to Venus, the Moon is Void until entering Aries at 1:36 AM tonight. Rest today, kittens. Tomorrow brings in our First Quarter Moon and some heavy lunar activity. Get comfortable. Escape from outer world chaos and rest up for, tomorrow, we ride!