Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 24, 2014

Mercury and his higher octave are the headline makers on this Christmas Eve. This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius. Her first aspect, a sextile to Saturn, occurred at 9:57 PM last night. Her next, a sextile to Uranus, doesn't occur until 6:27 PM tonight. I don't know about anyone else, but it is obvious to me that the Lightning God is now direct and firing away. Some things are definitely breaking loose and opening up allowing light to shine through the crevices. Illumination has been restored. With the aspects from the Moon and Mercury to Uranus this evening, we are likely to witness some of those sparks.

Mercury squares off with his higher octave at 8:32 PM. This can cause pieces of information to fall together in a rapid “Aha!” moment. Or, we could hear some illuminating conversations in the outside world. There could be some blurting going on. And, this blurting could reveal things that the communicator did not intend to reveal. Mercury is also waxing into conjunction with Pluto which perfects at 1:51 AM. In between the square to Uranus and the conjunction to Pluto, the Moon meets Mars by conjunction at 11:37 PM.

On the upswing of this energy, this is a good time to gather around friends or community. Uranus and Mercury are both social. Uranus favors extended circles and connecting large groups of people. So, this evening would be fit for a gathering that included work mates, family, extended family and friends...a good solid mix of folks from all areas of your life. It would be a great night to come together for humanitarian efforts such as distributing food/goods collected for the holidays, visiting nursing homes or medical facilities, or simply reaching out with good intention toward your fellow human. It's a great night for trying new things, fostering new connections, collaborations and, even, social networking.

On the negative end, Mercury is pressurized. The square to Uranus could prompt surprising or shocking news that triggers or upsets others whether intentionally or by accident. Arguments could arise as a result of these aspects. Other (more negatively inclined) possibilities include motor vehicle accidents, increased awkwardness or clumsiness, internet security breaches, nervousness and/or anxiety and, of course, impulsiveness with potentially dire consequences.

Mercury in square to Uranus plays jump rope with the thin line between genius and madness. Is it genius? Or is it pure insanity? You will have to be the judge of that; but, either way, there are likely to be some interesting conversations happening by the end of the night. It's great for brainstorming collectively for solutions. At the same time, it's also great for mixing groups of people who have strong differing opinions and starting a small riot. The key to balancing it all, comes from our current North Node in Libra and the tone of the hostess of this party who may be called in to redirect the group from tense conversations and instead steer them toward less confrontational speak. This can be done delicately or more forcefully depending on the situation. And, it will largely depend on the situation and the demeanor of the hostess.
The key to managing this on a personal level depends on one's ability to remain well grounded and to convert the lightning bolts of Uranus from shocking or surprising (which kicks in our fight or flight responses) into smooth pure blue energy. That calls for rising above personal emotional reactions. Just so happens, that is a special talent of Aquarius and there is plenty of this sign's energy swirling around in the air. But, met from an ungrounded and “itchy” platform, it can certainly cause the negative potential of this energy to manifest. So, enter into gatherings with a bit of detached interest and give things time to unfurl before you spontaneously react to them. Those few moments it takes to catch your breath and slow your heart rate before responding to stimuli are key in successfully navigating the lightning bolts that Uranus hurls.

Don't take things too personally and use conversations as tools for study as if you were an only an observer taking notes for scientific study. Don't become overly emotionally invested. Give people space to express themselves and refrain from being too judgmental...though that last part may be difficult since Mercury in Capricorn can certainly judge with the best of them. But, this can be accomplished. Contribute your 2 cents but don't forget to listen with an open mind giving equal podium time to all. Nobody is really going to be in the mood for wild emotional displays. So, don't make any. Save those for the Pisces Moon coming in tomorrow and trickling all the way into Saturday morning.