Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 22, 2014

This morning we wake up to a slightly softened Capricorn Moon just leaving a sextile with Neptune at 5:02 AM. By 10:58 AM, though, we are talking shop under a Moon/Mercury conjunction. Business speak. Potentially emotionally fueled business speak. Perhaps a little crossing of the line between home business and work business. Maybe Dad calls you to talk about the last minute shopping he has to do while you are at work.

I'm usually wildly entertained by Mercury in Capricorn. It is so serious and my Mercury in the 9th and Jupiter in Capricorn finds this hilarious. However, others may have a different reaction to the dry and sometimes heavy pontifications of this placement. It pulls no punches and it has a tendency to lay things out bluntly. That being said the conjunction from the Moon to Mercury could bring forth an upsetting conversation, too. Maybe something is said at work that bothers you. Perhaps Mercury in Capricorn's message is felt harshly. Either way, there is a chance of the conversations from this morning catalyzing stronger reactions later. Or, the stronger emotional potential this evening could have nothing to do with what you talked about earlier today. It's apparent, though, that the mood goes from chatty to at least a bit shocked by dinner time.

By 5:17 PM, right around quitting time, the Moon finds Uranus by square. Shortly after, she finds Pluto by conjunction (5:45 PM). By 6:49 PM, she is in sextile to Chiron in Pisces. Maybe the mailman (Mercury in Capricorn) brings a package or letter to your home (Moon) and you don't find it until after you get done with work and that catalyzes feelings of both surprise (Uranus) and a deep feeling of indebtedness (Pluto) to the gift sender. Yeah, that scenario certainly fits. Coming home to an early gift could be a positive expression of this energy. Hey! Maybe that new car Venus splurged on over the weekend is ready for pick up today! That fits too. Maybe those last minute gifts you ordered from Amazon have arrived. Maybe your Christmas bonus comes today! Why am I getting flashes of Clark Griswold's boss being kidnapped? That kind of fits too. So does Santa going to jail for breaking and entering with Saturn in Sagittairus over know
Either way, good news or bad news, it all works out in the end as the Moon finds Venus in Capricorn by conjunction at 10:18 PM. Harsher edges are smoothed over and we work to soothe our potentially restless nerves. We enjoy some of the fruits of our labor and relax.

From the conjunction with Venus, the Moon is Void for nearly 24 hours until entering Aquarius at 9:53 PM tomorrow night. This gives us time to take a break from any high emotions that may spark today. In the meantime, Saturn slips over into Sagittarius at 11:36 AM tomorrow. If you need to embark on a gift wrapping frenzy, tomorrow would be the day to get that taken care of. It's great for finishing up the last minute details of your holiday plans. It's also a good day to just take a break from all of that. We've not had a long VOC period like this for quite some time. It's likely going to be nice to have a bit of a break.