Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 11, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Leo and a plethora of fire energy. At 1:21 PM, the Moon finds the Sun via trine. By 5:41 PM, she is in trine to Mercury in Sagittarius. Then, at 7:22 she finds Jupiter by conjunction after also finding Juno by conjunction.

Demetra George in her book, Asteroid Goddesses, says Juno in Leo wants the romanticism of courtship to follow her into marriage and she wants to feel pride in her partnerships. She goes on to say, “if Juno is neglected, ignored or taken for granted here then she can resort to egotistical, selfish behavior and inappropriate means of gaining attention.” In regard to Juno/Moon aspects in the natal chart, she says, “The relatedness principle combines with emotional responsiveness. This combination indicates that the fulfillment of one's emotional needs is linked to having a meaningful relationship.” She further explains that when challenged, the Juno/Moon person needs to “learn to find emotional security and fulfillment within oneself as well as through the partnership.” I say that Juno/Moon people have to be able to emotionally connect to their commitments otherwise, the commitment is forced. When commitment is forced, we can become bitter and resentful. I also think this placement allows for intuitively connecting with our partners. Juno/Moon is very sensitive to their partner's emotions and can tell how “the other” is feeling even when not being told. Plus, they are able to provide nurturing to their partners, while in turn, can be nurtured through the commitment itself.

Coming by transit, I see Juno in Leo (at her highest) representing our commitment to ourselves. If you've made vows to yourself, “I will never put myself in that position again” (for example) then that is a commitment or promise to yourself which holds particular importance during Juno's days in Leo. When the Moon finds her, we could be reminded of the emotions that prompted those personal vows. In light of that, we should uphold our commitment to ourselves even if we are temporarily swept away by romanticism. Overall, I think Juno represents more than just our commitment in marriage. I think she rules over commitment itself be that our commitment to our work, friendships and how seriously we take those commitments to begin with. A Juno in Leo person may find it more easy to commit to creative projects or outlets that allow for personal creative expression (particularly when also in aspect to the Sun). They are less likely to commit to physically tasking and boring ventures. They are unlikely to find satisfaction within commitments that require a lot of work and very little fun.

Juno in Leo also represents the need to commit to our young people and honor the promises we have made to them.

Moon in Leo in trine to the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius can make for a day filled with emotional performances. That's perfect if you are a member of a theater company or attending a live performance. But, some may hold impromptu performances of their own. Some of these performances may be based upon some really heart warming stories. Others, may be wildly exaggerated and potentially take the dramatic tone of “oh woe is me.”

What is the most interesting to me are the stories and conversations that are coming from the mouths of babes at this time. Children seem to have such a simple form of rationale sometimes; but, man, can they ask some hard questions. Tomorrow morning, Mercury in Sagittarius finds Jupiter in Leo by trine. When I think of that aspect, I see children dressed up for Christmas pageants and holiday performances. I also hear church bells and the sound of a child's voice reading off her Christmas list to Santa. I hear prayers and singing wafting up to the heavens. The energy is certainly sweet for things like that. But, we may also hear some wisdom fall out of the mouths of our youths that it would behoove us to listen to.

By watching these youthful performances (or even without having one to attend) we may be reminded today of what we were like as children during the holidays. For some, this may foster warm memories of innocence and wonder. For others, it could be a painful memory. Painful memories may have us taking a vow to ourselves and our children to do things differently...aiming for the way we feel it should have been for us when we were kids. Or, we may try to re-create some of those memories in an effort to share them with a new generation. Either way, the Moon creates a youthful feel, for better or worse, throughout today.

Holidays past, present and future all have the potential to hold prominence today. We may traverse through time to touch upon each one just as Scrooge did in the Christmas Carole. As you can probably guess, this time travel occurs with a particular personal perspective. My memories and pontifications of the future will differ from someone else's, for example. And, such traversing of time and memories can be prompted simply by engaging in holiday activities with children even if it is a simple trip to see Santa at the mall. Or, it can occur even if you have no direct contact with children at all.

The whole thing makes perspective really important. We don't want to get so lost and swept up in our own needs and desire to tell our own stories that we leave no room for anyone else to illustrate theirs. Sharing and being open to giving equal time on the stage to everyone should be where we are aiming but, there will be some who are prompted to hog the spotlight. If that occurs, then sit back and enjoy the show. You'll get a chance to share your story, if you want.

At the very least, I would say most places and homes have their holiday decorations up for display. It's a good day to drive around and check those out. It's a good day (weather permitting) for a casual stroll to drink in the atmosphere of the season or even for hopping on a horse drawn buggy for a tour. It's also a great day to put the finishing touches on your own d├ęcor. Look and listen for carolers and those attempting to spread joy and generosity in light of the season. Then, join in.