Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 14 2014

This morning we wake up to the Last Quarter Moon perfecting at 7:52 AM pitting Virgo against Sagittarius. It's a great big world out there and that amount of space can be worrisome and, at times, overwhelming. Virgo Moon calls in the need to get practical, check facts, organize everything into a prioritized task list and to bring an itinerary with us on our travels. Sagittarius just wants to roam but Virgo would rather have a clear cut plan as to where this roaming is going and needs to find a practical use for it. Sagittarius wants to tell stories and publish them to the world. Virgo is the one re-reading these stories and checking them for grammar usage, proper punctuation and making sure they are factual. Our Virgo Moon is also pretty keen on putting the details of a story into chronological order and has the ability to remember even the most minute details surrounding a certain event.

There is more going on in the sky today than just our Last Quarter Moon though. At 10:56 AM, the Sun in Sagittarius perfects in trine to Jupiter in Leo. The best use of this energy is a generous sharing of yourself and your unique talents with the world. This can be through charitable acts or by imparting of personal wisdom. Of course, this sharing of wisdom should be done humbly without getting stuck on the idea that you know it all. Be just as willing to listen to the point of view of others as you are willing to share your own.

The more negative expression of this energy is selfish, self-aggrandized and “too much” of an overbearing expression of self. Over-inflated egos and a a focus on gathering all the goodies for yourself are also another negative expression. Also, superhero syndrome could be in play.

Also waxing in today is the perfection of a sextile between Venus in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. I actually like this aspect. It's soft enough to be compassionate but has enough boundaries to keep that compassion from flowing over into enabling behavior. We may be handing out tough love but we really are doing so in the best interest of the “other” least from our personal perspectives. We provide aid to those in need while also giving them the tools required to fish for themselves when they are able.

By early evening (3:48 PM) the Moon meets Mercury in Sagittarius by square. We may feel that what we are hearing from the outside world is a little off. Details are missing or skewed. While we may not be able to put our fingers on exactly what that is, we can certainly feel there is something that is just not adding up. This calls for us to put our critical ear out there to listen for inconsistencies and pay heed to the use of rhetoric. If you are the one telling stories at this time, use the power of the Virgo Moon to keep those stories useful, practical and factual while also being entertaining. If you are just blowing around hot air, people are going to know even if they don't call you out on it. But, given the condition of our current sky, if you are obviously full of crap (or wildly exaggerating the story to steer things toward your own benefit) someone is likely to call you out on it today. It could also be a day in which healthcare/service workers and those concerned with various elements of public service are on the evening news or given a public podium from which to speak.

By late evening, it all comes to ground with a nice sextile from the Virgo Moon to Saturn in Scorpio. I've said before I really like how Virgo and Scorpio energy work together. But, I would say that. I have Venus in Virgo in sextile to Mercury in Scorpio. My Mercury works diligently digging out information and details snooping around like a little detective. My Venus delights in taking everything my Mercury digs up and organizing it, writing it down and putting into something useable. But, let me tell you something, these two together can be a pain in the ass too.

Have you ever heard the expression that someone can “Swallow a camel but gag on a gnat?” I hadn't until about a month ago. It was a description given by an employee in regard to their boss who has a heavy mixture of both Scorpio and Virgo. It's like the big things get looked over while the person focuses in on a few small insignificant details. They loose sight of the forest for the trees. They miss the big picture because they are focused in too tightly. Having Mercury in Sagittarius can actually help with this. But, there could certainly be a push to widen your perspective and look at the big picture as you also mind the details with Virgo squaring off against Sagittarius today. Zoom in and out as per appropriate while adjusting your perspective as needed. Prioritize but don't get so caught up in lining up the details and making plans that you forget to, also, enjoy the journey.

Either way, the sextile between the Moon and Saturn can be wonderfully grounding. And, getting grounded tonight is highly indicated in light of the ferocity that tomorrow has the potential to bring.

After the sextile from the Moon to Saturn perfects, the Moon is Void until entering Libra at 11:05 PM. The next two days hold potential for planetary insanity...basically. We've seen the lead up to this all week. And, the aftershocks from all that are certainly felt at the beginning of this week. Get well grounded and rested up in preparation for that. Uranus meets Pluto via square for the 6th time overnight officially perfecting at 1:48 AM. The Moon in Libra enters this powerful square off at midnight tomorrow night (opposition to Uranus 12:08 AM on the 16th followed by the square from Moon to Pluto at 12:12 AM). There is potential for a lot of pressure under these aspects and some of that potential could blossom into exploding relationships and partnerships. This is prone to happen when we collectively go through a tremendous growth spurt (which is what we are actually experiencing right now). The next few days are ripe for such things to break apart. There will also be a punctuated desire for justice, equality and fairness under this Libra Moon as parts of the world experience chaos. The Moon in Libra is not void until midnight on the morning of December 17 after creating a kite with Eris in Aries, Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. I've a feeling we will be ready for a break by the time that waxes through.

Here's a brief look at the sky for the week ahead:

Dec 15-Monday

Moon in Libra

Uranus square Pluto (#6)

Dec 16-Tuesday

Moon in Libra

Mercury enters Capricorn

Dec 17-Wednesday

Moon in Libra is void after a sextile to Sun in Sagittarius @ a little past midnight until entering Scorpio at 9:52 AM

Dec 18-Thursday

Moon in Scorpio

Dec 19-Friday

Moon in Scorpio is Void after a conjunction with Saturn at 4:12 PM until entering Sagittarius at 4:56 PM

Dec 20-Saturday

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury sextile Neptune

Venus square Uranus

Venus conjunct Pluto

Mars sextile Uranus

Dec 21-Sunday

Moon in Sagittarius is Void after a trine to Jupiter at 7:35 AM until entering Capricorn at 8:26 PM

Venus sextile Chiron

Uranus stations direct in Aries

Sun in Capricorn

New Moon in Capricorn at 8:36 PM occurring at 0 degrees and 6 minutes Cardinal (Saturn, ruler of the New Moon, is at 29 degrees Scorpio)