Morning Star: Daily Astrology for December 13, 2014

A friend of mine came over the other night. She says to me, “I have one question for you. Is there something Astrological going on that says this week would be a total shit storm for me? And, if so, why the heck didn't you call and tell me?” I felt awful. Because, she has a 12 degree Cancer Moon square a 12 degree Aries Sun...and I know it. I also know that the 6th Uranus/Pluto square is waxing in creating a massive Cardinal Cross with her most personal of planets. I also happen to know that it is not over yet. We still have March Madness to navigate and I'm SO not talking about basketball. But, I didn't call and tell her anything about it because I don't have a phone and while, admittedly, I did think about her and her chart through this, sometimes when I bring something to someone's awareness it makes them freak out in anticipation making what is occurring seem even worse than it is. Besides, I happen to have mid-degree planets too and have been dealing with my own personal shit storm for quite some time. You know?

Please allow me to take this opportunity to say, “Yes, if you have mid-degree planets in Cardinal signs, you could have found yourself at the center of a personal shit storm this week. While the immediacy of the occurrences can seem unsettling, shocking, and a horrific pain in the ass, don't judge them just yet. Navigate them even if you have to take it one millisecond at a time. Be flexible. No one is really certain how this is going to shake out. I certainly don't have access to all the details and anybody who says they do is just full of it. A lot of what will occur is unpredictable and dependent upon personal action and reaction to the events that will occur. BUT, you are ultimately able to be in charge of YOUR reactions. THAT is where your focus should lie. Aim for mindfulness that fosters personal responsibility and effective leadership in the face of chaos. Because, if you haven't noticed, shit is breaking loose across the globe...not just in your immediate sphere.”

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Virgo creating a trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 11:47 AM. Immediately following this trine, the Moon in Virgo meets Uranus by inconjunct at 11:55 AM. Then, shortly after that, the Moon passes in opposition to Chiron in Pisces at 1:18 PM. Instead of breaking this down into individual aspects, lets look at that picture in it's entirety.

Our worry wart Moon is strengthened and can access tremendous fortitude and endurance in the face of unexpected events that are affecting our collective pain. We need to help (Moon in Virgo), not get caught up in the details and worry. We need to prioritize and be practical. We WANT to be responsible (Venus in Capricorn). We are driven to create positive social change (Mars in Aquarius) and assist in revolutionizing our existence (Uranus in Aries). Everyone has an opinion on how this could be done and there is prominence on the fact that we may think our answers are the best answers (Jupiter in Leo with Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius). But, it isn't about one person having all the answers especially since the effects of this sky permeate the entire globe. It's about coming together with the details and collectively creating a harmonious philosophy about how to move forward in an effort to create a better future for all who reside here.

Today is ONE eye of the storm. There are many others. We are not quite done yet. Tomorrow the Last Quarter Moon waxes in just prior to the Sun perfecting in trine to Jupiter and Venus perfecting in sextile to Neptune. Then, on the morning of the 15th, after the Moon passes into Libra, the 6th Uranus/Pluto square officially perfects (1:48 AM). Please don't think that perfection heralds the finish line. Because it doesn't. We have a powerful New Moon in Capricorn coming. Two weeks later, we have a powerful Full Moon in Cancer. Then, more shifting occurs as Uranus turns direct and Saturn moves into Sagittarius. The final “sweep” doesn't really come until the spring storms of March. And, guess what, even after the last Uranus/Pluto square, there is still harsh energies to deal with beyond that. Why? Because...when has life ever been a complete cake walk? Who the heck promised you it would be? Change is our only constant. There will always be challenges that call for us to level up whether they are associated with personal transits or aspects that affect the entire globe. Welcome to a little activity I call “Life.” We are in it for the long-haul. Upgrade or get waylaid or left behind. Your choice.

Now. That's not to say that life is going to be a perpetual conglomeration of madness from today until next Spring and beyond. There are breaks in the clouds in which we are given opportunity to adjust and assimilate what is popping loose in both our personal sphere and on a global level. What is important to remember is that even if you do not know it all (even though you think you might right now), that doesn't mean you cannot create a calm center of operations for yourself. The unknown and the unexpected can be scary. But, so much of what is happening is revealing things that need to be revealed. It's a lot like toxins rising to the surface trying to get our attention that say “HEY! THERE'S A PROBLEM OVER HERE!”

Let me pop back to my story about my friend as an example. She had a “shit” week because she lost electric service to her home. It's freaking cold out there right now and her ability to heat her home is dependent upon electricity. Thing is, she has an old breaker box. It's so old that they have stopped making the fuses that go into that breaker box. And, this isn't the first time that box has acted up. She had the same problem in early fall when she was having her roof fixed. The contractors had plugged their air compressor into one of her house outlets. Fuses popped like firecrackers as a result. Of course, that was a pain too in which she pointed fingers of blame at the contractors. Now, she is pointing blame at the box suppliers who no longer make fuses for this electric box. While I'm telling her, “HEY! You need to call in an right now! This is your SECOND knock on the door. The Universe begins by throwing a pebble at you to get your attention. If that doesn't work, it throws a bigger pebble. If you ignore that, then prepare to get blindsided by a forcefully hurled brick. You know? Upgrade before you get waylaid, man. Uranus (electricity) and Pluto (death/destruction) are perfecting on your freaking Cancer (home) Moon (home)! Ok? You (Sun) are being called to be revloutionary and pro-active (Uranus). Or, at the very least, you (Sun) need to meet with an expert (Uranus). The same energy that threatens to destroy your home is the same energy that is sending you a call to defend it pro-actively. You aren't being punished. You are being forewarned!”

What I said to my friend scared the crap out of her. And, I'm not sorry. I'd rather scare her now and prompt her to take action on fixing this rather than to get a call in the middle of the night to tell me that she had perished in her sleep in a house fire.

Use today to look realistically at your personal circumstances. Then, get practical about whatever it is you are facing. Instead of looking for someone to blame, look to how you can improve...realistically. We cannot undo what has occurred. All we can do is learn from it and move through this constant evolution (which is a nice way of saying “shit storm”) while holding tight to our abilities of self-mastery and by working with others who are able to do the same. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it probably won't be. Sorry. We've got a lot of work ahead of us on both a collective and a personal level. Help one another along the way. This is not the job of superheroes. Superman is NOT coming to save us. It is the job of a global culture in which each one of us bears a certain personal responsibility. Don't expect anyone to do your part for you. But, know that we can assist one another. Be resourceful. Be mindful. Be accountable. And, do what freaking needs to be done.