Morning Star: Daily Astrology December 9, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in Cancer. Most of the day she is waxing toward a stabilizing trine with Saturn in Scorpio. This is the Universal equivalent of a mood stabilizer. Grounding is accessible and reaching for it is a really good idea.

After the trine from the Moon to Saturn perfects at 7:16 PM, the Moon is Void until entering Leo at 10:15 PM. Things feel considerably more settled today than yesterday. Working within the flow becomes a target to aim toward. Some puzzle pieces of uncertainty my find their secure place within the grand scheme of things. Either way, the emotional body settles a bit. This can come as a relief to many after the potential for turbulence in yesterday's Astrology. Use today to get your feet back on the ground before things become potentially fiery again under the incoming Leo Moon.

The energy shifts in terms of what we want tomorrow when Venus enters Capricorn tomorrow. We are less worldy and more inclined to be responsible both with our resources and within our relationships. Practical gifts are going to be the one's that receive the most gratitude this year as, at Christmas, we have a powerhouse stellium in Capricorn. So, if you've purchased fluff, you might want to re-think that. Aim for what people can use and what they need when finishing off your shopping list.

From Capricorn, Venus will sextile Neptune on December 14. She meets Uranus by square on December 20th, the day before the Lord of Chaos turns direct. She meets Pluto by conjunction later the same day. Then, she meets Chiron by sextile the next day. Plus, she is retracing the steps of her last retrograde which began at the end of last year.

How have you grown in matters regarding Venus over the last year? These are points to consider as her energy becomes more paramount in the sky. Her actions at the end of the year precede the New Moon in Capricorn on December 21. They precede Mercury and the Sun's passages through these same degrees and aspects. Our hearts change. Then our minds. And, then, the impact to our ego is felt...changes on individual levels are made. Our hearts lead the way. Have you checked in with yours lately?