Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 9, 2014

Today is Jupiter flavored with a sweet hard candy shell. That calls for savoring of the day allowing it to melt in our mouths until the shell is dissolved and we reach the sweet gooey center. Or, maybe I'm just hungry.

This morning we wake up to the Moon still in Gemini. Early this morning, she meets Venus in Scorpio by inconjunct (10:57 AM). About a half an hour later, the Moon is sextile to Jupiter as she reaches Void status. The sextile from Jupiter brings the lighter aspects of the Gemini Moon to our day and people are able to be a little more chatty despite the Moon's ruler currently swimming through Scorpio.

After the Moon is Void, Venus in Scorpio finds Jupiter by square at 3:42 PM. We aren't likely to feel much from this. But, if we do, it can (of course) fluctuate between two extremes.

On one end of extreme, we have someone who becomes wonderfully self-righteous about their obsessions. The person may want to be in control of the money, or to possess something they desire because they feel they are the Lord and Master and rulership is not only theirs but solely theirs.
At it's best, though, Venus square Jupiter can make us all one of Santa's elves for the day. We are generous, giving and benevolent. The choice of expression comes in light of whether we choose to become humble and acknowledging of our blessings since Jupiter entered Leo or whether we choose to become selfish and self-exalting. It also has to deal with how well we control our desires to possess and entrap what we deem valuable.

It can be a debutante in a screaming rage because her beau has glanced at another debutante. Or, it can be the child made wise before his years due to life threatening illness who finally receives an organ donation bringing hope to the child's longevity via someone else's dance with death.

In the grand scheme of things, it isn't a severe day. The Moon is Void until entering Cancer at 3:39 AM in the morning. The days the Moon spends in Cancer at the beginning of the week promise to be drama filled. After today, the next break in the action doesn't come until early in the morning on the 12th as the Moon goes Void following a grounding trine with Saturn. That break lasts until 1:45 PM on the 12th when the Moon enters Leo.

During most of the upcoming week, significance is brought to our inner planets as most of them engage with outer planets. Mars conjuncts Pluto as the Moon opposes from Cancer on Monday night. Mercury trines Neptune on the 11th while the Moon is still active in Cancer bringing a focus on our emotional bodies and a rise in the tides. Then, on the 12th, Venus meets Saturn by conjunction. Which, Saturn is not an outer planet; but, still, the aspect holds a lot of significance especially since it comes immediately prior to Mars' square to Uranus on the same day.

We are experiencing some of the final “tests” of Saturn in Scorpio. Many of those tests are delivered this week as we learn about how we engage while under the powerful influence of Pluto and how we we react when we are restricted and isolated from that which we desire. You'll know, partially, by the end of the week if you've satisfied the work that was meant for you to do embark on during Saturn's trek through Scorpio.

As the Moon wanes and the Northern Hemisphere experiences shorter daylight hours, the nights become exquisitely dark. The stars appear as bright clarified pinpoints in a thick velvety blanket. Inside of our selves, these dark nights echo stirring our deepest and most primordial emotions.

During these days, daylight is surrendered to the warm glow of candlelight and fireplaces. Shadows grow and lurk outside of the reaches of this softer light. The stronger your ability to navigate life by consciously directing your personal shadows, the more able you will be to relax and sink into the warm glow produced by these more subtle illuminations. However, if you allow your shadow to lurk unattended, your mentality could steer toward paranoia and obsessive thoughts all while grasping out desperately at the thick darkness and continually looking over your shoulder for the next attack.

So. Today, under a long Void Moon with an underlying tendency toward indulgence, RELAX. Take time to rest and heal your body and your soul. Indulge in a bit of opulent self care. It's ok to be a bit selfish in that regard. Give your brain some breathing room and lay your worries to the side for today. There will be plenty of time for fretting and obsessing later. Even if today is not severe, the rest of the week certainly holds potential for severity. The more grounded, centered, healthy and fulfilled you are, the better you will be able to steer yourself through that.