Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 7, 2014

This morning we wake up to a blossomed Moon in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo (5:00 AM). Jupiter can bring confidence to our cow selves or make us prone to be overly stubborn. Or, it could equate to a craving for comfort food for breakfast.

At 11:18 AM, the Moon hits a sobering note with an opposition to Saturn. Then, she is void until entering Gemini tonight at 8:45 PM. Overnight, the Moon waxes into square with Neptune. That aspect perfects at 5:00 AM tomorrow.

We've made it to Friday. The home stretch of the week. Many will be inwardly pleased with that fact while still enduring the remaining hours of the work week with stern determination. It's not likely to be a busy excitement filled day. Most will be quiet and reserved.

With a Void Moon for most of the day, it is a good time to finish up tasks that remain from the week and contemplate our plans for the weekend. Tonight, though, people may be chatty and sociable with a Gemini Moon whose ruler is in Libra. But, then again, we've endured and trudged through much of this week and some people my opt to just go home and rest. Either one is supported under this sky. So choose the one you need the most.

Our minds dive deep tomorrow as Mercury passes back into Scorpio and over the ecliptic point. Its definitely a day in which you will want to keep your ears open and your mouth shut just due to the fact that if you are talking too much you might miss some important information.

But, for today, ease off the gas peddle a bit. Slow down and work on cleanup tasks. Be wary that people could have their heels dug in tightly on their platform stubbornly refusing to budge. Let them be. There is likely more to the story of the their stubbornness than you know.