Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 30, 2014

I've been having some really elaborate dreams lately. That is not unusual for me. But, lately I've noticed an uptick. I believe that it may be due to Mercury waxing into square to Neptune. This perfects in our atmosphere today (11:27 PM).

I've read a few conflicting theories in regard to what transits produce dreams. Some theorists believe Jupiter and the 9th house rule dreams. Others believe it is Neptune and the 12th house. We've got both of these energies kicking in the sky today. I have Mercury in the 9th house in trine to my Moon in Pisces. Perhaps it is the mixture of Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter that produces vivid dreams. Either way, mine are particularly entertaining right now. And, the energy being brought forth from our current skies says that others may experience an increase in dream activity as well. We certainly have plenty to process and the dream state provides a perfect canvas for that.

I dreamed of jewelry and watches the other night. The jewelry was a leather necklace with colorful spun glass beads. The watches were like what I would imagine to be crack for folks like Macgyver and Inspector Gadget. They expanded out around the band and had all kinds of different tools that were hidden in the base. I have no idea what any of it meant, but, I may try to make one of those necklaces for myself. If the watches truly existed, I know exactly who would love one as a Christmas gift but they had no real appeal to me. I don't care what time it is and have no patience with gadgetry. The dream was interesting all the same.

Today we wake up to the Moon still in Pisces. Early this morning she is leaving an inconjunct with Jupiter in Leo and waxing toward a sextile with Mars in Capricorn. If you handled the emotionality of yesterday effectively, you could feel quite good about yourself today. The inconjunct to Jupiter acts as a barometer letting us know just how far we've come in personal growth pertaining to the way we navigate our emotional body. Then, as the Moon waxes toward Mars, we may be motivated to act upon some of the inklings that our emotionality is handing us.

The Moon is also waxing toward a trine with Saturn in Scorpio which perfects at 3:48 PM. It's important not to forget (which is a funny statement in and of itself given the aspect I'm about to pinpoint) that Mercury waxing toward Neptune is overlaying this day. Don't allow your grand ideas to become too idealized. But, know there is enough Saturn energy through the Moon's contacts with a Saturn ruled Mars and Saturn himself, to ground us in such a way that we can look at our dreams realistically and build toward bringing them to fruition.

Definitely do not be afraid to dream. Follow where your imagination may lead you. It's a great day to go to the movies, read a book or indulge in music either at home or at a public venue. It's also a great day to catch up on work you need to do at home while jamming to your favorite tunes.

There is even room for a nice break today. After the Moon meets Saturn by trine, she is void until entering Aries at 8:15 PM. I do advise that you take some down time today because our first two days of the week are going to fly by. We will need to be on top of our game, well rested and limber in order to meet that effectively. Therefore, today is a good day to also ground and center ourselves in meditation as if we were mentally preparing for the “big game.”

So, today is a mixed bag with plenty of solid ground to walk on but still a pool or two to play in if we want. There is even time for a nap! Keep stretching toward flexibility and mobility. There are peaks in activity in the coming week that rush in like a whirlwind. We will want to be mobile enough to meet this call to flexibility or we may end up nursing tweaked muscles (literally) by the end of it. I've already tweaked a muscle in my back after warning everyone about the need to stretch. I guess that's what I get for trying to move a piano by myself and not listening to my own advice. Thankfully, the pain only lasted a few hours and I was able to nurse myself through it. But, it did prompt me to stop and think about my own true capacity of strength and the need to pay more mind to my flexibility. Perhaps I should allow people to help now and then...or even ask for help while minding my own delineations of the Universe. LOL...maybe.