Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 28, 2014

This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius waxing away from an opposition to Jupiter (4:17 AM) and into a square with Saturn (12:15 PM). The opposition to Jupiter early in the morning brings exuberance as some wake up and venture out to do their Black Friday shopping. But, the square to Saturn, is pretty harsh. Buyer's remorse? Maybe? An acknowledgment of acquired debt? A socially conscious awareness of how far we really have left go on a collective level. Or, perhaps we exercise some good financial sense during our purchases. Either way, immediately after this square the Moon is Void until entering Pisces at 5:04 PM.

By 7:31 PM, the Moon is square Mercury in Sagittarius and waxing toward a conjunction with Neptune which perfects at 1:17 AM. On a personal level, this can equate to someone being sleepy and desiring quiet but the house and the people in it are too noisy. It may be that we are tired but our minds are racing. We could encounter some wild conversations in which much is misunderstood or misconstrued because of our worn out emotional body. We could hear something on the evening news that upsets us. Or, there could be a party next door that is disturbing our peace. Effectively put to use, this square can produce compassionate and emotionally charged conversations about world events, sports, or foreign affairs. This is a great aspect for praying, meditating and talking to angels. It's perfect for music venues, concerts and perhaps introducing yourself to new types of music and exploring new art forms. It could also foster some wild dreams overnight, forgetfulness, crying in your beer, maybe even a little drunk texting. Whatever you do, don't drink (Neptune) and drive (Mercury). Don't drive while overly sleepy and be cautious on the roads in the event there is wet, snowy or foggy weather conditions. It's pretty good for planning a cruise and that only comes to mind because a dear friend mentioned she may take one in the near future.

We are mixing fire and water here which becomes an act of temperance. Pisces and Sagittarius energy square off throughout the end of today and this energy lingers as the First Quarter Moon perfects early in the morning (5:07 AM) and continues until the Moon meets Venus by square tomorrow night (9:28 PM). For me, this always feels like the need for quiet and solitude versus loud rambunctious activity. We fish don't really do well with loud noises. Under the water, noise is subdued and softened. So anything loud kind of shocks our system, startling us in a way that disturbs our peaceful swimming. It can also equate to fun loving folks versus someone who is highly emotional, remorseful or even ill. A little patience and consideration for others goes a long way here.

Also, world news can be very disturbing to our sense of peace. This is also a personal observation. I've been secluded from world events for quite some time. But, on Thanksgiving Day, my connection to world events was resumed and my heart was immediately broken in light of what is going on out there. Smiling exuberant commentators exalting consumerism. Emotionally fueled protestors speaking out about judicial decisions...which I don't disagree with but still find upsetting. I just wanted to watch the parade. You know? And, then, there was the news of snow bringing a tense blanket of quiet across the country. Even the debate over the movie Exodus fits into this equation. All of that is Sagittarius versus Pisces. Everyone is sensitive with large opinions. To be honest, it makes me want to step outside the door and scream for everyone to shut the heck up. But, I've learned that peace is an inside job. So, instead, I just turned off my resumed connection to the world as quickly as I turned it back on. I can't help but think we've collectively lost our perspective in so many ways. I'm also getting re-perturbed at the pharmaceutical industry, particularly their commercials and that fits the conflict between these energies too. People. Happiness, peace and inner beauty DO NOT come in a pill I don't care what the heck they tell you. Did you know that many of the new anti-depressants can cost up to $1,000.00 for a months supply? Yeah, depending on your insurance coverage...which is another entity that is currently stuck in my craw. Add that to the continual dropping of veils around people that I grew up respecting and believing they had good and righteous intention and...anyway...disheartening.

Sagittarian energy can also be quite entertaining and uplifting to Pisces. Sagittarius can be generous and warmly exuberant helping to bring Pisces out of its wallowing. Laughter is contagious and Pisces is permeable. So, choose what you expose yourself to carefully. Allow yourself some time for contemplation and re-orientation. Definitely do not believe everything you hear and, if you have too, limit your exposure to the noise to begin with. It really does make a difference and does not mean you are sticking your head in the sand ignoring what is going on in the world. What you see on TV and read on the Internet is not an accurate depiction. It's exaggerated. It's tinted with rhetoric. And, frankly it only makes things worse. I'm more than ready for Saturn to come over into Sagittarius to rectify some of this. The set up is already in place.

I want to tell you to lean heavily on your spiritualism. But, in today's world, it's as if we aren't allowed to talk about that either. But, that's exactly what we need to be talking about because this other crap isn't helping. Faith, a longer range view and discussions infused with TRUTH are called for in an effort to foster long-term potential solutions. The lack of this is quite disheartening to me. Turn down the volume. Turn off the TV and search inside for solutions and peace. You aren't likely to find either of these “out there.” This next statement may be met with resistance but it makes it no less true. Tune into grace not into the world. That's where peace and truth reside. Wailing, crying and screaming for peace is a bit counter-productive in the sea