Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! This morning we wake up to the Moon in Aquarius. Overnight, Venus in Sagittarius squared off with Chiron in Pisces (midnight). Yes, sometimes the holidays can contain echoes of past hurts. But, Venus can sweep in with a balm and a promise for the future that helps us to operate in our current world with those “hurts” safely behind our past where they belong.

By Noon, the Moon is in sextile to her current ruler Uranus. There is a pull to gather around our friends and community. With the Uranian influence it could be a motley bunch. But, we love them.

By 1:39 PM, we are ready to eat. The Moon meets Venus by sextile. Whatever is in the kitchen smells divine. It could be cultural food. There could be some new dishes we are trying. Either way, this is a group affair kind of like a pot luck. Everyone wants to participate and there is generosity and benevolence in the air.
Together=To Gather

Things are smooth and light. No one wants to deal with overly dramatic emotional displays. They want to gather together and reconnect with one another amicably. There is a certain detachment as well as a concern for the entirety of the group we have gathered together. Comfort is found in numbers and by being surrounded by the people we love...wherever and however that occurs. Celebrate your culture and be open to experiencing and embracing new cultures.

By nightfall, the stories begin as Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 9:26 PM. Tall tales, laughter and a loosening of the restrictions upon one's mouth occurs. Be wary of hoof in mouth syndrome particularly if you are tipping the bottle too (Mercury is also waxing in square to Neptune). If you want to embellish your story a bit for enjoyment purposes, feel free. But, don't viciously lie. I don't think people will be prone to do that. But, everyone will have a story and there could be a show of one-up-manship in that regard. So freaking what? Have fun with it while refraining from making this a serious affair.

People may be talking openly about politics, religion, etc. You know how that goes. People have a tendency to get their feelings hurt or begin arguing. Eh. Don't let the conversation steer that way for you. If triggering conversations come up, dismiss yourself from them for today. We may feel like we've come together to solve the world's problems. And, in some instances there may be problems that need solving. But, if you think your little group is going to come to an effective solution by arguing over the misdirection of politics and religion you are over-estimating the importance of the conversation. This is a global problem not something that is going to be rectified by a small group.

Yet, if you can keep the conversations light, open and intelligent while detaching from any moralistic judgements of yourself and others in the process, then you (and the rest of the group) may learn a thing or two. Good sense and positive change can come from conversations such as these. People can take the message/idea home with them and spread it around once they get there. Just leave the bi-partisan and clash of religion crap out of it. The point is to bring things into a workable agreement finding what people have in common not punctuating what it is that drives us apart.

Today is a day to reach out, connect and share with others regardless of the fact that it is Thanksgiving in the US. Globally we are being poked to connect and gather. Why not do that over a fabulous meal and through light and joyous communication? Dare to do something new, learn something new, broaden your horizons and connect with those we cherish while being open to connecting with those who may not normally fall within “our group.” Extend open arms to new visitors or passing travelers. If you ARE a new visitor or a traveler who is just passing through, make sure to enjoy the evolving scenery and get to know the locals. Open yourself to experiencing things differently and even exploring new cultures and new lands. Connect. Share. Enjoy. And, GOBBLE, GOBBLE!