Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 26, 2014

This morning is solid. We wake up to a Capricorn Moon in sextile to her ruler, Saturn at 9:10 AM. We are all business on the beginning of Thanksgiving Eve. There may still be some mental heaviness lingering in the air as Mercury is still really close to Saturn and the Moon passes through this waning conjunction giving it a bit of life again. The Moon meets Mercury by sextile at 10:30 AM before reaching Void status.

I feel like during the VOC Moon, we hit the clutch kicking over from the heaviness of the first of the week and reaching for the lighter Sagittarian/Aquarian energy instead. The Moon enters Aquarius at 2:23 PM and she will sextile both her current ruler (Uranus) and all that we have in Sagittarius (Sun, Venus, Ceres, Vesta) and oppose Jupiter. It's a QUICK lightening up coming just in time to “feel” Venus trine Uranus which occurs at 7:23 PM.

I love the bohemian feel of Venus in Sagittarius. I love this side of the energy in the sky that leads us away from the heaviness of Scorpio and diligence of Capricorn and into the broader realm of non-convention and an appreciation of expanding our own horizons. See, there was pressure...from tradition? From family karma? From a feeling of imposed expectation? Who knows at this point. And, who freaking cares! We are going to celebrate! That's what is important here. And, this year, we may be more prone to ditch convention and give the holiday our own special twist. “Hey, Mom? WHAT kind of brownies ARE these?”...”It's an old family recipe brought over from our ancestors when they traveled from Amsterdam.” Yep, we lighten the heck up and begin to stop taking ourselves so seriously.

“Hey Mom, Uncle Ned is drunk and telling weird stories again.” That's a possibility as the Sun perfects in square to Neptune at 11:20 PM tonight. Why not, man. Most of us (unless you work at a consumer driven retail store), don't have to work tomorrow. What's wrong with cutting loose.

And, by the way, what's this crap about women being chained to the kitchen for two days cooking while, traditionally the male populace takes a break in front of the TV to watch football or whatever. Um, Venus trine Uranus and a waning fire trine between Jupiter/BML, Vesta and Eris (which the Moon will pass through on Thanksgiving) says, “Yeah, screw that tradition. This year we are having pizza or Chinese. We are going to do things DIFFERENTLY.” LOL..things are getting boisterous. And, that boisterousness is going to increase as Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the night of the 27th.

Now, don't get me wrong. If you want a traditional holiday...if that pleases you, then go for it and don't feel guilty about it. But...if you want to do things differently and put a unique spin on this holiday, the Universe is writing you a ticket to do just that. If you want to skip the whole thing entirely, then DO IT. I don't think that will be a problem unless you have the desire to do something different and squash it out of some kind of inkling that you aren't allowed. Here's some news for you, this is your holiday too and you can do whatever you want with it including incorporating different cultures into an otherwise ethnocentric holiday. Lobster at Thanksgiving? Why the heck not? Is the Thanksgiving fairy going to come and smack you upside the head if you don't make a turkey? Um...not likely. But, if you don't follow your heart's desire on this, you could surely get smacked upside the head with feelings of resentment. Are turkey and tradition worth that? (Playing the role of instigator “bad (BML) angel” on your shoulder, is Josi) “What do you mean you are going to be laying on the beach with a Corona at Thanksgiving, Mom? Yes, I realize it isn't Thanksgiving in the Bahamas."

The sister of a dear friend of mine moved to Spain after college. She really thought that Thanksgiving in Spain would hold very little importance to her. But, surprisingly, her new friends in Spain were curious about traditional American Thanksgiving. So, she ended up creating a semblance of a traditional Thanksgiving in Spain for her friends every year. She did the turkey, ham and the whole she-bang just to give her foreign friends a taste of our culture. It became a non-traditional tradition. Which, to her, was pretty cool. It even fostered a deeper appreciation on a personal level for her in regard to the holidays. See? Don't be afraid to be flexible here. The possibilities within putting a personal spin on this are truly endless. Don't discount anyone of them because, truly, there are no rules here. Allow the horizon to expand in front of you and drink in all the potentials.

There is also a grand feeling of generosity in the air with Venus in Sagittarius being given more potency in the days to come. I think it feels nice. But, some may find the expansiveness overwhelming. And, even more, may find the increased crowding of visitors uncomfortable. Enjoy the company. But, reserve some room for yourself too. Have a drink or two...or a magic brownie...take a freaking break and allow yourself to ENJOY this extended weekend instead of micro-managing every minute of it in an effort to achieve some pre-set ideal notion of what it is “supposed” to be. The true meaning is gratitude and giving thanks for the myriad of blessings we have a tendency to take for granted. Additionally, the push is toward sharing of blessings with those that are dear to us. However you want to meet those true demands of this time of year is entirely up to you.

This isn't your grandmother's holiday anymore. It's MY generation (Pluto in Virgo and early Pluto in Libra) of grandmothers holiday and we have a tendency to do things how we want creating new traditions and defining our idea of the new Matriarch in the process.

Gather your “community” of friends around you and be blessed that you are able to do that. Then, enjoy the hell out of it. No rules. No bounds. What do you mean we are serving dinner at a soup kitchen this year? Yep. Get your coat and grab a few of those brownies for the road.