Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 22, 2014

How flexible are you? Or rather, how flexible do you feel right now? It's been pretty hard to be flexible lately with such a focus on fixed energy. Things have been tight for some. And, in a way, our ability to move around has been hindered...almost as if our joints are frozen or stiff. Scorpio is solidly fixed energy. And, we've had a huge focus on Scorpio for quite some time.

Today, however, we wake up to the Sun in Sagittarius (4:39 AM). By 7:20 AM, the Moon is in Sagittarius, too. Then, at 7:33 AM, Sagittarius season officially commences with the New Moon in the sign. The rigidity of Scorpio season is breaking up. We may feel some heaviness lifting from our shoulders as the warm glow of Sagittarius descends upon us. Redemption comes.

By 3:51 PM, the Moon is in square to Neptune which says some of the potential celebrations that come with Sagittarius season may feel overwhelming and a bit too loud. We may need a break to withdraw and quietly contemplate how we fit into all of that or even if we WANT to fit ourselves into all that. There may be some emotionality connected to those inklings too as people assess past holiday seasons before embarking upon a new one.

At 9:18 PM, the Moon finds Venus bringing a bit of optimism and ease to the equation. Then, at 11:44 PM, Mercury meets Jupiter by square poking us to make plans for our future. Change is in the air. That change will need to be met with flexibility and forward thinking.

The Sagittarius New Moon offers a chance for us to set vows toward how we will meet change. It also offers us an opportunity to take our place around the council fire (possibly in celebration or communal prayer) while contemplating our position in that council. What have we learned? How will we apply those life lessons to our current placement within our tribe? We've earned this eldership. Now how are we going to use it? And, how willing are we to continue to stretch in terms of growth? What wishes do you have for the future?

Sagittarius is the explorer, the preacher, the teacher, the sage, the adventurer and the athlete. Each one of these archetypes takes time to prepare before they go off into the world. The Sage has made wisdom from his experience. The explorer has pontificated maps and directions while making sure her bags are properly equipped with what she needs. The preacher writes his sermons and researches the principles he is going to present. The teacher prepares her lessons plans and contemplates the student body that will be receiving them. The athlete stretches and hones her skills in preparation for the next race. And, it is highly indicated for EACH of these individuals to foster an ability to visualize themselves bringing successful delivery to their potential end product.

This New Moon falls at 0 degrees Sagittarius. So, this is where everything we know about Sagittarius begins. We are not in the midst of adventure. We are not running a race. We are not teaching or preaching here. This is the beginning. And, this is where vows are made before all that action starts. This is where prayers for a safe journey are sent up to the heavens. This is where we pause for a minute and celebrate our ascension from Hell. This is where we gather the members of our council around a fire and begin to share stories and check in with one another. This is where the crust of Scorpio season starts to fall off and we begin to pontificate what comes next. We start to get an inkling of our personal growth and realize that we've acquired some wisdom along the way. This is where we deal with the potential emotionality of change and attempt to foster a new perspective in light of it. This is where we contemplate our position within that council and around that fire. This is where we rest, gather together, heal our wounds and catch our breath in preparation for tomorrow...because nothing is going to stop tomorrow from coming even if tomorrow jettisons us into a different dimension.

Breathe today. Know that the square from the New Moon to Neptune could cause some of the embarkation upon celebration to feel a bit “too much.” Allow yourself some alone time away from the council fire for a bit if things start to get a little too loud. Dream, visualize and pontificate the future. Pray for a safe journey. Own the wisdom you have acquired from past experience and plan to put it to good use. Stretch and prepare your muscles for movement and reach toward flexibility in an effort to move with change instead of resist it. Allow yourself to foster new perspectives that are optimistic about the future instead of dwelling on the potential worst case scenarios. And, take a moment and honor yourself and your tribe for completing the challenging trek through the Underworld. We have made it. Now what? The possibilities are endless. Consider them all. Then, pick a few and allow yourself to become excited about their potential. Mourn and retreat if you need to. But, don't forget the wisdom of the council is available to you if you need it. And, don't forget the wisdom you have acquired may be useful to the council as well.