Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 21 2014

This morning we wake up to a very dark Moon in Scorpio. Today and tomorrow mark the epitome of literal darkness. After tomorrow, moonlight begins to return to the night.

We also wake up to Mercury in Scorpio creating a sextile with Mars in Capricorn at 9:01 AM. This looks like mapping to me as if Mercury is sending Mars directions. Mars is receiving some serious intel and Mercury is working overtime to provide it. On a physical level, things could become busy but we are able to keep up the pace through solid diligence and by maintaining an eagle-like perspective, zooming in and out of the situation as necessary.

By 1:02 PM, the Moon is also sextile Mars in Capricorn allowing us to emotionally invest in those working plans. We put our hearts into our work and our emotional bodies are fed with the integrity that follows a solid days work. By 1:19 PM, the Moon is conjunct Mercury and waxing into square with Jupiter in Leo which perfects at 5:19 PM.

As that occurs, all that took place during Moon, Mercury and Mars' dance takes on a long-term perspective. Or, at least, that is the goal. We pull in the wisdom we've acquired and apply it as per appropriate to our path ahead. The caution, with Jupiter's involvement by harsh aspect, is not to become selfish or greedy but, instead, to consider the long-term impact of our plans upon, not only ourselves, but also those around us. Our perspective should widen to encompass all the potential ramifications, for better or worse, within our movements forward.

Mars in Capricorn will meet Jupiter by inconjunct on November 24. Mercury will meet Jupiter by square on November 22. Both of these aspects are within fairly tight orb and waxing at our New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday. Each indicates that we may be over-shooting our target and may need to adjust our trajectory while bearing in mind the fact that there may be future implications and circumstance ahead on this journey that we cannot foresee and we need to prepare for that possibility by remaining flexible. Not that Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in Scorpio or Jupiter in Leo know much about flexibility. But, soon, the sky will be shifting from fixed to flexible after Scorpio season fades and Sagittarius takes over.

It's like we are preparing for a long journey. Most people do lay forth plans before going on vacation or before taking trips. Inevitably, there are unforeseen circumstances that arise after we begin such trips. Of course, before we leave we try to prepare for these things by speculating what could occur. Right? If we are traveling by car, we have the car itself checked out before we leave. If we are traveling by air, we check and double check our flight bookings and hotel arrangements while deciding what it is we can carry on and what it is we are going to allow the baggage handlers to take from us. We pack a few things in the event there is bad weather. We make arrangements with the postal service for our mail while we are away from home. We call up someone to care for our pets. These are the types of things we are called to do today whether we are preparing for a physical trip or a spiritual journey. We are gathering supplies, mapping out our path and preparing for our new adventure. Yes. Sagittarius season will be quite an adventure. Of course, with the New Moon being so closely square Neptune, we may be drunk on the plane that is taking us to our destination. But, after that, we are rolling!

That's all great and wonderful. It sounds exciting, right? Sure it does. But, first, we need to pick a destination and lay the ground work preparations. The sky indicates that the time to do that is now. On a simple level, we may be planning to travel for Thanksgiving. Maybe we are going home to participate in family tradition. Maybe we are fostering a new tradition and, instead of staying home to bake a turkey, we are using the time off work to take a vacation. Maybe we aren't physically going anywhere and this has nothing to do with the holidays. Perhaps we are just looking forward in anticipation of where we are going in our lives in light of all that we've learned and some new circumstances. Either way, we need to pack and prepare.

The atmosphere is beginning to crackle with potential newness. The caution of the day comes from potential anxieties. A mixture of Moon, Mercury and Mars can create nervousness. When Jupiter is added in, those anxieties could become overwhelming. I don't see much danger in this potential though with Capricorn energy being involved and due to the fact that the Moon and Mercury are also really close to steadfast Saturn. Potential anxieties may be grounded out. But, if you do feel yourself beginning to feel scattered and apprehensive, reach for some extra grounding to assist you. Double check your itinerary and your luggage if it makes you feel better. Re-asses your map, directions and accommodations. Realize it is ok to be excited and allow yourself to optimistically look forward instead of focusing and preparing for the worst.

By midnight, the Moon snuggles up to Saturn in Scorpio. Is there a sense of mourning of the past we are leaving behind? Maybe. It could also be just the solidness we need to settle our nervous selves down too. Of course, snuggling with Saturn doesn't provide much warmth. That's ok. We are going to light a fire to warm ourselves by in the morning as both the Sun and Moon prance into Sagittarius. We wave BYE BYE to Saturn and Scorpio season, thanking them for the lessons they taught us while looking forward with excitement and anticipation toward where we are going next.