Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 3, 2014

The day starts out grounded and slow. But, expect the pace to begin to pick up as the day progresses. The Moon is Void after 4:06 AM after a strong trine with Saturn until entering Aries at 1:54 PM. While the Moon is Void, Venus in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces (6:27 AM) and forms an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries. Even though the exactness of these aspects has passed by the time the Moon enters Aries, know that they can be activated with the Moon's passage. Tomorrow, the Moon will definitely reactivate these energies as she makes a conjunction to Uranus (12:30 PM tomorrow) and inconjuncts to both the Sun (10:16 AM) and Venus (3:07 PM).

The big news of the day, though, comes from the Sun making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (5:47 PM) as the Moon actively waxes. Moon in Aries is our emotional warrior. So, we may feel motivated to initiate something or to go to battle. As this occurs while the Sun is under the influence of Pluto, you will want to make sure any actions you take are taken with the right intent. Do not allow the seething power lust of Pluto/Scorpio to prompt you to do something underhanded or regretful.

Instead, allow Sun/Pluto to provide you with integrity and realization of your own personal power in whatever situation you find yourself in. Anything you've learned about how your shadow subconsciously causes you to act will come in handy today. Instead of letting that energy operate on its own, you can direct it on purpose in a way that empowers you instead of sets you up for getting smacked later. You get back what you put out. So, put out and expend this energy responsibly bearing in mind its impact on others.

At midnight tonight, the Moon squares off with Mars in Capricorn. This can actually cause for a restless nights sleep and maybe even some headaches. Burning off any excess energy lingering from the day through exercise or meditation will help with this. Limiting and reducing the amounts of stimulants you take in during the meat of the day also helps (caffeine, nicotine, sugars, etc). But, the key here is to realize that emotionally we are ready to take action and the friction between Moon and Mars calls for taking responsible action. The best use of this calls for initiating responsibly and not purely for personal gain. It calls for leading others through example and modeling responsible behavior. There is no “do I say, not as I do” here. You have to model the action and not just provide lip service.

As an added caveat, if I were rank the day on a scale from 1-10 (one being the lowest) for satisfying sexual experiences, I would give this one a 50. Yeah. Off the scale, especially in a relationship where two people have fostered true emotional intimacy and trust.

I do NOT suggest using this energy to get freaky in a one night stand, though. Unless, that is, you know and trust the person and plan to eventually work on a long-standing relationship with them (which kind of negates the purpose of a one night stand to begin with). If you don't know the person, they could be succumbing to the negative influence of Venus and the Sun both getting double powers from Pluto. Ok? That's not something you want to play with. It is what produces stalkers and negative physical and emotional attachments that are ridiculously hard to get rid of when either directed toward you or from you. So, in that event, I'd recommend you sweat out any excess sexual energy by some other means. Otherwise, that one night stand can turn in to a scene from “Fatal Attraction.” Step away from the crazy people.

So, yeah. Everything undertaken today needs to be done with a sense of responsibility and acknowledgment (and respect) of personal power and integrity. Though, the temptation to do otherwise will likely be present. True personal strength comes from being able to purposely direct our energies instead of being taken over by a lust for power aka: hornyness. Do you see how that is the same thing? Because, it is.

At the same time, this energy is great for stepping up methods of personal protection and for reinforcing personal energetic boundaries. This also helps to expend or put to good use any excess physical energies that may be lingering about. The important thing is to not allow this energy to build up with no where to go. When the Moon hits Uranus and squares Pluto tomorrow, it's going to come out and it's going to be harder to control when it does. So get rid of any excess today and work to meticulously ground yourself. Those efforts will definitely pay off in the days to come.

Responsible use of power and engagement of the higher mind and our ability to reform is going to be especially imperative for our Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo folks as the Moon will form a Yod with these planets and Sun/Venus. It's a checkpoint for all of us in regard to our abilities to use our personal power, higher mind, to direct our shadow selves consciously and abilities to reform but more so for this generation as Pluto will be moving in for a trine to these planets over the next year or so while Uranus will be passing over them by inconjunct. Additionally, if you have planets between 11 and 15 degrees Virgo, know their flavor is thrown into a Yod with the Moon providing a checkpoint for when Uranus and Pluto will have direct affect on them.

Again, the morning starts off slow but builds in energy and intensity all the way through to the orgasmic like release of the Full Moon in Taurus on Nov. 6th. Things do get a little less fiery as the Moon moves into Taurus initially on Nov 5. But, emotional intensity and heaviness builds in its place. Work to get it all under wraps and under control in the meantime. Being pro-active about such things satisfies both Aries and Capricorn energy on our way to the Full Moon. In the meantime, if your body is healthy and you have physical work that needs to be done you could make tremendous progress in the next few days. If you've been sick, these days could provide for fevers and those should be addressed appropriately (increased fluid intake, rest, etc).

Also be aware that this is when desperate people will be prompted to take action. Measures taken toward self-defense (either physically or energetically) are highly beneficial at this time. Don't be wandering aimlessly around in dark alleys or potentially high crime areas. Keep your defenses and boundaries up and be consistently aware of your surroundings when out in public. Many are actively grieving loss of some kind or another. Anger is a verifiable stage of grief in which people have a tendency to act irrationally. So, definitely be wary of that possibility too.

Spicy foods generally sit well with Aries Moons but it is even better to take in protein and fresh raw veggies and fruit. A light but energizing diet will help tremendously under this Moon in terms of your emotional well being. Opting for 6 small meals a day instead of focusing on one heavy dish is going to be best to maintain an effective and controllable energy flow.