Morning Star: Daily Astrology for November 20, 2014

Wow. There's a lot of Neptune to deal with today. It looks potentially sleepy, foggy, confused, deluded, medicated, drunk, imaginative, forgetful, intuitive, emotive and day dreamy. Focus? What focus? Ambition? Where?

This morning we wake up to the Moon newly in Scorpio. Her first aspect is a trine to Neptune at 9:31 AM. Then, at 9:56 AM, Venus also meets Neptune through square. It's a little swampy out there.

This day is best begun after a good solid night's sleep. Neptune aspects are not really energetic. In my opinion, a Neptuney day like this begun under a lack of sleep? Well. You might as well pack it in my friend; because, if not, you are going to be dozing off in your office chair.

Lots of people will be reluctantly dragging themselves out of bed this morning. Others will sleep in (perhaps accidentally). Many will be easily distracted and some will feel foggy and forgetful most of the day. Hey! Welcome to my watery world!

Thankfully, as I've been swimming in Neptune's waters for most of my life, I have discovered a few effective coping techniques. First, lean heavily on your routines. Write down important things that you need to remember. Even typing that makes me laugh. I write myself notes all the time but I also have a tendency to lose those notes. A check out dude at the grocery store once told me that his mother did the same thing. Then, she started taking pictures of her notes (and store lists) on her phone. It's a truly smart idea...but, then you have to remember to keep up with your phone which really distracts from keeping up with your wallet and keys. Routines compensate for this. If you put your keys, wallet, phone and other little carry abouts deliberately in the same place everyday, then, when you have an influx of Neptune, sometimes they magically appear where they are supposed to be even when you don't remember putting them there.

Pump up your boundaries. Drink lots and lots of water. Leave time in your day for quiet and rest, adding in mediation if it is not normally in your routine. Have some music playing in the background whose tempo matches the pace you would like to keep. Pay very careful attention while driving because others won't be. And, be patient with yourself and others. Take your time and try not to put yourself in a position where you have to rush.

Wash your hands frequently and carry some hand sanitizer. Watery can also equate to germy.

If you can, lay out what you need for Thursday the night (Wednesday) before in a very obvious place. This is an excellent compensatory measure for a Neptune morning like this one. Make sure to set your alarm clock if you have to get up early. Ugh. If there is anything THIS Neptune/Moon person hates it is those annoying freaking buzzer alarm clocks. I actually get up without an alarm everyday at about 4 AM. Sounds weird, I know. But, once I started working heavily with the Moon, my body clicked over into it's own natural rhythm. And, apparently my natural rhythm is to get up before the chickens. Overall, it makes sense, though, as I was born at around 4 AM. So, I go with it and, surprisingly, it works out nicely. I like it. That being said, pay heed to your own natural rhythms and rely on them heavily...we are aiming for flow here. We aren't trying to fight the current.

Oh...but back to that freaking buzzer alarm. If you can set your alarm to wake you up to some kind of soothing music or if you have one of those cool Zen alarm clocks (definitely on my Christmas list), even better! The gentler you wake up, the more flowing your day will be. Wake up to a harsh and disturbing BEEEEEEP! BEEEEEEP! BEEEEEEEEP! And you are more likely to be unsettled most of the morning. agitates me just to think about it. Wake up too late and have to rush and that is also going to cause disturbed personal waters. Wake up early and gently giving yourself plenty of time to figure out where and who you are before you start this day.

The more able you are to tap into “flow” the better you will be able to navigate this day. It's kind of hard to tap into “flow” when you oversleep and are playing catch up all day or don't get any sleep at all. Go to bed early Wednesday night.

Don't be hard on yourself, either. Foster an ability to laugh things off and resist trying to take things too seriously. A gentle sense of humor goes a long way. Be flexible and relaxed. That way, you can float instead of sink.

Now, if you start the day out on the right foot, you may be able to flow right through. I mean, it's not horrible or's just watery. Pay heed to your emotional and intuitive body all while keeping “go with the flow” in mind. It's certainly a good day for grounding stones like hematite, obsidian, tourmaline and even a piece of tiger's eye for grounding with a shot of energy. Eat earthy foods steering clear of sugary stuff. And, though the temptation will be to reach for an extra cup of coffee or two, you are better off reaching for water instead.

For those with heavy Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio...welcome home! This is your day to shine! For early mutables, this is the day we put what you've learned about Neptune by transit to good use. Same goes for early Capricorn and Taurus. Things get fairly interesting for Libra and Leo, though. Ya'll aren't likely to see the waves coming. While Aquarians are likely to be looking around thinking, “What the crap is wrong with everybody today?” LOL, I see this as free entertainment because I'm used to the waters. But, others will call this day out as a wash or be frustrated by the lack of rigid form. The best advice I can give you is to just go with it. Whatever you feel, follow it slowly drifting downstream or upstream wherever the current wants to take you without trying to fight against it. Man, you cannot fist fight Neptune! You can try. But, he will continually pummel you until your body is so exhausted that you cannot fight anymore. So, save your energy and surrender to the flow.

By 10:33 PM tonight, the Moon plunges even more deeply into the ethereal waters with a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Of course, energy coming from Capricorn can certainly provide a bit of grounding, too. At midnight, the Moon meets jolting Uranus by inconjunct and Chiron in Pisces by trine. Neither of these aspects are particularly heavy and I'm betting we can sleep right through them if we need/want to.